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Exploring All mods Actor : like AddItemMenu for Actors(NPCs)

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Skyrim SE version published : AreYouThereSE

this plugin shows all Mods' Actor(NPC) list. you can select actor and command him/her
it's useful when you install a new follower mod
and NPC retexture mod

v1.4 : Faster Page Making - sync with SE version.
v1.0 : Faster Initializing - sync with SE version.
v 0.9 : Bug Fixed - NPC mod id fix
v 0.8.1 : for NPC retexture mod, show all NPC in '3-b NPC bases' tab, if you click NPC name then new clone will be created (same as 'placeatme' in console)
v 0.7 : Bug Fixed - about papyrus log
v 0.6 : Bug Fixed - Init Disabled matter when load after inited
v 0.5 : Bug Fixed - Mod Counter matter
v 0.4 : command added - toggle essential. in marker tab, display one of [dead][Invulnerable][essential][unique][protected][child]
v 0.3 : Bug Fixed - Marker page 2~4 malfunction problem
v 0.2 : Bug Fixed - all 0 and disabled problem
v 0.1 : first


How to use:
0. Install
1. In the Game, Open MCM Menu, Click "AreYouThere?"
2. Click "Init" and Wait MessageBox
3. in "2 Select Mod" Tab, Click Mod. - You Can click top right menubox to navigate pages
4. in "3 Actors" Tab, Click Actor. 
5. It will show the Command list. Do Command
6. if you click "Add Marker", automatically starts a new quest and target actor will have quest marker. and added to "Marker" tab

Total actor limit : 65536 (In My Case, total actor is 18239)
actor limit per mod : 11000 (skyrim.esm has 10504)
Marker Max : 64 (not tested exceed max)

Thanks to:
CS Tag and Track NPCs
Form Id Searcher and Autocompletion
Skaar's SKSE Wiki
schlangster's MCM API Reference

1. When calls npc, is it new one or existing one?
 : existing one
  - im using an actor-id in papyrus = RefID in usep wiki = using prid xxxx in console
2. Why has no search?
  -  It takes a few seconds to run the Init function, It looks like freezing when initializing (actually, it's not freezing)
  - while initializing, this plugin opens all mods and parses all files of them
  : Therefore, to reduce parsing time, Do not parse them too deeply.
  - With running deep-parsing, it will take more time (at least 2.5 times)
  : So Parsing function won't be added unless most users want