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What you answer when applying to the College of Winterhold now actually matters!

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  • Italian


It has always bugged me that, whatever you told Faralda when joining the College, she just tested you on a random school of magic. No more!

Your choice now actually matters! You'll now be tested by Faralda and receive the robes from Mirabelle from your school of preference!


NOTE: Now with a german translation by Ablaze666! Go thank him!

  • Download either the plugin or no-plugin version (Check sticky post).
  • Activate the plugin in your preferred mod management utility.
  • ???
  • Play!

Updating Procedures: Simply replace (do not confuse replace with overwrite: be sure to delete everything from the previous versions) with the newer version.


  • Save your game.
  • Deactivate the mod and delete all mod files.
  • Reload the save game and pray it isn't completely destroyed!


Should be compatible with everything as long as no changes are made to the initial dialogue of the quest "First Lessons".
Compatible with College of Winterhold Entry Requirements

If you find any incompatibilities please inform me so I can make a patch.

Mod Notes

New dialogue options added without silent lines. Now there is a dialogue line for each of the 5 schools of magic:

  • I want the physical realm to bend to my will. - Alteration
  • I want to create an army from my fallen foes. - Conjuration
  • I want to use the power of ice and fire to destroy any who oppose me. - Destruction
  • I desire to bend the will of those around me. - Illusion
  • I seek the knowledge to fend off the undead. - Restoration
  • I seek the knowledge of the Elder Scrolls. - Random School
  • I just wanted to see what it looks like inside. - Random School
  • I want to unravel the mysteries of Aetherius. - Random School

When you say one of these lines to Faralda she will test you (and sell you a spell for 30 coins) in that particular school! No more wanting to destroy everyone with fire to end up being tested on healing hands.

As of 1.1 your dialogue also affects the robes given to you by Mirabelle once inside the college.

This mod has been cleaned in TES5Edit and every record has been checked to prevent dirty edits.