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A combat mod that focus on stamina management, injuries and more reactive combat, aiming for more tactical and challenging fights.

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By Brodual,

by JuiceHead,

and by Eki_nox (in French).

Fatigue & Stamina

The current percentage of the base stamina apply buffs or debuffs for each stage of fatigue.

- Stamina > 75%: +50% stamina regeneration.
- Stamina > 50%: +25% stamina regeneration.
- Stamina < 50%: -10% movement speed and damage. Power attacks deal -25% damage.
- Stamina < 25%: -20% movement speed and damage. Cannot stagger the target with power attacks.
- Stamina < 1%: -30% movement speed and damage. Receive +20% physical damage.

Also, many of the player (and NPCs) actions will reduce stamina regeneration or have it drained by a certain amount. The strength of the stamina drain for melee or bow attacks can be customized in the MCM menu or turned off.

Normal Attacks: Cost 1  + (weapon weight / 2) stamina per attack.
Off-Hand and dual wield attacks: Cost 1 + ((left hand weapon weight + right hand weapon weight) / 2) stamina per attack.
Bow: Cost 1 + bow weight stamina when draw + 5 stamina per second while aiming.
Crossbows: Cost 1 + (crossbow weight / 2) stamina when reloading and reduce stamina regeneration by 50% while aiming.
Blocking stance with a shield: Reduce stamina regeneration by 50%.
Blocking stance with a weapon: Reduce stamina regeneration by 25%.
Running: Reduce stamina regeneration by 75%.
Swimming: Cost 5 + (total worn equipment weight / 4) stamina per second.
Reduce stamina regeneration by 75%.
Jumping Cost 5 + (total worn equipment weight / 5) stamina. 

Your total armor weight will also lower your stamina and magic regeneration rate debuff. (Debuff = Cuirass weight + Gauntlet weight + Helmet weight + Boot weight + Shield weight) * 0.75)


The player when bellow 90% health (customizable in MCM) have it`s passive health regeneration disabled and cannot rest or fast travel. Now you actually need healing potions even out of combat or use one of the poultices added by Vigor, those restore 300 health over 5 min and allow the player to rest or wait to speed the healing process.

Also, when your health drops 20% of your total health pool within 2 seconds (customizable in MCM), you have a chance to receive a limb, torso or elemental based injury, these have a immediate very harmful effect. Physical based injuries also apply a lasting lesser effect and 25% chance bleed for 5 min.

Torso Injury

Immediate Effect (1 min): +75% incoming damage and -75% stamina regeneration.
Trauma Effect (2 h): +25% incoming damage and -25% stamina regeneration.
Bleeding (5 min): Loose 0.5 health per second.
Open Wounds: Receiving a second torso injury damage health by 20 points.

Head Injury

Immediate Effect (1 min): -75% Shout recovery, magic regeneration and blurry vision.
Trauma Effect (2 h): -25% shout recovery and magic regeneration.
Bleeding (5 min): Loose 1 health per second.
Open Wounds: Receiving a second head injury damage health by 30 points.

Arm Injury

Immediate Effect (1 min): -60% damage, block and +60% spell cost.
Trauma Effect (2 h): -20% damage and block and +20% spell cost.
Bleeding (5 min): Loose 0.25 health per second.
Open Wounds: Receiving a second arm injury damage health by 10 points.

Leg Injury

Immediate Effect (1min): Move 30% slower and power attacks cost +45% stamina.
Trauma Effect (2h): Move 10% slower and power attacks cost +15% stamina.
Bleeding (5min): Loose 0.25 health per second.
Open Wounds: Receiving a second leg injury damage health by 10 points.


Immediate Effect (1min): Reduce maximum health by 50 points.
Open Wounds: Been burned a second time will damage health by 30 points.


Immediate Effect (1min): Reduce maximum stamina by 100 points.
Open Wounds: Been frozen a second time will damage stamina by 60 points.


Immediate Effect (1min): Reduce maximum magicka by 100 points.
Open Wounds: Been Electrified a second time will damage magicka by 60 points.

* Vampires are immune to bleeding.

Trauma effects will be healed at full health (you need to keep your health bar full for 20 secs). Since Vigor, by default, also disable passive health regeneration bellow 90% health and you don`t have or don`t want to use health potions you have a few alternatives.


Bandages for head, arms, feet or torso are used to stop any bleeding as long as they`re equipped.

How to craft bandages:

First, you need linen wraps, find one in the world or make then in a tanning rack using common clothes. Now you have a few options:

1. Turn 1 linen wrap into 1 bandage in a tanning rack.
2. Click any linen wrap in your inventory and you`ll be asked if you want to make a bandage.
3. After removing a bandage it can become ruined (automatically removed) or turned into a dirty bandage (50% chance). You can clean any dirty bandage with an ALE or NORD MEAD just by left clicking on it and have a fresh bandage again.


Poultices will cure trauma effects when applied in the injured location or can be used to heal a good amount of health over 5 min. Note that poultices may be used mid-combat to cure trauma effects but the effect is not instant, as it will take 20 secs to heal given injury.

How to make poultices:

1 Ale and 5 Blue Mountain Flowers
1 Nord Mead and 5 Blue Mountain Flowers
2 Blisterwort and 2 Imp Stools
2 Garlics and 4 Wheats
2 Minor Healing Potions
1 Healing Potion

Now your options are:

1. Go to any cooking pot and make one.
2. Click in any vanilla wooden bowl that is in your inventory and make one.
3. Make a Medicinal Bowl in any forge (it works the same as the vanilla wooden bowl).

Conditional Damage

Your movement direction and posture in combat have influence in your dealt and incoming damage.  This feature works for the player and other actors.

- Moving forward increase dealt and incoming damage by 10%
- Moving backwards decrease dealt and incoming damage by 10%.
- When at full health 20% damage is negated.
- When power attacking, incoming damage will be increased by 50%.
- Ranged weapons damage scale based on the target distance from +30% damage ( less then 250 units) up to -40% damage (greater then 5000 units).
- When in a higher ground then the target, damage will be increased by 30%.
- Attacks from behind deal +50% damage.
- NPCs that are sitting and unaware will take 5 times more damage, while sleeping NPCs take 10 times more damage (Don`t work with ranged weapons).


Whenever an actor loose health, poise will be damaged be the same value as the health lost. Once the hidden poise bar reach 0, the actor will be staggered and stamina will be drained based on how much the poise bar is bellow 0.

- The base poise of a humanoid actor is equal to the actor`s total armor weight plus 20% of the actor`s base stamina multiplied by the poise factor (Base Poise = (Armor Weight + (Base Stamina * 0.2)) * Poise Factor).
- For non-humanoid actors, such as animals, automatons, undeads and other creatures, the base poise is equal to 10% of the actor`s base health plus 20% of the actor`s base stamina multiplied by the poise factor* (Base Poise = ((Base Health * 0.1) + (Base Stamina * 0.2)) * Poise Factor).
- Poise is restored by 10% of the base poise per second.
- The poise bar is fully restored when at full health.
- While casting a magic ward, actors will be immune to poise stagger.
- The stagger duration can be customizable in MCM (default = 0.75 sec) and the cooldown for a new stagger to happen on the same actor (default = 2 seconds).

* Optional MCM toogle where you can see the enemy poise as a Upper-left notification message whenever he is damaged by the first time.
** Note: A Poise Factor slider added in the MCM menu let you multiply the global poise value by X factor. This might be useful for people that want to make staggers happen more or less often. (Default = 1)

Improved NPC Combat AI

Vigor feature simple enemy enhancements in combat by making then more aggressive and responsive to the player attacks.

- NPCs may try to dodge melee power attacks.
- NPCs are more aggressive if you keep your shield raised.
- NPCs will often try to perform follow up attacks.

* This feature is not an edit to NPCs Combat Styles, you can use a mod that improve those alongside Vigor with no compatibility issues.

Realistic Block & Weapon Parry

Blocked attacks will damage stamina instead of health as long as the actor have enough stamina to fully deflect the hit, otherwise health will be damaged normally. Also, weapons will react to each other in close combat when both actors strike at the same time, interrupting the attack and damaging stamina as if blocking.

* Block costing stamina is achieved by immediately restoring the health lost damaging the actor stamina instead by the same value, thus an actor blocking with very low health might actually get killed.
** Block perk, enchantments and potions will actually reduce the stamina drain when blocking or parrying.

Potions for NPCs

NPCs (not followers) have a chance to have and use several potions when combat start or under certain conditions.
Fortify Armor (25% chance if wearing armor) - Used when combat start

- Fortify Damage (25% chance if a weapon is equipped) - Used when combat start
- Resist magic (25% chance) - Used when combat start
- Invisibility Potion (10% chance) - Used when combat start or when in bleed-out state
- Resist Fire, Frost or Shock (33% chance) - High chance to be used when hit by the corresponding element.
- Healing (75% chance) - Moderate chance to be used when health drops bellow 50% and 25%
- Stamina (75% chance) - Moderate chance to be used when stamina drops bellow 50%, 25% and 1%.

* Potions used by NPCs are "fake", you will never find then in their inventory but a corresponding effect will be automatically cast on then.

Other Features

- Power attacks cost -50% stamina.
- Stamina cost for bash and power bashes have been reduced to 15/30.
- More realistic melee weapon range.
- Increase the penalty of armor weight over movement speed.
- Sprinting cost way less stamina but the effect of armor weight over it is increased.
- Combat stamina and magic regeneration is the same as out of combat.
- You need more armor rating to reach the damage reduction cap.
- Elemental and magic resistances cap at 80%.
- Damage and armor rating scale a bit better with the corresponding skills for the player.
- Increased armor rating for NPCs by improving their scaling with the corresponding skill.
- NPCs use more magicka when casting spells.
- Auto-aim for bows and crossbows are disabled.
- Enemy archers are a bit less accurate.
- Option to disable friendly fire in MCM. 
- Optional Movement tweaks plugin that restrict turning during attacks, decrease backwards movement speed and increase sprinting/ walking speed.




Enai Siaion for Modern Brawl Bug Fix (included)