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A Base Object Swapper mod that adds thirty four variant Witcher Missives Boards around Skyrim.

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Hi everyone!

I love the Missives - The Witcher Board HD (4K-2K-ENB Light) by Oaristys and thought it would be great to have different variant boards in each town around Skyrim. This mod adds new variants to Falkreath, Dawnstar, Morthal and Riften (with Solitude, Whiterun and Markarth coming soon). It also adds new variant notes to the boards which swap on save load, new details and additional localisation. Check out the gallery for some shots of the boards!

A huge thank you to Oaristys for permission to make this mod, and to stoverjm for the Open Books Library (used for the new notes). While jayserpa's Missives - Notes Retexture isn't a hard requirement for the mod, I very highly recommend installing it for the fantastic notes it provides. I've also used assets from Mathy79's awesome Mathy's Repository. If you use my mod, Diverse Foods, you'll be prompted to overwrite some textures when you install this mod. It's safe to do that as they're duplicates. The mod also uses assets by Wskeever from their Cathedral Snowberries - Inventory - Wreath - Hearthfires Planter mod. A big thank you to them for allowing their assets to be used in mods like this.

This mod wouldn't be possible without the magic that is Base Object Swapper by powerofthree. Please make sure you have the latest version installed, you've endorsed the mod, and you've given powerofthree some well deserved kudos.

Please be sure to give all the authors who've made their assets available to use some well deserved kudos. Without them, these kinds of mod would not be possible. Thank you!

If you like my work, please consider visiting my Ko-fi page

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