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Visual overhaul of the Soul Cairn.

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This is a comprehensive overhaul of the Soul Cairn. While it is mostly a retexture, it also fixes some mesh issues along the way. The textures follow the vanilla patterns, as the meshes often make use of it (i.e. certain stone wall and floor pieces are sticking out of the meshes making it necessary to preserve the vanilla texture pattern.
The USSEP meshes as well as the Skyrim Particle Patch meshes have been integrated into the mod.
The meshes' specular and gloss values are unified, as the vanilla ones were incongruent and absurdly high in some cases. Furthermore, the following issues have been remedied:

  • The blending issues of some stone walls have been fixed. (Before and After)
  • Texture paths errors have been corrected: sc_chest.nif as well as sc_mausoleumwall03.nif had the wrong texture applied. (Before and After)
  • The spire meshes had their normals smoothed to better hide their low polygon appearance.
  • The chest glow has been fixed for ENB, thanks to mindflux! (He also included the changes in the Particle Patch.)
  • The floating fog had its transparency increased to make it less distracting.
  • Some minor UV issues have been fixed for the crater.
  • Parallax has been applied to the meshes were it was beneficial for the overall appearance.


For the parallax verion:

SSE Parallax Shader Fix 


  • CC's Castle Volkihar Reborn by ClearanceClarence (Amazing retexture for Castle Volkihar which also affects the look of the stairs at the beginning.)
  • Soul Husk Retexture by Jennifur68
  • Majestic Mountains by T4gtr34um3r
  • The Elder Scrolls Rewritten - Arvak SE by Oriius and Ph0rce, ported by Tooneyman
  • Extra Smooth Mesh Mod by Renegade79 (High poly meshes for tons of stuff. Recommended for the bone meshes which are often found in the Soul Cairn, but I suggest trying out the others as well. Be careful though, high processing power required and some of the meshes have a few issues, so check them in Nifskope before using.)
  • High Poly Project by LucidAPs (Also contains some high poly bone meshes.)
  • Skyrim 3D Trees by mathy79 (Incredible Trees for the Soul Cairn, even though some of them clip. Maybe he'll fix that in the future.)
  • Enderal Music for Skyrim by SureAI, Chivels and FleshadictMC (Love the Enderal music, the three selected songs for the Soul Cairn are perfectly tailored to the Soul Cairn.)


The USSEP team!
mindflux for fixing the chests!
Brumbek for SMIM!
steveowashere for his landscape and bone textures!