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Replaces the board model from IronDusk33's Missives with a new one converted from The Witcher with HD textures.

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Missives - The Witcher Board HD
(4K-2K-ENB Light)




I woke up one morning and realized the lovely notice board I converted a few years ago from The Witcher would be nice in Skyrim. So I assumed the crucial mission to make this tiny mod ^^

This mod replaces the board model from IronDusk33's Missives with a new one converted from The Witcher 2 (The Witcher 3 has quite the same).

• A beautiful model with HD candles (for vanilla candles, use version 1.0).
• 4K, 2K and 1K textures, recolored & reworked with new normal maps.
• 3 types (no candles, candles, candles with ENB Light).
• 2 choices for the notes: vanilla paper or JaySerpa's beautiful retextures (requires JaySerpa's textures - recommanded, they're great!).
• Support for AndrealphusVIII's Missives - Worldspace Additions meshes (Solstheim & Heartland).


• The textures are based on The Witcher 2 and there is intentionally no blue paint on top like in The Witcher 3.
• Maps, daggers, nails and paper (if you choose vanilla notes) use vanilla textures and will benefit from any retexture you may have installed.
• Solstheim board has a nordic dagger and Cyrodiil board has a steel dagger, to add some variety.
• I wanted to add snow/ash shaders in the CK when needed, but it seems you simply can't on container objects ><


Open the archive in your favorite mod manager and pick your options in the installer :)

Note : models for Solstheim and Cyrodiil are automatically installed with the option you choose; you can delete them after if you don't need them or just leave them there.


• This mod only replaces the board mesh and doesn't alter the boards placement. It has the same dimensions as the original one.
• Meshes for AndrealphusVIII's Worldspace Additions are provided for Solstheim & Cyrodiil (map and dagger are changed). Other worldspaces addons by AndrealphusVII are natively compatible (use of texture sets in the plugins to replace the map).


• Replaced the candles with HD ones by Rudy102 (two different).
• Added nails and arrow, because these notes had to be fixed somehow :)
• Added a curved iron dagger (CURVED. DAGGER.) instead of the vanilla one.
• Adjusted map and notes placement for a more natural feeling.
• New collision block, more accurate.

• First release.


CD Projekt for The Witcher.
The Witcher meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used with permission.
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

IronDusk33 - Missives
AndrealphusVIII - Missives - Worldspace Additions

• Rudy102 - Candles from Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins, with his gracious permission.
• Stroti & Tamira - Nail from Stroti's Craftsman Tools.
• EliteTJB98 - Iron dagger from Weapon Variants Modders Resource.

Main mods used in screenshots: PI-CHO ENB, Gamwich's RUSTIC MAPS, HQ Paper, COTN + JK + DoS.