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This mod contributes to making conversations in Skyrim as plausible and immersive as possible, with a collection of subtle fixes and improvements that feel as if they had been part of the vanilla game all along.

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Version for Skyrim Special Edition here
Version for XBOX (not by me) here or here bundled with More Dialogue Options

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Misc Dialogue Edits is a collection of subtle fixes and improvements to Skyrim's dialogue, achieved with unobtrusive edits and meticulously spliced voice lines from the vanilla game:
  • improves many dialogues related to dragons by adding alternate lines with conditions, to simulate how knowledge about the existence of dragons and the Dragonborn would spread across Tamriel (e.g. no more treating dragons as rumor if one attacked the day before)
  • fixes the dialogue during the Companions' quest CR14, Dragon Seekers, so that Vilkas and Farkas no longer express uncertainty about the existence of dragons, because they have already faced one during an earlier quest
  • regulates annoying dialogue lines that vendors often say, so that they feel more appropriate (e.g. Arcadia is much less likely to say that "you look rather pale", if you aren't sick or a vampire)
  • fixes typos, punctuation and pronunciation of a plethora of dialogue lines that aren't covered by other mods
  • improves a handful of small but meaningful player dialogue options, to make them feel more reasonable in their context, or to open them to more character builds, without changing their meaning (e.g. player option: "Which of the Eight Divines do you serve?" -> "Which Divine do you serve?")
  • adds rules to improve the context of many conversations, to prevent them from happening in unfortunate or silly situations (e.g.: Romlyn won't try to sell you mead for cheap if Indaryn or Maven are right behind him)
  • fixes Traveling Merchant and Traveling Pilgrim from being considered disguised Dawnguard instead of disguised vampires, which was causing their Dawnguard quest related dialogue to remain unavailable
  • makes subtle adjustments to a few dialogue lines affected by less than ideal voice acting or by recording mistakes (e.g. Shadr no longer has a weird pause after he says "why" in "Why are you doing this to me?")
A few examples in this playlist (some videos may not be up to date).

Installation and compatibility
An installer is provided to automatically select the patches you need. Merge Plugins can be used to merge them.
This mod works well alongside USSEP, Relationship Dialogue Overhaul, Guard Dialogue Overhaul and alternate start mods, such as Skyrim Unbound Reborn (see Recommendations below for more). As a general rule, load this mod after other dialogue mods, but before quest mods. Any other kind of mod usually doesn't conflict, but, f you're unsure, looking for direct conflicts with xEdit should be enough to understand load order and compatibility with other mods: if a record directly conflicts with another mod's, only the mod that's loaded last will implement its changes to the game.

Here's a list of mods that I like to use alongside mine:
More Dialogue Options (my other dialogue mod)
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (changes from USLEEP forwarded, but no requirement)
Hunters Not Bandits
Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full
Charge Dialogue Fix
Guard Dialogue Overhaul (load before Misc Dialogue Edits)
Thieves Guild Requirements
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul (load before Misc Dialogue Edits)
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (load before Misc Dialogue Edits)
Realistic Conversations (I recommend the "longer pause between sentences" version)
Conditional Dog Barking (DAR)
Better College Application
Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild
Serana Dialogue Edit
The Choice is Yours
At Your Own Pace - LE
Skyrim Unbound Reborn

Credits and thanks
Credit and thanks to lilebonymace, author of Skyrim Unbound Reborn, for originally porting the mod to Special Edition and for helping with the development of this mod.