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A standalone, custom-voiced follower&Quest mod.

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Please read the entire description before posting about a problem! Thank you! :)


Song of the Green is a fully voiced follower and quest mod, which centers around Bosmer culture and tradition.
Auri, a traditionalist Wood Elf archer, will follow you, do your bidding, and offer occasional snarky commentary about your surroundings and actions.
If you want, that will be the extent of your relationship. If you choose to, however, expressing interest in Bosmeri culture and Auri herself, will make your companion open up to you, and perhaps reveal more about the reasons for her arrival in Skyrim.  The more you speak to her, the more she will have to say, and finishing her mini-quest will unlock more idle commentary, and several conversations.



-Over 900 voiced lines of unique dialogue, including conversation topics about bosmer culture,
location-based conversations, idles and quest-commentary.

-A very simple approval system

-Scenes with vanilla NPC's, including Faendal, Serana, hearthfire children and more.

-Banter with Lucien and Inigo. (The latter needs a patch.)

-Simple mini-quest.

-Auri has her own mount, but will only ride it if you have a horse.

-Romance option independent from vanilla marriage.



"Song of the Green" and "Dreams of Valenwood" - written and performed by me.


Where is she?
In Falkreath Hold. Look for Auri's Pod on your map.

Why does she look so weird? She looks nothing like the other Bosmer in skyrim!
-Auri's appearance is based off the Bosmer found in the Elder Scrolls: Online. According to lore, Bosmer are supposed to be small, curious and friendly, and I think the wide-eyed look reflects that description of them much better than the wrinkly angular Bosmer of Skyrim. If you don't like her look, feel free to tweak her appearance to your liking!
Personally I recommend Daughter of Valenwood by Kadraeus.

Help! I've finished her Quest but I don't see an option to romance her!
-Completing Auri's quest (Song of the Green) will unlock a chain of conversations which might lead to a romance. Keyword here is might. Auri is a very independent person, and she will only be interested in you if you are up to her standards, so to speak.  If you say something that she perceives as uncaring or boring, she will not pursue a romance with you. 
(Also, try asking her to sit down at an inn for a nice conversation.)

The romance quest won't progress!
-Try asking her to sit down somewhere safe with you, for a nice conversation.

She won't use the weapons I give her/she keeps attacking dragons with her fists!
-Auri is an archer, and will only use the bow. If she's punching enemies with her fists, she's probably out of arrows.

Auri keeps talking about bone arrows. Can I buy them somewhere?
-Auri will use whatever arrows you give her, bone or not - but if you want to give her bone arrows specifically, you can craft them.

Auri's follower dialogue won't show up!
-Auri is built on the vanilla follower system. Make sure you either have no other followers with you, or are using some kind of follower management mod that allows multiple followers. You can also try moving Auri further down in your load order, if you have another mod that also edits the vanilla follower framework.

I can't find Auri's camp in evergreen grove!
-The camp is unmarked in the vanilla game. This is the camp you want to look for.

I'm at the camp, but there are no new conversation options!
-Wait until nightfall. Some conversations are best had at night by a campfire.

She's way too powerful. It makes fights boring!
-Her bow has very high base damage. Take her bow and swap it out with a more basic one. She won't mind!

Help! Auri hates me!
-It seems you've managed to accuse her of being a Thalmor spy. She doesn't like that. To avoid this, don't choose dialogue options marked as "hostile."


Recommended mods:

Auri's Fancy Pod by GGUNIT  -- Auri's home, but better!

Daughter of Valenwood by Kadraeus -- Auri, but better!

Dismount AI fix by Tortle2Tortle2Turtle -- Fixes the dismount bug caused by Horse mods.


Known Issues:

Song of the Green is my first ever mod, built slowly with the help of online tutorials, trial and error, and the help of some very patient modder friends. As a result, the mod still has many little bugs and quirks that I simply lack the experience to fix. I ask for your patience and understanding when encountering any issues, I'm still learning.

-Some horse management mods seem to interfere with Auri's mount, usually her ability to dismount.
A workaround is to use her summon spell to get her off her mount.

-The Navmesh inside and around Auri's Pod is a little buggy, and sometimes causes followers to fall through
the steps by the door.

Auri's hair by KS Hairdos
Thistlefoot model and textures by Tumbajamba (thank you so much for making your assets available!)
Modding advice and endless patience by Kristakahashi, Joseph Russell and Niborino