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An ultra-lightweight mod that simply recolors and enhances vanilla lighting.

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This mod essentially recolors the vanilla lighting with an ELFX inspired palette while preserving the vanilla signposting (lighting strategy). It does not move or add new bulbs, so you do not have to worry about flickering discos and scripts to alleviate the problem. Luminosity is meant for gameplay and immersion. Light bounces off the environment to fill space, so don't expect pitch black dungeons. This mod preserves the vanilla light sign posting which is meant to help guide you through interiors. Furthermore, it is all built on a single set of imagespace settings (ie contrast, brightness, saturation), making it an ideal interior lighting mod for ENB creation as it offers phenomenal consistency. In the version within Cathedral Project, there is also a power to adjust interior brightness to your liking. 
I've included three versions, with different brightnesses. Currently, 1.15 is recommended, but I can't test it myself since I don't own Oldrim.


This mod solely overwrites vanilla records; Cell, Light, Lighting Template, (Interior) Weather. For this reason, it's technically compatible with any mod that is compatible with Skyrim. However, in order for you to appreciate the changes that this mod makes, it should be loaded after all other mods, unless the mod in question specifically says to load after lighting mods. For example, mods that modify specific lighting, such as torch, magelight, or spell illumination should be loaded after. 

Sample Load Order:
-Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
-Other Mods
-Luminosity - Lightweight Lighting.esp

The mod is intended to be used alongside Obsidian Weathers and Seasons. In the screenshots, the dungeons use T4's Underground Textures. Results will obviously be varied with ENB or other weather mods. 
Since Obsidian is unavailable for Oldrim, use your favourite weather mod.
See the modpicker page for more details on Luminosity's compatibility with other lighting mods. 

Mator: For zedit and his help with automation

Zilav: For xedit and his help with hue/saturation/luminosity adjustments

AshenCold and CFS111: For their help with automation

JawZ and Anamorfus: For their works which inspired me

Dr. Megaloblast and Arindel: For Obsidian Weathers, of which Luminosity's image spaces are based

Zilav: For xedit and his help with hue/saturation/luminosity adjustments

JonnyWang : For his mod


You are free to use the assets of this mod so long as you provide your mod with the same permissions. 

Skyrim Pro Tip
If ever too dark, give your follower a torch. They will equip it indoors, facilitating team play between the two of you.