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The trees of perks for all your spears, glaive, halberds and throwing mods.

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Welcome to all,

After two months of development, I release the Final version of the tree of perks for the mods with spears
I hope you will enjoy, Endorse and eventually Donate $ for support me.

First of all, this mod is fully compatible with any mods which add perks to Skyrim like Ordinator, so don't ask for it. ;)

This mod offer a new skill named "Halberdier" with his tree of perks which own the same name.
At the start of the mod in game, you will obtain a default level based on your race.
You can increased your level when you hit an enemy, kill an enemy or by training you on dummies.

When your skill levelling, your character will win level for his  skill, I've built a Xp system for win Level Up and perkpoint naturally in game.

The perkpoint can be spend for a perk on the tree, for that you need to build a campfire and use skill option.

The perks on the Halberdier are for different skills and perks of combat: Technical Combat for disarm weapon and shield, Force brute for knockdown your enemy and Defensive with damage to your ennemy at every attacks
So be careful in your choice, you need to select the perk which is associate to your style of fight because it will influence your experience in combat.
Books introduced new stories about warrior using halberd, you will win a perkpoint and one Halberdier Level when you read it.
I invite you take a look on the "Precision on the mechanic game" to the bottom page, for more information on perks.

---Special addon---
A pack offering in the update, this addon give Lancer (Spearman) and Halberdier skills and perks to NPCs, now you won't be the alone efficient with this weapons. To run this pack, you will need of "True Spear Combat" (or True Spear Combat - DAR), "Spears - Skill and Perks Tree" and "Halberds - Skill and Perks Tree" mods.

Special Thanks
to Nemonaught for the writing of many story for the mod:
- Nimrock the Unlucky, foundable in the four strongholds owned by orcs.

You need to install Campfire if you want be able to use this mod.
You need to use my mod associate optionally to one of this mod : True Spear Combat, Animated Armoury or Skyrim Spear Mechanic.
You can use the installer for the NMM or the manual installation.
If you use the manual installation, you need to install the contains from the "0==Core==" plus one plugin.
You need to choice the plugin linked to the mod that you own, for example if you use True Spear Combat and Animated Armoury, you need to install the contain of "05- Plugin for NAR & TSC" 

Precision on the mechanic game:

Spearman Level in function of the Race
Nord = 15;Imperial = 5; Breton = 10; High Elf = 10; Wood Elf = 5; Dark Elf = 5 Orc = 15; Argonian = 5; Khajiit = 5; Redguard = 5

When you LevelUp due to your practice of the spear combat, your character win a level, a perkpoint and you can use the spell named
"LevelUp Management" for spend your 10 points for health, stamina or magicka.

Halberd advantage - 25% of resistance at less for armor, power attack consume 30% less of
stamina that a sword, 25% of damage in plus when you use your spear with
two hands.


0 - Polearm Mastery (2)- Spears do 25/50% more damage./, and critical strikes do 2% more criticaldamage per level.
20 - Trained Halberdier - Reduces the Stamina cost of power attacks with halberds by 15 points.
30 – Transmit Haemophilia (3) - Attacks with halberds deal an additional 1/2/3 points of damage per second for 3/4/5 seconds to living targets, if enemies don't worn a full armor.
35 – Badsmith (3) - Sidewayspower attacks with halberds reduce the armor rating of armored enemies by 30/60/120 points for 15 seconds.
40 – Knock Knock, It's the Defense(2) - Blocking an attack is 10/20 percent more efficient and give3/5 point of damage to the attacker.
50 – Take this (2) - After a power attack, enemy do25/50 point less of damage for 10s and have10/20% of chance to flee for 5/10s.
70– From above - Standing powerattacks with an halberd, dealing 50% bonus damage and a critical strike for 250% bonus critical damage for each instance
consumed,10% of chance to paralyse the enemy for 15s or to flee for 15s.
50 - Crochet (2) - Attacks with an halberd have 3/6% of chance to disarm or disequipped the shield of your opponent.
60 – Head and foot - Sidewayspower attacks with an halberd hit all targets in front of you. When you hit a target twice within 10 seconds, the second hit knocks the target to the ground, dealing 50% more damage and a critical strike that does double critical damage
50 - Bull - Forwardspower attacks knockdown your enemy and do the double of damage.
80– Force of Despair - When you have half of life, you don't spend stamina during attack, Standing power attacks with an halberd fatigue a target, draining150 points of Magicka and Stamina and halting regeneration for 5 seconds.
100– The hand of Malacath -Fight like Malacath (without clothes) to prove your bravery and every enemies touched by forward power attacks will lost his set of armor. Every Daedra take are banished by Standingpower attacks. Reduces the Stamina cost of power attacks with halberds by 30 points.

Credit to Nemonaught for the writing of many story for the mod:
- Nimrock the Unlucky
     to Ronyri  & Einsobl for the script which inspire me for the Levelling Kill Experience Script.

If you like mod which modify the equipment like the mine and offer multiple bonus, I recommend you to take a look on:
True Equipment Overhaul SE - Morrowind Oblivion D'n'D Inspired from DanielUA

Bladed Weapons (old One-Handed skill)
Short Blades - use Dagger perks - daggers and short swords from mods
Curved Blades - use War Axe perks - katana, scimitar, all other curved swords
(This includes vanilla swords like Orcish and all sabers/cutlasses added by mods)
Straight Blades - use Sword perks - most of vanilla and modded swords
Two-handed Blades - use Mace perks - all two-handed swords.

Shafted Weapons (old Two-Handed skill)
Axes - use Battle Axe perks - all axes, but not halberds
Blunt weapons - use Warhammer perks - all maces and hammers
(This doesn't include quarterstaffs which are a type of polearm)
Polearms - use Greatsword perks - all spears, halberds, glaives and quarterstaffs