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Fancy remodel of Proudspire Manor, house for a thane of Haafingar in Solitude. Tiny house with decoration, bookshelves, and wine.

Permissions and credits
This is a conversion for Special Editionoriginal mod for Oldrim is here.

Requirements: DLCs and USSEP.

Unofficial patch dependency is here to stay because of changes to quests and location data.

I was a bit unhappy about all the differences between Proudspire's exterior and interior, so I decided to remodel the interior to make it closer to the exterior. It is nowhere near 100% match or anything like that, but it's a little bit closer than in vanilla, I think.

The number of windows is matching now, and the house has a sweet attic, like I presumed, when first looked at the house. I 
was also often confused by all the doors leading back to Solitude, so now doors are named appropriately: Main Street, Patio, and Side Alley.

This is a completely different house now (see the compatibility section). Kitchen and living room on the first floor, bedroom and lounge area with a couch on second, mostly garbage on third. See screenshots for details.

Architecture pieces are vanilla (or based on vanilla), so how the house looks will depend on your (re)textures.

Recommended mods to use with (some of them are for LE, but they are portable):

Visible Windows
Sexy Solitude v1
Blue Palace Frescos (Texture Addon)

Noble Skyrim (has already ported SE version on the LE page)

Forgotten Retex Project
RUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition
Skyrim 3D Plants
RUGNAROK - Special Edition
Snazzy Bloody Rags
Better Player Home Music (make sure betterhmusic.esp is loaded AFTER bourgeoisproudspire.esp, so the music won't be overwritten)

Is this mod lore friendly?

Nah, probably not really :p

Although I guess it depends. There is an immersive sweetroll on a beautiful silver plate (don't be a vampire?), barely hidden evidence of drug use and only one unopened book for the whole house. Also a unicorn on a tapestry and awesome looking fancy furniture.

From what I can tell, it's pretty performance friendly though: the house is small and most of the textures depend on your setup. But again, that's all relative.

Is there a place for family? Kids?

Nope. Not even for a spouse. It is more of an expensive man cave for a person of any gender. Lone soldier going on Amorous Adventures perhaps... By the way, there is a (subtle?) NSFW hint in the house (bedroom), so keep that in mind.

Of course, Jordis is here, but with mods like My Home Is Your Home you can find her a different place to stay (otherwise she will sandbox around the house and sleep on the couch).


8 bookshelves for 11 books each (more if you use Unlimited Bookshelves. Cooking pot, oven, alchemy lab – no animation, but all working. A lot of custom containers, two single beds (master bed and sofa* on the second floor), one weapon plaque for two weapons and a shield.

*Sofa is set to "Child can use", so if you have a kid follower, they should be able to sleep there too. Hypothetically. Make sure you have something to prevent scaling, like SIZE DOES MATTER. Again, no adoption, I'm only talking about followers here.

It is an apartment in a big city, so other crafting stations could be found elsewhere, especially with city mods. If you need more displays, I highly recommend Legacy of the Dragonborn, the museum is in Solitude as well.


Probably incompatible with anything editing Proudspire Manor, lighting mods for example might cause small issues**. Should be good with city mods, because I only changed the patio on the outside, and city mods usually don't edit that area. If you came across some compatibility issues, let me know, I'll include it here.

**ELFX is incompatible, install No Proudspire optional plugin from ELFX page or just delete ELFX's edits to this cell in SSEEdit.

Not compatible with Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO) Mix-n-match (plugin) version, unless you'll delete SFCO's changes to Proudspire Manor.

Same goes for Skyrim Overhauled Furniture Assembly (SOFA) and any other plugin editing the cell, naturally.

JK's was totally alright on LE, should be fine on SE too.

Alternate Start - Live Another Life is compatible with a patch (optional on this page). You only need it if if you choose to own Proudspire Manor from the start and want to spawn in the room and not in the air. Basically the game won't crash without the patch, it's just an aesthetical, 'immersive' tweak.

Is not compatible with Open Cities Skyrim.

Is not compatible with Holds The City Overhaul.

I recommend to only install this on a new game (aka start a new game with this mod already enabled), not to add to an existing save. Otherwise some things will be broken, even if you didn't visited the manor before. You can always experiment at your own expense of course, but racks won't work, a quest item will float in space etc. If you start a new game these issues should be avoided.

And yes, no house decoration purchases are needed, you only have to buy the house itself.


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FPI Experiment Pack 1
Greenhouse Tileset
Ingredients in a Jar Resource
Ingredients Wall Art Resource
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Insanity's Curtains
Insanity's Rugs
Insanity's Sofas & Chairs
Insanity's Wall Charts
The TESA Skyrim Resource Kit Project
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Upper Class Furniture Pack V2.0
Upper Class Furniture Pack
Windows Resource Pack

Thanks to this light switch script the light is dynamic: more warm during the night, more cold during the day. Most candles are off during daytime.

Do submit pics with all the graphic enhancements, texture replacements, ENBs etc.

This mod is Nexus only and not for sale, do not reupload it anywhere.
Let me know if you want to do something to it.
Patches depending on the main plugin, translations are fine, just inform me at some point so I could add a link here.

My other mods.