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ktacreations and theycallmecheese - ported to SSE by Hilli1

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This mods adds a full set of dragonbone weapons, originally made by ktacreations / theycallmecheese. English, German and Spanish version available.

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Dragon Bone Weapons Complete


This is a port to Skyrim Special Edition based on the work of theycallmecheese with permission from the original author.

Original Mod: Dragon Bone Weapons Complete

Version 2.0:
One dagger and one sword added. Original Mod: Ghosu - Dragonbone Knife Knuckles and Cutlass. All of Ghosu's assets are free to use.

Note: I don't accept any kind of donations. Furthermore I will not take part on the mod authors donation system in any way. Any earned donation points for all
my ported mods go to the original mod authors to 100 percent. When you feel you should donate, please give some money to the animal shelter next to you.
Of course you can donate the original author when you find a donate-button on the original page. Let modding be free. Forever.


This mod adds craftable Dragonbone Weapons to Skyrim. Included are Sword, War Axe, Mace, Greatsword, BattleAxe, WarHammer, Dagger, Bow and Arrows with Quiver. This was originaly released about 6 months before DG was announced. The purpose of the mod is to make the Dragonbone smithing perk worth getting after Deadric Smithing and the weapons are meant to fit in as seamlessly as possible with Bethesda's original Dragonbone armor.

The stats of the weapons are the same as normal Dragonbone Weapons, but the weapons from this mod are slightly better due to less weight and higher speed. The weapons from this mod named as Dragon Bone Weapons for the reason that they are distinguishable from usual Dragonbone Weapons.

The weapons are standalone. It does not replace Dawnguard's weapons. No other items will be overwritten. As of version 2.0 you can choose a replacer version
for all dragonbone weapons from the Dawnguard DLC with new meshes and textures. For the replacer version you don't need a ESP.

The meshes are optimized with Nif-Optimizer and checked with NifScan. I upscaled the textures to 2K and improved them a bit. All weapons can be crafted and tempered. English, German and Spanish versions are available. The esp is cleaned, hand-polished and checked for errors in TES5Edit.

As of version 3.0 there are two versions of the mod available:

All weapons can only be crafted and tempered. The weapons are NOT added to levelled lists and NOT distributed in the world. Choose this option for maximum compatibility.

All weapons can be crafted and tempered. In addition the weapons are added to levelled lists and are distributed to the world. The weapons have a chance to appear in the world and it is possible to buy them from blacksmiths after reaching a certain level. The needed levels are different for every weapon, depending on the weapon stats.
IMPORTANT: Don't forget to make a Bashed Patch if you use the levelled-lists version.
If you need help making a Bashed Patch look here: Wrye Bash Installation and Bash Patch Tutorial or S.T.E.P. Project Wiki - Bashed Patch.



Dragon Bone Dagger - value = 700, Weight = 5, Damage = 12, Reach = 0.7, Speed = 1.3
Dragon Bone Sword - value = 2000, Weight = 12, Damage = 15, Reach = 1.0, Speed = 1.2
Dragon Bone Greatsword - value = 3000, Weight = 20, Damage = 25, Reach = 1.4, Speed = 0.9
Dragon Bone Waraxe - value = 2000, Weight = 16, Damage = 16, Reach = 1.0, Speed = 1.0
Dragon Bone Battleaxe - value = 3300, Weight = 24, Damage = 26
, Reach = 1.3, Speed = 0.8
Dragon Bone Mace - value = 2200, Weight = 18, Damage = 17, Reach = 1.0, Speed = 1.0
Dragon Bone Warhammer - value = 4500, Weight = 27, Damage = 28
, Reach = 1.3, Speed = 0.7
Dragon Bone Bow - value = 3000, Weight = 15, Damage = 20, Reach = 1.0, Speed = 0.75
Dragon Bone Scimitar - value = 1575, Weight = 20, Damage = 16, Reach = 1.0, Speed = 1.02
Dragon Bone Knife Knuckles - value = 650, Weight = 7.5, Damage = 14, Reach = 0.7, Speed = 1.3
Dragon Bone Arrows - value = 3000, Weight = 0.1, Damage = 10

How to craft ?

A forge can be used to create a weapon. To craft a weapon you need to know the correct crafting perk and you need to have the needed materials in your inventory (details see spoiler below). In addition there are crafting books for every weapon. Keep the correct book in your inventory when you want to craft a weapon. Otherwise the item will not show up at the forge. A sharpening wheel can be used to improve the weapon twice as much. Crafting books are not needed for tempering.

Crafting books:

Since it took ages to scroll through the crafting menu because of all the mods I installed, I was thinking about a solution to clean up the crafting menu. The solution is an additional crafting book for every weapon which you need to have in your inventory when you want to craft the specific item. Simply remove the books from your inventory and nothing will show up in your crafting menu. This way you can easily declutter your crafting menu. All crafting books will automatically added into your inventory when you run this mod for the first time. Thi shappens with a little quest (without any additional scrips) which runs only once. I did my best to create pleasing crafting books. Every book contains useful information to craft the item. I plan to add this feature bit by bit to all my existing mods.

Why did I add the books direktly to the player's inventory? Well, what are the alternatives?
- Adding them directly to the inventory of merchants for selling. Possible, but it is not a good modders practice and would cause incompatibilities. Every mod which
  alters merchant's inventory would be incompatible.
- Adding them to merchant's levelled lists for selling. Possible, but I don't know a possibility that items always appear in the merchants inventory this way. That's why
  this possibility is out of question.
- Adding them to the world so that you have to search them. Possible and most immersive but it would cause incompatibilities with every mod whichalters the place
  where the specific book is located. Compatibility patches will be needed for all those mods.

I want my mods as compatible as possible. So I decided to add the books directly to the players inventory. It is the best way in my opinion and
causes no problems. You can always remove the books from your inventory and store them somewhere.


You need to have the right crafting book in your inventory when you want to craft an item.

Dragon Bone Dagger - (1x) Dragon Bone, (1x) Ebony Ingot, (1x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Sword - (2x) Dragon Bone, (2x) Ebony Ingot, (2x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Greatsword - (4x) Dragon Bone, (2x) Ebony Ingot, (3x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Waraxe - (2x) Dragon Bone, (2x) Ebony Ingot, (2x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Battleaxe - (3x) Dragon Bone, (2x) Ebony Ingot, (2x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Mace - (2x) Dragon Bone, (2x) Ebony Ingot, (2x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Warhammer - (3x) Dragon Bone, (2x) Ebony Ingot, (3x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Bow - (2x) Dragon Bone, (1x) Firewood - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Arrows - (1x) Dragon Bone, (1x) Ebony Ingot, (2x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Scimitar - (1x) Dragon Bone, (1x) Ebony Ingot, (1x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing
Dragon Bone Knife Knuckles -
(1x) Dragon Bone, (1x) Ebony Ingot, (1x) Leather Stripes - Perk: Dragon Smithing


You can use the mod AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer to obtain the weapons. In case you want to add the items via console use the following item ID's:

Note: You must replace the "XX" with your specific mod index.

Dragon Bone Dagger - XX003DE2
Dragon Bone Sword - XX000D62
Dragon Bone Greatsword - XX00182B
Dragon Bone Waraxe - XX001D90
Dragon Bone Battleaxe - XX0012C8
Dragon Bone Mace - XX003DE4
Dragon Bone Warhammer - XX001D8D
Dragon Bone Bow - XX0022F2
Dragon Bone Arrows - XX00182F
Dragon Bone Scimitar - XX00791D
Dragon Bone Knife Knuckles - XX00791C

How to install ?

Use a mod manager of your choice (recommended):

Mod Organizer 2, Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex:

Install as usual. Run the FOMOD-installer and choose your options.

Wrye Bash:
WB does not support FOMOD-installers. As a WB user you probably know how to handle FOMOD's. One possibility is to use MO2 or NMM to pick your poison and repack the result as 7zip-file. After that you can install the new created archive in WB.

Manual installation (not recommended):

Unpack the archive somewhere and choose one of the 2 core folders and one of the 6 ESP's. Then put the content of the choosen folders in your data-folder.


Skyrim Special Edition. USSEP technically not needed but highly recommended.



Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade - Fully compatible. CCO globals were added to every recipe.

Dual Sheath Redux and Ecotone Dual Sheath - Fully compatible. I created and added DSR meshes for all one-handed weapons. Note: The patcher from Ecotone Dual Sheath doesn't work with BSA files. The modelshave to be loose or it can't find them.

MorrowLoot and MorrowLoot Ultimate - Compatible. Those mods completely remove higher level objects from levelled loot lists. Using the Levelled-Lists version of Dragon Bone Weapons Complete may result in inconsistencies with the scope of those mods, because the new added items including higer level weapons will appear in levelled lists. Because of that I recommend to use the Smithing-Only-Version, which is fully compatible, for the ML/MLU user. An experienced user can remove the higher lever weapons from the leveledlists using SSEEdit to make the Levelled-Lists-Version fully compatible with those mods.

Skyrim Revamped - Loot and Encounter Zones - Compatible. Same as ML/MLU.

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - Compatible. Crafting recipes and stats may be a bit inconsistent here and there. You can easily adjust the item stats using SSEEdit by yourself.

YASH - Yet Another Skyrim Hardcore mod - Compatible. YASH completely delevels the world. That means there is a chance to find every item in the game as of level 1, including higher level gear. This makes every mod which adds levelled items to levelled-lists inconsistet with YASH. Using the Levelled-Lists version ofDragon Bone Weapons Complete makes the new weapons available after reching a certain level (see description section). Because of that I recommend to use the Smithing-Only-Version, which is fully compatible. When you want to use the Levelled-Lists-Version you must delevel the levelled lists to ensure a full compatibility withYASH. On the YASH page you find in the descriptions a link to a SSEEdit script, which delevels every mod very easily. Alternatively you can usethe Unlevel-Item-Lists feature of the mod True Unleveled Skyrim by DanielUA. Note: When building the bashed patch always load YASH last, otherwise the levelled lists will be releveled again. Special tip: After building the bashed patch you only need to delevel every entry in the bashed patch, since the bashed patch overwrites any other changed levelled lists.

Known Issues:

Some weapons look larger when sheathed than they do when drawn. I have no idea why. Let me know please, if you have a solution.

Mods used in pictures:


Armor: Dragonbone Barbarian Armors

Character: The character preset is taken from Shiva's Beautiful Presets


Screenshots were taken using the mod The DollHouse Photo Studio.

Pose mods used: Halo Poser SE, Wulf Pose SE, Nise's Poser SE. Google them.



Q: Does this mod work with Skyrim VR ?
A: Usually this kind of mod should work, but I don't know it for sure. I don't own VR equipment and cannot test it. You have to find it out by yourself.

Q: Is the mod compatible with ... ?
The mod adds new items only. Apart from levelled lists no original assets of the game are affected. Technically this mod should be compatible with everything.
     However inconsistencies with other mods may appear. Some notes for specific mods you can find in the compatibility section of this page.

Q: Is this weapon added to leveled lists?
You can choose an option with levelled lists support.

Q: Does this mod use scripts?
A: No.

Q: Can I savely merge the mod with others?
A: Yes. If you want to merge this mod, please use the loose-files version. Alternatively you have to unpack the bsa-files by yourself.

Q: Can you port the mod for XB1 ?
A: No. I don't use XB1.

Q: Can you provide ESL files ?
: I considered it, but no.

Q: Why ?
: Several reasons.
ESL files require to change the form ID's. That means ESP and ESL versions are not compatible, meaning any future changes would have to bedone
    twice. Switching between a ESP and a ESL in a save game is not possible. Both files are different mods in the end. When updating aESL version and converting it to
    ESL again, the form ID's will have changed again. All this tends to result in issues. I really don't need complaints like "My sword is gone. Help!". Beyond that I detected
    that Wrye Bash currently ignores ESL files when building the bashed patch. That's why ESL's are not useable for files that alter levelled lists. When you have too little
    free ESP slots I recommend to merge ESP's. Especially weapon and armor mods are suitable to merge. So Istrongly suggest to learn how to use Merge Plugins.

Q: Can you backport this mod to Oldrim ?
: Seriously? When you are still on Oldrim use the original mods. But why still using Oldrim? Switch to SSE. It's time. Really. I mean it.

Q: I found a bug.
A: Oh damn! Please report it in the bugs section of this page. Try to describe the issue as accurate as possible and mention the version you use.
    I will try to fix as soon as possible.

Q: Are the weapons lore-friendly ?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you add ... ? / Can you change ... ?
A: Maybe. Feel free to ask.

Q: I don't like these weapons.
A: I don't need any complaints how you don't like the mod. Simply move on and use a mod you like.


Credits and special thanks to
ktacrations / theycallmecheese for Dragon Bone Weapons Complete
Ghosu for Dragonbone Knife Knuckles and Cutlass

Celiand for the spanish translation

and (of course):
Bethesda for one of the best games ever
ousnius for SSE Nif Optimizer

Other tools used: CreationKit 2.0, SSEEdit 3.2.1, NifSkope 2.0.0, Gimp 2.10, MergePlugins 2.3.1, ESP-ESM Translator 3.50, 7-zip

Thank You

Thank you for checking out the mod. I did my best to provide a good mod for YOU.

Please come back and endorse when you like the mod. Thank you.

You have read until here? Really? I am impressed. Congratulations. You are probably the only one in a hundred. But now it's time to play ... Have fun !