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Lord of the Rings Mod 1.0 by Maldaran. This Mod contains few new areas: Mines of Moria, Lothlorien, Mirkwoood, Rohan. Language: English

Permissions and credits
[size=36]The Elder Scrolls V: Middle-Earth[/size]

This mod adds a few new regions of JRR Tolkien's Middle-earth to the game. So far there is Moria, Mirkwood, Lothlorien and Rohan.
Latest version of Skyrim
Dragonborn DLC!!!

Once the mod is installed correctly, you can travel to the west of Skyrim to a new location: The Lord of the Rings world choice
Use the doors you can directly enter the individual worlds. Of course, neighboring areas are also interconnected.

Discover the great Dwarven Mines and follow the tracks of the fellowship! Forge your own mithril and fight the horror in Khazad Dum.

Lothlorien, the golden forest and home of Galadriel, the Lady of Light. Bravely the Elves defend long ago from their home Caras Galadhon the borders of the forest against the evil from the mountains.


The Dark Forest is home to many dangerous creatures. The elves besiege here Sauron's old fortress Dol Guldur, in which again a warlock attack rises for Middle-earth.

[size=28]Rohan - Eastemnet[/size]
Rohan is the land of the Horse-lords. Saruman's Uruk Hai roam the country in search of the fellowship. Support the Rohirrim in their defense or keep track of the fellowship at the Argonath and the Amon Hen.

[size=28]Rohan - Westemnet[/size]
Hordes of Uruk Hai invade the country. At the same time Saruman's influence spreads in Edoras. Discover many famous places such as the edge of Fangorn, where Éomer helped Merry and Pippin to escape, or Edoras, capital of Rohan. Defend the Fords of Isen against the wild Dunlendings and fight side by side with the people of Rohan!

[size=28]Rohan - Helm´s Deep[/size]
The ford has fallen, Theodred son of the king is dead and Saruman's army marches to Helm´s Deep. Prepare for battle and defended in three major battles the wall, the valley and the Hornburg before the crack of dawn.

Visit Elronds Council and meet the fellowship while you rest in Rivendell. Explore the new dungeons and find intresting places of the movie.

-Mithrilarmor (under your normal armor)
-New followers
-New Playerhome (the Key can be found in Meduseld)
-Elvish Trainers
-3 separate major Battles in Helms Deep
-a companion-friendly map* (complete Navmesh)
-Treasure Hunt: Master of Riddles
-many new items & recipes

With Update 2:01 Many new items from Middle-earth appear. Most can be crafted easily. In Elrond's Library you will find the study table:
Here you can write all the books that you need for the new recipes. For every book you need simple materials such as paper and ink, but also informative. These can be found either in the bookshelves of the library or at special locations, such as Balin's Tomb. So keep your eyes to the world of Middle-earth always open for special books.
When you have collected the information and have made the recipe ​​at the study table, can you produce the desired object (eg. Elvish weapons, dwarf armor, Gondorian generic armor .... etc.)
IMPORTANT !: As long as you have the recipe book in your inventory, you can craft the new object. If your list of recipes at the Forge is too long because of too many mods, you can place the recipe easily into your chest. All recipe books have a * as a tag, to make them easier to find. Good luck :)

[size=28]Master of Riddles[/size](Mini-Quest)
In Meduseld the first volume of Romur, the Master of Riddles is available. In the book there are 2 Riddles -
Only with the right solution you can find out where to find Romurs legendary treasures.

[size=36]New Updates:[/size]
Of course I'm working on it to my knowledge Creation Kit to expand. The next update will be the SHIRE !BUT! it because of the size of the mod & some bugs it will be released as a seperate mod.

[size=36]Thanks to:[/size]

GameFreak041 for the first Translation engl. Translation
Nikinooddles for Cloaks of Skyrim
mandarinn for the Uruk Hai Armor
enpremi for Galadhrim Armor
istoleyourface for Orcrist
protese for Hunter Archer Armor
Vicn for Balrog Modell
naru1305 for Herugrim
Quechus09 & Kernnunnos for Gandalfs Staff
Doc117 for Fellowship of the Ring
BGSMERP for Gondorian Armor
maty743 for Bosmer Armor Pack
jacknifelee for Velvet Robes
Tupii for Leather Backpack
newermind43 for Ent Modell

Tamb0 for the support with my LOD-Problems
Bethesda for the Creation Kit

Just unpack the .zip into your Skyrim/Data folder

[size=28]KNOWN PROBLEMS:[/size]

1: "cannot install by nmm its said arithmetic overflow "
-> try this:

2: "when i start my save-game the game crashes"
-> do you have the dragonborn DLC? You need it ;)

3: "There is no new location on the map"
-> check if you activated the mod in the list  /  try to update your skyrim to the latest version

4: "It comes up with the error "A problem occurred during install: Array dimensions exceeded supported range. The mod was not installed."
-> It seems like your NMM doesn´t installed it. A reason for it could be the size of the mod, try to install it manually.

-added FaceGenData for the NPCs
-Grimhall/Edoras: Maybe your followers won´t pass the Gate. I don´t know why but if you´ve got problems with that just look down to (*)
-The LOD in Eastemnet doesn´t work proberly, i know. This mistake can´t be fixed. In fact of that you will notice that Eastemnet is called "Ostemnet" Sorry for that ;)

*If your follower doesn´t follow you anymore:
1. open the console with "^"
2. click on your follower, or enter his/her ID: "prid XXXXXX"
3. Enter "moveto player" and your follower will appear next to you