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OrganicENB for Special Edition.
Climate Of Tamriel, Vivid DefEd, Obsidian and Dolomite weather mods supported.
The original OrganicENB was based on The Wilds ENB preset by Lsiwora.

Permissions and credits
Thank you for taking time to download and endorsing this mod.
This preset wouldn't be here without the following talents who have contributed so much.   You'll see their names on every files from this preset.  Please visit them, and thank them for their dedication to the ENB community.


Boris has been very busy for getting the ENB SE updated, but still not all previous ENB features are available.
ENB SSAO is finally here!  Please disable the Skyrim Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. 
The weather detection and many features are not available.  
The color, bloom, and light were confiured for the Day/Night/Interior.
If the scene looked too bright, you can try disable the "Wilds v3 Bloom" option or the ENB bloom from the enbseries.ini setting.

Skyrim SE kept using the Print Scr key even when I disabled it, so I had to put the ENB screen caputure key to F2.


  • Matso's letterbox option, and the eliminated the "wavy" look on top and bottom when the lesser ward spell is cast 
  • Bloom and color configuration from the OrganicENB v2 preset 
  • ENB SSAO and Skin SSS configuration from the OrganicENB v2 preset
  • NMM install for easier installation
  • Configurd ENBEffectPostPass.fx for blur and sharpness.  Please check the enbseris/ENBEffectPostPass.fx.ini file for TECHNIQUE=1 or "ENBSeries" on ENB GUI.
  • Ported the ZeroKing's LumaSharpen, Vibrant, Contrast, and BlackLevel post process in the ENBEffectPostPass.fx file.
  • 4 LumaSharpen type available.
  • Ported kingeric1992 Anamorphic Lens Flare.  Please check the enbseries/enblens.fx.ini file for TECHNIQUE=1 or "Kingeric1992" on ENB GUI.
  • Khajiit Night Vision and the Imagespace modifier supported thanks to kingeric1992.

Required files

Pre-install steps

  • If you are using the HDMI connection, please enable the "Output dynaic range" setting to "Full".
  • Here's the Nvidia Control Panel under the Display->Change resolution section.
  • Here's the AMD Radeon Additional Settings Pixel Format section.
  • Tune your monitor's black level and contrast level

Installation steps

  • Download the ENB verson matches or higher to this preset, and copy d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll to the "Skyrim Speical Edition" directory where SkyrimSE.exe is located.
  • Use NMM or MO to install.  Please see the Manual Install step below if you want to install this manually
  • Enable the VanillaFogDistanceRestore.esp file for the Vanilla option and the COT option
  • Enable the DolomiteDarkNitePatch.esp file for the Dolomite option
  • Copy all files from the Data/OrganicENB directory including enbseries directory  to the "Skyrim Speical Edition" directory.
  • This preset has been configured with the SSE Godrays Quality High.
  • Disable the SSE Screen Space Ambient Occlusion to use this preset ENB SSAO.
  • The ENB LENSFLARE_GAME setting will control the SSE game Lens Flare intensity, and can be used with this preset's Anamorphic Lens Flare.
  • The ADV_TWEAK_INGAME option in the enbeffect.fx file is disabled by default, but it will show all available ENB configuration settings in the ENB GUI shader option.

Manual Install steps

  1. Unzip the MAIN download file to a temporary directory
  2. Copy all files from "00 Core Files" directory to the "Skyrim Speical Edition" directory.
  3. Each weather option folder has the MAIN directory, so copy all files from that to the "Skyrim Speical Edition" directory.
  4. The "10 Options/ESP" directory has the the Vanilla_COT directory and the Dolomite directory.  Copy the mod file for the weather mod you are using.
  5. The "10 Options/Solar" directory has the HiMem sun texture and the LowMem sun texture files.


fGamma=1.0000 Any less value will look too dark.  You can set this from the Skyrim in-game Settings/Video Brightness option

=== VSync ===
UPDATE: With SSE v1., I was able to leave the iVsyncPresentInterval=1 and the driver sync to "Use the 3D application setting" option.
I'm using the Ultra setting (shadow distance 10000), TAA on, GodRay off, and I'm getting consistent 60fps at 1080p for my GTX 1070.
You can also try the ENB vSync option by using the following enblocal.ini entry if you want to use the iVsyncPresentInterval=0 option.

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