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There are numerous places in Skyrim with scenes that play each time a new character appears on the spot.

Have you found it less than encouraging how some NPCs have their lives put "on hold" until the player walks in?

Skyrim Idle Dialogue Overhaul changes existing dialogue so that new characters into Skyrim will encounter less repetitious scenes and dialogue. This mod is about those opening scenes of many towns and villages. Repetitive idle chatter, typical for marketplaces when the merchants are there, is also made less annoying by uplifting their reset timeout. Now you can craft potions (e.g.) at Arcadia's Cauldron without her constantly repeating about remedies for ailments both common and rare.

Latest version features College of Winterhold First Lessons overhaul.

Visiting the College of Winterhold is a renewed experience from entering the bridge to completing First Lessons.

When you approach the gate stone, a number of familiar spawns will hopefully lead you safely in through the main gate.

Talk with Tolfdir about Wards to complete First Lessons. You can approach him directly or go to Mirabelle, who will give you a quest pointer to find him. There is an option to bypass the tour. All college members remain in their daily routines. Tolfdir has a new weekly routine, so where you will find him depends on the day of the week and time of the day.

If you are updating from on an older version of SIDO and Tolfdir doesn't have the dialogue to finish First Lessons, run this in the console: setstage MG01 50

You are not being pushed to Under Saarthal. To continue the Winterhold College questline, run in console: setstage MG02 0

Riften also will be more straightforward to enter.

Maul will not bother with you on your first enter. Sapphire and Shadr can continue with their lives. Brynjolf is a street vendor by day. If you find to have common interests with Maul in Riften, you may find him at the docks, instead of standing around near the north town gate waiting to forcegreet you.

Opening intro scenes of Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Riften, Windhelm, Dawnstar, Falkreath and Morthal are disabled. Giant fight at Pelagia Farm, and almost all user suggested scenes - and more - have been disabled. Not yet included: General Tullius, Jarl Ulfric.

Thieves' Guild and Mages' Guild questlines do not trigger automatically.

Currently First Lessons (MG01) is finished with a dialogue, but there is no active lead into Under Saarthal (MG02).

Automatically starting quests and scenes will be the next main feature in the next 4.x version. To continue with the questlines with version 3.5 you need to use the console.

To continue to Under Saarthal: setstage MG02 0

To start with Thieves' Guild: setstage TG00 8

To advance the Forsworn questline in Markarth, look for Eltrys near the blacksmith or find him sandboxing around town. He will have a dialogue option to further the investigations.

Less idle marketplace dialogue

Many vendors have become aware that their aggressive marketing strategy drives potential clients away. Much idle chatter has been reduced from vendors and townsfolk so that repeating dialogue in public places occurs less often and some particular lines are said only once. Beggars will still approach you from time to time as that is what they do and you should take the opportunity to give them a coin.


SIDO requires Unofficial Skyrim Patch v2.0. SIDO alters a number of quests, actors, AI packages, dialogue, scripts, etc - which conflict with USKP. Since having USKP is most recommended, it is an esp master requirement on top of latest Skyrim 1.9.32.

SIDO is well compatible with Live Another Life . Cutting Room Floor gives a Rogue Wizard quest dialog to Tolfdir. Instead of Saarthal, try that for your next character. Immersive College of Winterhold is compatible and also highly recommended.

Upcoming: starting scenes

Unlocking the scenes to idle was a first priority for the current release. Please wait for version branch 4 later this year for automated starting of scenes. Meanwhile, go see Tolfdir, visit Riften, share your experiences on the bulletin and endorse. :^)


Version 3.5.2: More adjusting to Falkreath and Whiterun NPC "hellos", especially Solaf and Heimskr.

Version 3.5: Winterhold First Lessons overhaul, Brynjolf as merchant, many additional scenes.

Version 3.0: Add two Companions scenes. Rename mod from "Immersive" to "Idle" as it seems to indicate the scope of the mod better.

Version 2.0: Add opening scenes from five cities.

Version 1.2: Idle dialogue from all major cities has been reduced. Mod was originally called "Arcadia Silencio" as her dialogue was the first to be reduced.