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The trees of perks for all your throwing weapons, javelins, axes, knives and shurikens, compatible with many mods.

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Welcome to all,

After one month of development, I release the First versionof the tree of perks for the mods with Throwing weapons.
So don't be too afraid to use it, be a warrior like in the game.
I hope you will enjoy, Endorse and eventually Donate $ for support me.

First of all, this mod is fully compatible with any mods which add perks to Skyrim like Ordinator or Throwing weapons mods, so don't ask for it. ;)

Beware: A new patch have been released on this page, this patch will fix the deleting of all your perkpoints when you pass in legendary skill. I recommend you to use it if you want transform a skill to the legendary. It work for Legendary Skyrim and SSE. Thank you to his author rjberg for his work.

This mod offer a new skill named "Thrower" with his tree of perks which own the same name.
At the start of the mod in game, you will obtain a default level based on your race.
You can increased your level when you kill ennemies, touch them with throwing weapons or by training you on dummies.
When your skill leveling, your character will win level for his  skill, I've built a Xp system for win Level Up and perkpoint naturally in game.
The perkpoint can be spend for a perk on the tree, for that you need to build a campfire and use skill option.
Some leveled NPCs will own skill and perks with throwing weapons, too.

Books introduced new stories about warrior using javelin, you will win a perkpoint, a new skill and one Thrower Level when you read it.
I invite you take a look on the "Precision on the mechanic game" to the bottom page, for more information on perks.

Avoid this kind of situation with Thrower - Skill and Perks Tree, the only mod which help you to be skilled with throwing weapons.

Special Thanks
to Nemonaught for the writting of many story for the mod:
- Interview of a Witchhunter.

You need to install Campfire and Training Dummies and Target if you want be able to use this mod with full functionalities.
This mod requires my mod True Spear Combat to work, and offers options for some other mods that adds throwing weapons too.
You can use the installer for the NMM or the manual installation.
If you use the manual installation, you need to install the contains from the "0==Core==" plus one plugin.
You need to choice the plugin linked to the mod that you own, for example, if you use True Spear Combat and An other Throwing mods, you need to install the contain of "Plugin for Throwing mod" 

A new tree of perks are in project: a tree and skill for halberds.

Precision on the mechanic game:

THROWER Level in function of the Race
Nord = 10; Imperial = 5; Breton = 5; High Elf = 5; Wood Elf = 15; Dark Elf = 10; Orc = 5; Argonian = 15; Khajiit = 10; Redguard = 5

When you LevelUp due to your practice of the spear combat, your character win a level, a perkpoint and you can use the spell named
"LevelUp Management" for spend your 10 points for health, stamina or

Free perk win to the start.
Shield block with spear deflect arrows - You can deflect arrows with the spears from True Spear Combat (Test phase) evolve with your spear level.
Lvl 15 = 55 % of chance of deflect arrow, Lvl 30 = 65%, Lvl 50 = 75%,, Lvl 75 = 85%,Lvl 100 = 95%.

THROWER(Javelin Axe Knife Shuriken)

0 - Javelin Mastery (2)
–Throwing weapons deal 10/20% moredamage./, and critical strikes with javelins do 10% more critical damage. JAKS
10 - Monster Hunter (2)
–Throwingweapon deal 15/30% more damage for creatures. Launch a throwing weapon cost 20/40% less of Stamina. Move7,5/15% fasterandmore sneaky while having a throwing weapon equipped. JAKS
30 – Break the shield
– Whenjavelin touch an ennemy blocking the attack with a shield, the shield fall on the ground.JA
40 – Pierce Armor (2)
– Knivesand Stars deal 20/40% more damage.Attackswith Knives and Stars deal an additional 2/3 points of damage per second for 5/7 seconds to living targets. KS
60 – Shooting Star from Boethiah
– Discret attack with Knives andStars provoque the fury of the ennemy for 30 seconds. Normal attacks drain 25 points of magicka and 3 points of magicka for 15 seconds. KS
40 – Hardly impaled –Javelins slow a target within 7 meters by 50% for 60 seconds. JA
50 – Reaper's arrow (2)
– Javelins and Axes are so painfull that a circle of fear of 2 metersappear when one of them touch the ground, causing living targets to
flee during 3/5 seconds. Ennemies touched flee and bleed 1/2 points for 10 seconds. JA
70 - Beak and Talon 
– Javelins and Axes disarm targetswithin 7 meters, and reduce the damage that they done of 10 points for 30 seconds. JA
80 - Shocker
– Javelinsand Axes cut the breath of the target for 1 minute. The armor rating of the ennemy decrease of 50 points for 30 seconds. Increase the area of fear and effects of Reaper's Arrow by 2 if you own the two upgrade of Reaper's arrow. JA
80 – Nice Curve (3) –Throwing weapons deal up to40/60/80% more damage to targets beyond 10 meters. The damage bonus
increases as distance increases. JAKS
90 - SkyFall
– Dragonin fly touch by a javelin or a axe, will be forced to touch the ground. JA
95 – Lightning of Talos –The light of Talos illuminate yourway and your javelins transform your ennemies to lightning rods. Drain 100% of the target magicka for 15 seconds. J
Skill Bonus of the Book 
–10%damage in more for monster. Drain 100% magicka for 15 seconds. J

Credit to Nemonaught for the writting of many story for the mod:
- Interview with a Witchhunter,
     to Ronyri  & Einsobl for the script which inspire me for the Leveling Kill Experience Script.
     to Acone93's for the scrip which inspire me for the Deflect Arrows perks.

If you like mod which modify the equipment like the mine and offer multiple bonus, I recommend you to take a look on:
True Equipment Overhaul - Morrowind Oblivion D'n'D Inspired from DanielUA