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Places random additional enemies in Skyrim forts.

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Are you tired of invading forts all by yourself or with a bunch of followers and easily conquering them even at level 1?

Well no more. This mod places additional enemies in Skyrim forts, making all forts enemy strongholds. 

The purpose of the mod is to add difficulty and balance the game for players who have more than one follower. It can be used along with the mods below to
increase the game difficulty:

Ultimate Boss Fight Mod
Follower Death and Injury Chance
Smart NPC Potions - Enemies Use Potions and Poisons
Hand Placed Enemies
High Level Enemies Redux
Enemy (R)evolution - Expanded

At the beginning of the game or when you first install the mod, a script is run to generate and place enemies. PapyrusUtil SE is required for the script to run.

It takes about a minute or two. When done, a notification will be displayed: "Dangerous Skyrim generating world... DONE." After that, the mod is basically done, no more scripts will run. The placed enemies will be there waiting for you if you go to their location.

The placed enemies are vanilla monsters and vampires, plus optional enemies from the MihailMods series that the script detects you have installed. I would recommend that you install all the monster mods, for the best experience. If you don't have any of the optional monster mods installed, then only vanilla enemies will be placed.

For now the enemies are placed in forts only. I might add more enemies to dungeons and other locations, in later releases.

MihailMods for monsters.