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This is the ported Dawnguard Rewritten: Arvak overhaul mod by Oriius.

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Tired of Bethesda's plastic skeletal horse?

Our little demon horse is a bit of a shambles; textures and meshes which are incompatible with one another, a missing alpha channel (which you could tell was supposed to be there just by looking at the model), and an cube map that makes it resemble an action figure. 'Dawnguard Rewritten: Arvak' features new textures and an altered mesh for improved compatibility. 

Dawnguard Rewritten: Arvak': now with 100% less action figure.

 Comes in six flavours:

 Undead: Undead horse with bleached bones and cold fire for hair. What's not to love?

 Soul Cairn: Made to match the powerful undead servants of the Ideal Masters of the Soul Cairn.

Game Jame: Inspired by the horse that started it all, the Game Jam version blends the textures of the undead version with the orange flames shown in Bethesda's famous video.

Flame Atronach: Charred bones and orange flames mark this fearsome creature riding into the night.

Frost Atronach: A stallion of ice and fog, cold as death itself.

Storm Atronach: Earth and sky come together lightning and thunder gallop into battle.

All textures are available in XD, HD and SD resolutions. XD (Extreme Definition) is 4x the size of Bethesda's originals, HD (High Definition) is 2x, and SD (Standard Definition) matches the resolution of Bethesda's original textures.
Want to see the mod in action? Thanks to Brodual, l1nkown, MrX4 and Saiodin for making these Videos.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard (DLC)

Nexus Mod Manager: Run installer through NMM. Follow on-screen instructions.

Wrye Bash: Go to "Installers" tab. Right-click in the space beneath "Package" and select "Open". Copy mod archive into the opened folder. Return to Wrye Bash. Right click on mod and select "Wizard". Follow on-screen instructions.

Manual Installation: Open mod archive. Extract plugin from the "00 Plugin" folder to your Skyrim Data folder. Select your texture resolution option from the "01" folders. Open your selected folder and extract to your Skyrim Data folder. Select your model option from the "02" folders. Open your selected folder and extract to your Skyrim Data folder. Activate the plugin in the mod manager of your choice.

Fixed missing saddle mesh.

Added two more versions of Arvak.

Added saddle.

Added "effect skin".

Created new Wizard based on the 1.0.3 wizard.

Added Wrye Bash Wizard by WilliamImm

Created the Unified Installer

 Added Missing Textures For Game Jam and Atronach Versions

Adjusted Colouring on Meshes for All Versions

 Initial Release

Any mod that alters Arvak's textures or meshes.

Quote -Phorce

This plugin may not be uploaded to any distribution site without my permission. In the event that this plugin is removed from Nexus, this plugin may be uploaded to any distribution site without my permission, with the exception of Steamworks, so long as the files contained within remain unchanged.

If you need to reach me, you can contact me on the Skyrim Real Estate forums, under the name Oriius (my email is in my profile), or through my website at

Faelrin and sanguine6 for creating mods that helped to show me Arvak's potential.

Tj_Nightbringer, who's request finally galvanized me into action.

Brodual, l1nkown, MrX4 and Saiodin for making the videos which demonstrate my mod.

And the fine community at Nexus for supporting and downloading mods like this.

Ph0rce for giving permissions to Tooneyman to port and Upload this mod to Skyrim Special Edition.

Oriius for creating such a masterpiece.