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Changes the appearance of Auri from Song of the Green to that of Lenka.

Permissions and credits

This replacer marries two high quality Nexus mods by giving Auri from Song of the Green the appearance of Lenka.

In addition I gave Lenka antlers, bringing her closer inline with Auri's base appearance, and also included an optional download to give Lenka Auri those sharp teeth she is so proud of! (Courtesy of KreaQ, mod author of M'rissi)

                                                              ! Warning - Old Nexus Mod Manager Users !                                                             

Old Nexus Mod Manger users, use this file at your own risk.

The old, pre-Vortex NMM's handling of mod installations can easily lead to disaster. If you are not supremely confident in your ability to solve your own problems in NMM, I strongly suggest you skip this mod until you've upgraded to a more robust mod manager.

This mod was tested thoroughly with Mod Organizer 2 and works exactly as intended. It can be installed and uninstalled mid-game without issue.

If you break Auri, you are on your own. You have been warned.

                                                                   Body Details                                                                  

  • Body Mesh: Uses default body meshes and fully supports custom body shape through RaceMenu's BodyGen feature (see below).
  • Body Textures - Default: Packaged with Lenka's Bijin skin textures (CBBE & UNP options in download).
  • Body Textures - Custom: Can be manually replaced with your textures of choice.
  • Body Textures - Vanilla: Vanilla option under Downloads for people who use neither CBBE or UNP body replacers.
  • Antlers: Uses default deer textures. Will change according to any deer textures you install.
  • Sharp Teeth: Optional download to give Lenka Auri sharp teeth.


BodyGen is a feature of Expired's RaceMenu for Skyrim LE / SE (and LooksMenu for Fallout 4) which allows you to assign different CBBE (or UNP) presets to NPCs without having to create unique meshes for each one. In other words, it means you no longer have to worry about unique body meshes and outfits to give different NPCs different body shapes. You can assign presets by gender, race and / or individual NPCs.

If you want to know more about this amazing quality of life feature, have a look at the guide at the bottom of the jBS2BG mod page, and grab the tool while you are there - it makes implementing it that much easier.

Although jBS2BG is on Skyrim LE, the same tool is used for Skyrim SE and Fallout 4.

                                                                   Black Face Bug                                                                  

As with any mod that edits the appearance of NPCs, you can get the black face bug if you use this mod incorrectly.

Black Face Bug Explained:

The black face bug happens when the facegen files of an actor does not match the appearance data the game is trying to load for that actor.

Primary Causes:

  • New Facegen files that changes an actor's headparts without an accompanying .esm / .esl / .esp that updates the actor's NPC data table to match the facegen head mesh
  • Incorrect load order, where the new .esm / .esl / .esp that correctly updates an actor's NPC data table is above a plugin in your load order which contains an incorrect or outdated NPC data table for the affect actor, such as bulk patches not being rebuilt after the updated appearance mod was installed.
  • Missing or incorrectly named Facegen meshes and / or textures
  • NPC weight differences between NPC Data table changes (an NPC's weight seems to be stored in your save files and thus needs to be managed through the setnpcweight console command.)




  • Waribiki for Song of the Green (SE / LE)
  • Sorca97 for Lenka and graciously providing some excellent screenshots (LE)
  • FF7Legend for Lenka SE port, which was the starting point for this mod (SE)
  • ThreeTen for NPC Visual Transfer, which did most of the heavy lifting (LE)
  • Martimius for porting NPC Visual Transfer (SE)
  • KreaQ for the Sharp Teeth Textures, taken from M'rissi's Tails of Troubles (SE / LE)
  • rxkx22 for Bijin Skin Textures (LE)
  • Shiva182 for porting Bijin Skin Textures (SE)
  • Maevan2, HHaleyy, Anini, Regenbot03, Zonzai, Seren4XX, drunkenmojo, Gearhog, Hello Santa, Hidanna and Diethardt whose resources were used in Bijin Skin
  • LogRaam for The Eyes Of Beauty
  • dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body
  • Caliente for Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
  • DomainWolf for Skin Feature Overlays
  • HHaleyy for Makeup Overhaul and brows
  • Kalilies for KS Hairdos - Renewal
  • ArtByMari for A smile HD by Mari
  • DRELDYN, TheDNightshade, [enz] and Dektarey for Bosmeri Antlers (SE / LE)