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This is an ENB preset for the version 0.314 or later of ENB Series for TES Skyrim.
Image Space Modifiers (Night Eye, fade-to-black effects etc) work and are adjustable in this preset.
For mod compatibility, it does not modify much of interior lighting.

Weather specific settings currently support the following plugins.

Aether Suite
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma
Beyond Reach
Climates of Tamriel
Enhanced Lights and FX
Natural Lighting and Atmospherics
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Vanilla Skyrim Lighting/Weather Replacer (Enhanced Lighting for ENB, Realistic Lighting Overhaul, Purity etc)
Vivid Weathers


ENB Series 0.314 or later
Skyrim ENB Helper


Use a mod manager to install the optional mesh. It fixes the glitchy looking moon in the Hircine quest.
Remove existing ENB settings files if necessary.
Copy the contents in the "Kwanon ENB (Version)" folder located in Data\ENB Presets to the Skyrim root directory where TESV.exe is located.

See also the official website or S.T.E.P. Wiki for detailed instructions.

Quick Instructions





The following are some of the adjustable settings in the ENB GUI which opens by pressing Shift and Enter keys.

Shader Parameters

  • Interior Color Correction
Interior: Brightness: Brightness of interior cells.
Interior: Gamma: Gamma Correction for interior cells.
Interior: Black Level: Contrast of shadows.
Interior: White Level: Contrast of highlights.

  • Exterior Color Correction
CC: Exterior Night Brightness Multiplier: Brightness of nighttime in exterior cells.

  • Image Space Modifiers
Image Space Modifiers: Enable/Disable: Toggles Image Space Modifiers on and off.
Image Space Modifiers: Strength:
Strength of Image Space Modifiers.

  • Cinematic Filters
Interior/Exterior: Cinematic Filter: Gives a darker, high-contrast look.
Interior/Exterior: Cinematic Contrast: Gives a brighter, clearer look.
< Cinematic Filter / Default / Cinematic Contrast >

Interior/Exterior: Color Temperature: Adjusts the warmth of the colors.
< Positive / Default / Negative >

  • SMAA Anti-Aliasing
To enable SMAA, open the effect.txt in the enbseries folder with a text editor and edit the following value to 1.
"#define SMAA 0" to "#define SMAA 1"

SMAA Quality can be changed by setting the following value.
"#define SMAA_PRESET 0--5"

  • Depth of Field
Display AF Cursor: Visualizes the focus point.
AF posX:
Moves the point horizontally.
AF posY: Moves the point vertically.
MF Mode: Enables static DoF instead of the autofocus.



ForceLoDBias: Enables texture quality adjustment below.
LoDBias: Distance based texture quality.

RemoveBlur: Removes the vanilla blur/DoF effects.



EnableDepthOfField: Enables blur and bokeh effects based on distance from a focal point.
This can also be turned on/off by using a hotkey, which can be assigned via KeyDepthOfField setting in the ENBSeries GUI [INPUT] section.

EnableSunGlare: Enables sun glare and lens flare effects.


- ENB Series -
by Boris Vorontsov

- Skyrim ENBHelper -
by Alexander Blade

- Dither Demo -
by kingeric1992

- Depth of Field -
by kingeric1992

based on GDC 2004 presentation: "Advanced Depth of Field" by Thorsten Scheuermann
with CoC calculate from lens model, adaptive quality, tilt shift, chromatic aberration(Trans & Axial),
auto dof, optical vignette, and CoC based film grain.
Alternate CoCtoAlpha by gp65cj04 (modified for compatibility)
Film Grain by Boris (modified for CoC info)
Gameplay Friendly Auto DoF by kingeric1992, inspired by Canon EOS Automatic depth of field "A-DEP"

- EnbSMAA.fx -
by kingeric1992

Copyright (C) 2011 Jorge Jimenez ([email protected])
Copyright (C) 2011 Jose I. Echevarria ([email protected])
Copyright (C) 2011 Belen Masia ([email protected])
Copyright (C) 2011 Fernando Navarro ([email protected])
Copyright (C) 2011 Diego Gutierrez ([email protected])
All rights reserved.

by Miratheus

Based on Post-Process Effects Addon for ENB by ZeroKing
Initial D-N-I separation code and GUI implementation by --JawZ--
Kinematic Filter code (formerly known as Old Black-White TV Filter) originally by Boris Vorontsov
Kinematic Filter code tweaked by Trillville, Midhras, Kyokushinoyama, Insomnia
LumaSharpen code by, ported from SweetFX by ZeroKing, tweaked by prod80
Blur, Sharpening, Color Shift, Vignette code by Boris Vorontsov
Contrast and Vibrance code by, ported from SweetFX by ZeroKing
Noise code by MTichenor/IndigoNeko
Dithering, Border, Splitscreen code by, ported from SweetFX by Marty McFly
Letterbox code by Matso
Combined, edited, tweaked and arranged by Miratheus

- Multipass Sharpening -
by prod80

- EnbBloom.fx for SKYRIM ENB -
by prod80

- EnbSunSprite.fx -
by kingeric1992

- Crazy Flare -
by kingeric1992

inspired by John Chapman, Pseudo Lens Flare
Boris Vorontsov, Original enblens.fx