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Added: 25/03/2014 - 09:13PM
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Last updated at 22:33, 14 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 21:13, 25 Mar 2014

This mod removes/rewrites the most repetitive dialogue and scenes in places that you often visit with each of your characters. These scenes where the actor NPCs are put "on hold" to wait for your arrival, as seen on most city entrances. This mod makes it slightly less tedious for new characters to enter Skyrim. If you're new to Skyrim then perhaps you want to experience the scenes as Bethesda has written them, but if you've already been around the major holds then this mod is for you.

Whiterun most likely has many easily recallable scenes.

No argue scene at the market between Olfdir, Idolaf and Fralia. You can have the quest Missing In Action from her.

Some Nazeem's snarky dialogue with Ysolda at the market is disabled.

Upper wind district is quiet more often, but Heimskr still makes occasional appearances.

Just outside Whiterun at Pelagia Farm, there is no more a giant fight to cue you into the Companions questline.

Riften also will be more straightforward to enter from all gates.

Why could not you enter Riften from the south or the west gate until going through the introductions at the north gate? Riften is now free to first enter from all gates.

Brynjolf works as a part-time street vendor, and he may suggest you something when you do business with him. Maul will not approach you at the north gate.

Mjoll and Aerin, Sapphire and Shadr, including Maramal are relieved from their scenes and walk around Riften.

You can also more easily access The College of Winterhold and start your apprenticeship there.

Starting from approaching the gate stone, up to the beginning of the Saarthal expedition, your entry to the Mages Guild is much quicker. You will get a functional college before continuing to Under Saarthal.

When you approach the gate stone, step on the sigil stone (the gate stone Faralda used to ask you to cast a spell on) and wait for College Familiar to spawn. It will travel to the College fountain and will open the gate on its way. You better follow it.

Look for Mirabelle (who will have an option to bypass the tour) or go directly to Tolfdir. Many college members have new daily routines. Tolfdir offers you an options to go explore Under Saarthal, and you may postpone it for later. Go ahead and start some other radiant quest from someone in the College.

The execution scene in Solitude will be over when you arrive to the city.

Viarmo at the Bards college will be moving more freely, and the radiant side quests from other members of the college are unlocked right at the start.

You will also find Dervenin to walk the town more freely.

In Markarth you will not be witnessing this gory scene.

To advance the Forsworn questline, look for Eltrys. In the morning you can find him inside the city, then he most of his aftenoon at the stables, and can sometimes be found on the road just outside Salvius farm.

Tyranus is waiting by the door to lead you to House of Horrors.

The bully scene at Windhelm gate and the cue into exploring Avetus Aretino's house are removed.

Argument scenes in Morthal and Dawnstar are removed.

Karthwasten scene is over and Klimmek in Ivarstead is not waiting for you. You can still take the package up the stairs for him.

This mod does not change Civil War quests. Generals and jarls still have their scenes.
The scope of this mod is to remove the scenes, quest intros and lines of idle dialogue that you are very likely to see on every one of your characters, that you get very familiar with and perhaps a bit annoyed by after walking into them a number of times.

Many vendors have become aware that their aggressive marketing strategy drives potential clients away. Some of them still remain a bit vocal, and you hopefully will hear less about their goods when you're crafting something nearby a vendor.
Now you can craft your potions at Arcadia's Cauldron without her constantly repeating about remedies for ailments both common and rare. Much idle chatter has been reduced from vendors and townsfolk so that repeating dialogue in public places occurs less often and some particular lines are said only once.

Vanilla Skyrim limits your option to give charity to twice in an in-game hour. You can donate now without this restriction.

Compatibility & Requirements

SIDO requires Skyrim 1.9.32 and latest Unofficial Skyrim Patch v2.0.

There are two mods that adjust game settings, No NPC Greetings alters the distance from which NPCs will greet you. SIDO has "slightly reduced distance". Multiple Floors Sandboxing will allow NPCs to travel up and down the stairs, and SIDO uses even a higher value than MFS. If you already had these two in your load order you can save up two plugin slots from here on. All credit to original authors for figuring out what those game settings do.

If in doubt, place this mod at the bottom of your load order.

Compatible mods
* Less Talkative NPCs
* Guard Dialogue Overhaul
* Follower Commentary Overhaul
* Choice Is Yours
* Immersive College of Winterhold
* TEG Wizards of Winterhold
* Requiem (installer provides patch)
* PerMa
* SkyRe
* Cutting Room Floor

Uninstalling SIDO should not leave any "loose" running scripts but as with any Skyrim mod, uninstall mid-game is unsupported.


Version 3.9: Adjusted Riften and Markarth scenes, enabled House of Horrors. Opened Riften west and south gates. Released Maramel from Bee and Barb, Fralia has new line to start her quest and Adrian Gane will start his quests right after First Lessons.

Better mod compatibility with less NPC conflicts. Hearthfires patch included in the installer.

Version 3.8: Bug fixing.

Version 3.7: TG00 can be started from dialogue with Brynjolf (20% chance of dialogue to occur). Viarmo has more relaxed sandboxing.

Version 3.6: Winterhold First Lessons improvements, Tolfdir has much better dialogue, J'zargo and Brelyna are sandboxing.

Version 3.5: Winterhold First Lessons overhaul, Brynjolf as merchant, many additional scenes.

Version 3.0: Add two Companions scenes. Rename mod from "Immersive" to "Idle" as it seems to indicate the scope of the mod better.

Version 2.0: Add opening scenes from five cities.

Version 1.2: Idle dialogue from all major cities has been reduced. Mod was originally called "Arcadia Silencio" as her dialogue was the first to be reduced.