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Adds customizable skill level and Magicka requirements to join the College of Winterhold.

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I have made an updated version of this mod for SSE. I will not update this version of the mod.
SSE version

What this mod does

This mod adds requirements to joining the College of Winterhold. It is fully voiced because Bethesda planned to have requirements to join the College at one point and recorded lines for being rejected. Also, when Faralda tests your magical prowess, she will test you on your highest eligible skill instead of randomly selecting one of the schools of magic. You can still bypass the test by showing Faralda that you are Dragonborn during the main quest, or with persuasion, just like in vanilla.

Bethesda originally planned for joining the College to require an "Apprentice"-level magic perk. For the sake of customization and compatibility with mods that change the perks, there are no perk requirements. Instead, joining the College requires a skill level of 25 in any school of magic. This requirement can be customized using the MCM, and you may also set a Magicka requirement.

What this mod does not do

This mod does not change the spells used in the tests. If you are using Requiem, the Conjuration test is more difficult than the others because the rank of Conjure Flame Atronach is raised.
The rest of the quest after Faralda's test is unchanged. Mirabelle Ervine still only gives novice robes of destruction, and you are still required to cast Lesser Ward for Tolfdir.
It does not add requirements for proceeding in the questline or becoming Arch-Mage. Nor does it provide a way to enter the College grounds without joining the College.


Please report any problems you have with the latest version.
2.4 is 2.1 with a vanilla typo fixed to match USLEEP. There is now also an alternate version that is compatible with Khajiit Speak. Only use one of the two depending on whether you have the Khajiit Speak mod or not.
2.1 was a rewrite and technical streamlining of this mod. Because of mistakes in the upload it was reuploaded as 2.2 and again as 2.3. They are not available to download.

1.0 is the original version of the mod. It has proven reliable, so use it instead if the latest version doesn't work. There are some options that are exclusive to 1.0: a level requirement and a secondary skill requirement (minimum level for every other skill other than your highest one). They were left out of later versions because they only made the mod more of a pain to write. There's also no reason for the College to require you to be a magical polymath just to enter.

Thanks to TKHBMVP for the German translation.

Recommended mods

College Days - Winterhold: Makes progression in the College questline require you to hone your magic skills.
Better College Application: Makes it so that Faralda's test is determined by your answer when Faralda asks why you want to enter the College. The novice robes you receive from Mirabelle after joining will also be affected, unlike in vanilla, where she would always give novice robes of destruction. When using these mods together, be careful not to make Faralda give you a test that you won't be eligible for.
Not So Fast - Mage Guild: Adds a time delay to the beginning of the questline. I don't know if it's compatible with College Days.
Immersive College of Winterhold: An overhaul of the College grounds.
College of Winterhold - Solstheim Crafting Stations: Lets you install magical apparati from Solstheim in the Archmage's Quarters. Unfortunately, the last time I checked, there were clipping issues with Immersive College of Winterhold and if I had to pick one it would be ICoW.
The Choice is Yours - Fewer Forced Quests - Improved Dialogue Options: Makes it so hearing rumors about the College doesn't start quests to join it. Does the same thing for other rumor quests, and in general, gives you more choices in quests.
Cutting Room Floor: Restores content that was cut from the vanilla game during development. Includes a College Guard NPC, and five College of Winterhold quests, three of which are radiant.
Thieves Guild Requirements - No Auto Quest Start Brynjolf: Similar to this mod, but for the Thieves Guild.
Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild: An overhaul of the Companions questline which has similar features.

Not compatible

These mods are unfortunately incompatible because of how they modify the same steps of joining the College.

College Visitor Pass: Allows you to enter the College without officially joining it.
Skyrim Idle Dialogue Overhaul: Removes a lot of scenes in the game to make repeat playthroughs less repetitive. Part of this mod removes Faralda's test. Also opens up more sidequests right after joining, and allows you to trespass on the College grounds without joining.
Winterhold College Entry Revision: Standalone mod containing the parts of Skyrim Idle Dialogue Overhaul that affect the College.