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A simple texture replacer for the Soul Husks found in the Soul Cairn.

Permissions and credits
I know its such a small part of Dawnguard but the textures of the Soul Husks always looked really bad to me so I finally retextured them.  Since Bethesda chose to make them look like sponges I also used a sponge texture trying to capture the overall color tone of the vanilla texture as best I could.  The original texture was 512x512 pixels my retexture is 1024x1024 which I feel is more than sufficient for such a small item.

Required the Dawnguard DLC.

Download with the NMM or download manually, unpack the zip file and install.  Replaces the Soul Husk texture and normal map only. 

This texture may not be used without my permission for any other purpose than its intended use in Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC.   This includes other sites such as Second Life which I have had an issue with in the past with mesh/texture theft.