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Patches/add-ons I've made for everyone's favorite traditionalist Bosmer follower. All are cleaned and ESL flagged.

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Bosmeri Cuisine Synergy: Swaps Bosmeri Cuisine's Jagga with Auri's and adds SunHelm's alcohol keyword. There's also a version for Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments users.


Y'ffre Shrine: Adds FrankFamily's Shrine of Y'ffre to Auri's house which bestows Wintersun's Blessing of Jephre, and replaces all instances of Jephre with Y'ffre (same as Wintersun Bosmeri Y'ffre). Also has versions for users of Legacy of the Dragonborn or Artifacts: The Breton Paladin that use the shrine assets included with either of those mods.