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Some people have reported that Auri will not dismount off Thistlefoot reliably. This script replacer aims to address that by waiting a bit longer to see if the player is dismount before evaluating her AI package. This probably also fixes some of the CTD that is associated with Thistlefoot being ridden into places that can't have mounts.

Permissions and credits
Auri is a custom follower created by Waribiki. She has a custom mount who is a deer named Thistlefoot. She will reliably mount Thistlefoot when the player mounts a horse, but some people have reported that she does not reliably dismount. The original scripts registers for an animation event at the beginning of the player dismount. This script registers for the end of the dismount and also adds a few second delay to ensure that the condition check that the player is dismounted is valid before updating her AI.

Install using a mod manager and load this file after Auri

Compatible with anything that does not change this file, or potentially changes the dismount animation. Compatible with Auri v.1.4.

To Waribiki for creating Auri and for opening permissions for bug fixes and improvements of her files.
To DarkLadyLexy for her Discord, her guide and being all around cool.
To Lexy's Discord community for helping test this fix.

FAQ: Will this work on a game in progress?
Probably not unless you clean the existing script from your save.