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A mod that adds more variety to Skyrim's food using Base Object Swapper.

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Hi everyone!

This is a small mod I made in order to learn how to use Base Object Swapper by powerofthree. It adds more varieties of fruit, vegetables, and bread to Skyrim. Previously there were only two types of apple that you'd see throughout Skyrim: red or green. They were the same wherever you went. Same size, same colors. Using Base Object Swapper I've added three more types. You'll see them mixed among the other apples as you would if you went to a real market. There are now five different breads you might see when you go to an inn. There are more potatoes, tomatoes, pies, and carrots too. As time goes on, I plan to add more swaps to give even more variety to the foods you'll encounter. All added variations of foods that are found in the base game can be cooked in vanilla recipes. 

I've edited the size of the meshes of some items you'll find in the world. This means that some fruit and vegetable items are about 20 percent smaller than they are in vanilla Skyrim. This is because they're too big in the vanilla game. I know that there are mods that change the size of food items, particularly for VR where the size discrepancy is most glaring, and this mod will clash with those. When you install the mod, if you choose not to overwrite tomatoes, apples, or potatoes, you can keep those items to vanilla size. For a future update, I'll be adding more size swaps through the .ini files to give even more diversity.

I reworked the collision on some items, too, so the foods would sit closer together in trays and bowls. In vanilla, they really float away from one another.

This mod uses assets from Rudy HQ Miscellaneous SE. A huge thank you to rudy102 for allowing me to use his meshes and textures in the mod. Download Rudy's mod first (and endorse it) and then overwrite with this one.

The mod also uses assets from Mathy's Repository Modder's Resource. A big thank you to Mathy for making the resource available. If you're a modder, I highly recommend Mathy's models for use in your mods.

The mod also contains assets by Alexander Kamlowsky used under a CC Attribution license. Please see the credits section for more details. Thank you to Alexander for his excellent assets.

Update 1.4 contains assets originally created by Loïc Norgeot and used under a CC Attribution license: To use these models in Skyrim, I have converted them in Blender, done some UV work, decimated where required, and edited the textures in PS.  Many thanks to Loïc for making his excellent assets available.

This mod wouldn't be possible without BOS by powerofthree. Please be sure to install the latest version and its requirements and to endorse and give kudos to the authors who allowed their work to be used for this mod. 

A bit about how this all works...

Each time you enter a location, the swap.ini from this mod will roll the chance that you'll get food01, or food02, or food03, etc, with a certain percentage chance you'll encounter that swap. For some items, I've simply divided the number of types into 100 percent. So, for apples, there's a 20 percent chance of each type occurring. A bowl with 5 apples that would all have been the same in vanilla might include five different apples or a variety of the types on offer. Because this changes each time you load a cell, locations should feel more real as the food will be different each time. I think that makes the world feel more alive.

TL: DR. Foods are more diverse. Enjoy :)

Future plans:  More sizes of items, more meats, cheeses, pumpkins, candle decorations, tankards, ales, wines, the list goes on...

Thanks for checking out the mod!

Update 3rd July '24

megnoeu has made an Eating Animations and Sounds patch for Diverse Foods! I know a lot of you have asked for this and I'm stoked that megnoeu has made it. You can grab the patch here: Diverse Foods - EAS. Please be sure to endorse megnoeu's work and give them some kudos for their work! 

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