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                                                                                            ---- INFO ----     
This is a semi-transparent glacier with parallax multilayer + parallax bump mapping. For the first time I unchained the internal layer that was visible at 10% (it was just a color information), now is fully visible with all the detail. The outside layer is 4k and is visible only if you stare at the ice up close or from an angle. The normal map acts as an additional layer of transparency so the glacier has alternate matte ice & fully transparent ice. Also all the meshes are tweaked individually & use unique textures for maximum variety. Covered both glaciers and floes (with piles and rubble - about 30 edited meshes). White glacier but with detail. 

1. The texture are source with re-made tweaks to avoid saving (all done in one remembered passage), there's no quality loss. This is source (or truly) 4k unscathed (genetica 4.0), other files have different sizes to increase performance (Bethesda or Pixabay). Shmooz has borrowed me a texture in 4k that I used on floes. When it didn't affect quality I have put the lowest size possible, 2k , 1k, 512 and smaller.

Mesh is a heavily tweaked Mindlux that he made after my request on enbdev. GaiusFatCat has given me animated meshes to compliment the mod. I have remade a mesh as in P.G. mod (glaciertrim)

2. Parallax bump mapping is applied on floes and the meshes are parallax aware (if you add snow, it will look for them _p files). For now it is applied on non transparent icy material. 

showcase in game (3.4 version): 

This glacier reacts to reflections, the normals will become lit by sunlight during ''perfect'' day time with no clouds. The time of day really affects how the glacier looks and what is visible and what isn't.

to see all the worked groups very quickly type in console comand (~) coc SaarthalExterior


HD LODs for white lods of glacier
~ Other requirements are soft and can be ignored, however they look great (check forum FAQ), I do recommend a realistic enb for pumping alot of light during the day into the meshes since I work with it, go into [COLORCORRECTION] of enbseries and add light until it blows. NLA and its derivates highly recommended


~ Like with all newly installed texture mods it's best to be in an area without such texture then load the area afresh, or let it CTD  few times so the cache will clear (it's a fail safe: didn't happen on my setup on won't happen to you, just a general rule valid for all textures/mods)
~ If u stutter resize the mod, the different in quality is substancial between 2k and 1k (thank Bethesda meshes), less so between 4k and 2k, u can remove steveo_p for more perfomance so the mod will not use parallax (which is heavier than modern tesselation)

FAQ and Information detailed




if you feel you have problems with screen image go into color correction settings of enb series:


shimmer or noise problem on ice: 



some praise that helps the modder on mental level:


thanks to  all of you! Ty master Renfield, this for u:


~ Animated glacier mesh is from P. G. by Gaius FaT Cat, all other meshes are directly from Mindflux.
Since 2.7.4. added steveo's diffuse from Y.A.L.O. (made new normal for it) and tweaked diffuse called
~ Apart in 2.7.4. and onwards,  all diffuses/normalmaps are tweaked by me (source Genetica 4.0 by spiralgraphics textures or Bethesda SSE). alpha is made from nothing, normalmap parts are tweaked/painted.

The normals have injected Dyndolod beautiful random artifacts. What others consider garbage I consider beauty.

~ Mindlux meshes included in Misc as standalone mod for usage only with other mods - they bring out detail lost with SSS or sun - vanilla or enb. That's why I included them in my mod. For instance they allow to see the transparency better and the making of a white glacier instead of dark grey as it was until now. 
Genetica (support and help develop):
ShmooZ for 'glacierslab on water' texture 4k

my take on ENB/Skyrim performance Guide:

plz be patient, this is landscape overhaul of large scale, very difficult to keep working togheter (WIP but a working one), I also don't have the possibility to test this on vanilla or other enbs than mine.

Thx to Nexus board/''mods'':