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Adds particle based ground fogs to Skyrim via the sky static system.

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Do you think newer weather mods like Cathedral Weathers are great, but leave the area close to the player where the low quality lods are visible without any fog to cover it up? Do you miss the good old ENB height fog for Oldrim? If so, this is just the mod for you! Cresty's Distant Mists adds custom placed, particle based fogs that are visible from a distance and increase visible depth throughout the worldspace.


Since this mod uses the sky static system, these mists will only be visible during select weathers (cloudy weathers to be particular). When a weather that doesn't include them starts, these mists will gradually fade out. These particles start to fade in at a distance of 8000 units, so you wont see them too close up, and they completely fade out at a distance of 65000 (by default, there's an infinite view distance version for crazy people as well).

These particles react to wind dynamically. If wind is blowing north, these particles will fly north. It's a subtle effect to be honest, Skyrim weathers and Cathedral Weathers in particular are quite conservative with the wind speed value.

Requirements/ compatibility

The assets for this mod were made for Skywind (release date TBA, feel free to apply if you have modding skills), which has weathers most similar to Cathedral Weathers (in my opinion, the most technically well made weather mod for Skyrim out right now) , but it does support a few other weather mods (patches required and included):

  • Vanilla
  • Cathedral Weathers
  • Obsidian Weathers
  • Dolomite Weathers
  • Aequinoctium
  • Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel
  • True Storms
  • Kyne's Weathers
  • Wonder (regular) Weathers

ENB wont break anything, however this mod will probably need a particle patch to play nice with ENB presets (Ill do that once I figure it out). 

Obsidian mountain fogs will not conflict with this mod in any way, however it might be overkill to have two extra fog mods in your game at once. Feel free to use only one or both.

This adds up to a few hundred particles to be rendered each scene. For a frame of reference, the limit for the amount of particles by default is 750 individual particles. For most people it wont cause much of a performance impact, but it very much is possible. 


You might see some flickering mists going in and out of view if they're occluded by other particles near the camera. This is not a bug with the mod, its a bug with the renderer (its a theoretical bug, however. I've not seen it in the Skyrim worldspace myself)

Like I mentioned before in the performance section, Skyrim has a 750 particle limit by default. I very much doubt you will hit this limit if you're only running this mod, but other mods might be adding particles of their own, therefore it might choke out the engine and you will see gaps in effects (stuff like torches not casting enough flames like usual). This is easily offset by increasing the maximum particle limit in your skyrimprefs.ini.

Is my recommended value. Don't worry about it too much, though, its unlikely you'll hit the usual 750 limit normally anyway.


  • Add mists to Solstheim
  • Add mists to the Soul Cairn
  • Add mists to BS: Bruma


Eloth from TESRenewal for his mist textures
Aerisarn for helping me get started with nifskope
Zilav for providing xEdit scripts needed for mods like this
Boethiah from the Cathedral Project discord for testing

Dedicated to Victoria