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This first (uploaded) mod of mine adds frescos to the Blue Palace. It consists of the main file with the actual frescos and an ESP to activate them and a second file containing a texture addon for the look as seen in the screenshots. Credit goes to the author of the "Sexy Solitude" texture replacer, of which I have used some files and partially modified them to make the texture addon. I recommend you to install "Detailed Rugs" beforehand (clean version), or else those dirty old rugs in the Blue Palace won't fit the otherwise newly renovated look (if you use my texture addon). And for the windows I strongly recommend the Hi Res version of "Rustic Windows".
I have also replaced the rugged Solitude flag with a new one I found on the internet. For the Frescos I used the Skyrim launcher image, the Arminius painting by Johannes Gehrts and two wallpapers from the internet. Arminius adds a bit of irony to the empire stronghold in Skyrim, since he was the scourge of the Romans when they were kicked out of Germania ;-)
The texture addon also makes a few changes outside of the Blue Palace, most noticeable it changes the dirty stucco on the houses into wood shingles. Ah yes, and your Solitude home gets renovated with the Blue Palace as well, since it uses the same textures of course.
Elisifs hairstyle and the shiny armour in the screenshots are not part of this mod. Anyway, for comparison I've also uploaded screenshots without any further mods.

"Blue Palace Frescos" will likely conflict with any mod that changes the interior of the Blue Palace, especially "Palaces and Castles Enhanced - The Royal Blue Palace" by SetteLisette will be utterly incompatible. Of course you can still take the Nifs from my mod and place them somewhere into Sette's mod (or anywhere else in the game for that matter). For this purpose I have uploaded an ESP which removes all changes made to the Blue Palace interior. Simply replace the original ESP, grab the Creation Kit, and search for anything with "slgcwalsolfr" in the editorID to place it into the game.

Note that the diffuse Texture for the frescos are 4k resolution, so you should have a decent amount of VRAM to use this.

This mod is "clean". No references were deleted, only moved aside.

Legal stuff:

I take not much very much credit for this mod apart from the inititial idea to replace an ugly wall texture with some frescos and a bit of editing of existing files from other authors. However, since those wallpapers are freely distributed on sites with very permissive legal terms I assume that you can do whatever you like with the main file (apart from making money of course).
But I wasn't able to contact Horrorview, the author of Sexy Solitude since he doesn't receive PMs it seems, so I can't give any permission for the texture addon. Rather unfortunate, since there are some issues with his files and he doesn't seem to update them.