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This mod adds dialogue options in a simple and immersive way to improve various conversations in the vanilla game. The responses are all voiced by using the original voice files of the game. The new options are meant to feel like they should have been in the game all along.

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Version for Skyrim Special Edition here
Version for XBox (not by me) here

This mod adds dialogue options to various coversations that could use some improvements. These options are meant to feel as if they could have been in the game all along. The responses are all voiced and were made by editing the game's voice files. You can check this playlist for a showcase (two videos for now, I'll add more whenever I have time).
Here's a summary of the features, organized by points.

  • Revelers
Remember the Drinking Companions random encounter? Three cheerful Revelers who stop you to offer you a bottle of Honningbrew Mead? Well, there's a problem: you can only accept enthusiastically, offer them a bottle yourself or upset them by offering Black-Briar Mead instead. I see a lack of a middle ground. What if you simply don't like alcohol, but you still want to be somewhat polite? Or you just want to refuse and move on? To satisfy these roleplay needs, I added two options: you can respond "Fine..." and get a bottle (that you'll probably sell at the nearest inn), or you can refuse politely (they'll be a bit disappointed, but understanding).

  • Aela
When talking to Aela right after the Giant's attack at Pelagia Farm, you have no choice but to either insult her work or show interest in joining the Companions. This mod adds a new option to end the conversation with a more neutral line of dialogue, she'll answer politely without suggesting you to join.

  • Brunwulf
His first conversation with you seems slightly disappointing: he asks "You one of those "Skyrim for the Nords" types?" and the answers available don't offer you much of a choice, really. There is some variation if the player character is not a Nord, but it doesn't differ much, the dialogue options remain almost the same. That's why I added a new dialogue option for player characters that are not Nords: "Do I look like one?". He'll apologize and then continue with the vanilla conversation by stating his position on the matter.
To improve this conversation further, I invite you to use my other mod as well, Misc Dialogue Edits, that makes Brunwulf skip the questions altogether if the player character is a Dark Elf.

  • Maul
The first conversation with Maul always felt a bit strange to me: he starts by intimidating you to stay out of the Black-Briars' business, but then, without prompt, he changes the subject into asking for work. It's easy to assume that this was done to add an easy way for the player to know that the Thieves Guild exists in Riften. The core of the problem is his response to your question, "Who are the Black-Briars?": he answers, but then he seems to suddenly answer another question, that you didn't ask, "Who are you?". To fix this, I separated the two parts of his answer: now, after you ask about the Black-Briars, you have two options: the first one asks who he is and shows interest in his business, the second one agrees to stay out of the Black-Briars' business and ends the conversation.

  • Thieves Guild
Tonilia  When first talking to Tonilia to receive your Thieves Guild armor, you get only one path in the conversation, which leads you to ask if she does anything for free. She's quite bothered by that question, obviously, being her the fence of the guild. So, I added a dialogue option to simply agree with her when she explains what she does, allowing you to skip that question and avoid behaving like a smirky bastard, if you want. Additionally, if you don't want to avoid that instead, you have one more dialogue option in that same conversation: a flirty one, at a point where if fits perfectly. I think you know where.
Taking Care of Business  What's the point of having dialogue options to try to convince someone, if you already know that you will certainly succeed or certainly fail because there's no persuasion or intimidation check? That's what I thought when talking to Bersi, Haelga or Keerava during that quest. So I turned those options into real checks: now you have a chance to convince them to give you the coins through dialogue, if you are skilled enough.
Brynjolf  The character at the core of the Thieves Guild questline, notoriously lacking in dialogue options. The real issue is that many of them are quite characterized (smirky comments, foolish questions, ... options that don't fit many kinds of player characters). That's why, after improving Maul and Tonilia, I decided to take a look at the rest of the questline and continue with Brynjolf, by adding more neutral responses and alternate paths to his conversations. The improvements only reach the end of the deadbeats quest ("Taking Care of Business") for now, but I intend to do more, eventually. As always, I aim to achieve the best result possible with the least changes, so I'll do my best to keep compatibility as high a priority as possible.

  • Viarmo
During the quest "Tending the Flames" for the Bards College you get to help fill in the gaps in Olaf's verse. Despite the amount of options during the process of actually writing the missing parts, there's a distinct lack thereof right before that moment: you have to be the one who suggests to make up the missing sections, no way around it. Well, until now: I added the option to have no idea how to proceed once you discover that parts of the verse are missing. If you choose that option, Viarmo will be the one to, reluctantly, suggest to do so.

  • Captain Wayfinder
Yes, Captain Wayfinder, the young captain of the Sea Squall, the ship docked in Dawnstar. He can give you the task to retrieve some Fine-Cut Void Salts that sailors lost in a cave. There's not much dialogue here, but what little is there I found a bit annoying: the option to accept his quest is "What happened to the salts?". It doesn't really sound like a yes, more like a way to have more details before deciding whether to take the job or not. So, I improved that conversation by moving the yes or no options after that question, so that you can safely ask and then decide.

  • Boethiah
Daedric quests are often quite fascinating and inspire modders to develop all sorts of ideas. When I talked to Boethiah's cultist with my benevolent but very curious warrior character, all I could think about was the lack of a "NOPE!" option, so that's what I added (well, not exactly: the actual dialogue is a bit more elaborate than that). Sure, you can use TAB to exit the conversation and the cultist will react in the same way, but a dialogue option seems more... natural. Plus, it doesn't really hurt: no worries regarding compatibility.

  • Maramal
Are your parents Nords? Have they narrated a thousand times the way they met and how they married? Have you ever wished to skip Maramal's explanation about marriage, then? Now when you talk to the priest after his scene at the Bee and Barb, you'll be able to tell him that you know how marriage works in Skyrim, to skip his explanation and reach the part about buying the amulet more quickly.

  • Delayed Burial
If you don't rush to get to Windhelm and meet Aventus Aretino, you have a high chance to first meet Cicero at Loreius Farm, northeast of Whiterun, alongside a cart with a broken wheel. He asks you to help him convince Loreius to fix it and you can use your Speech skill to do so. The problem is that the persuasion check with Loreius can't be failed. What's worse is that your argument is quite different from his perspective on the matter, so it really shouldn't be that easy to convince him that way. So, I made a few improvements: I changed the vanilla persuasion check so that it can be failed and it's difficult to succeed; added two more persuasion checks with different levels of difficulty and affinity with his view of the situation; added a dialogue option before the checks to provide a different way to approach him; and I added an option to refuse Cicero's request for help (no conflicts with The Choice Is Yours).

Compatibility and load order
Due to the addition of a new dialogue option with Aela right after the Giant's attack outside Whiterun, this mod conflicts with the full version of Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild: loading my mod after it will remove one (unvoiced) dialogue option added by that mod (technically two are removed, but the other option is very similar to the one in this mod, because it's voiced and they both lead to the same result by using slightly different dialogue lines). Choose load order between my mod and that one based on your preference, the last one loaded will be the one to show its dialogue options in the game.
Due to the changes to the business owners' dialogue during the quest "Taking Care of Business", this mod conflicts with others that make similar changes (not to the quest itself, only the dialogues), such as Thieves Guild Alternate Routes - Taking Care of Business Mod and Thieves Guild For Good Guys - Taking Care of Business Redux. A patch is available here (works for both, install only one of these two mods).
More patches are available in the optional files.

Here's a quick list of mods that would work particularly well alongside mine. I use (or used) all of them, loading them in this order, with this mod last:
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Guard Dialogue Overhaul
Thieves Guild Requirements
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
The Choice is Yours
Misc Dialogue Edits (my other dialogue mod; I am biased, of course, but, I have to say, it's quite cool)

This mod started as a BETA file in my other mod, Misc Dialogue Edits, so I'd like to thank very much those who used that file before it became this mod. Thank you for your support!
Credit and thanks to OregonPete for Cicera - Female Cicero Dialogue Edit and for providing some sound files for the female Cicero patch.