Thieves Guild Requirements - No Auto Quest Start Brynjolf by kryptopyr
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The Thieves Guild is now for thieves only. You will no longer be approached by Brynjolf immediately upon entering Riften. Brynjolf is now a much better judge of character. He won't consider you a potential recruit for the Guild until you actually do a bit of dirty work. If the player has never stolen anything, the Thieves Guild questline will never be activated.

You can also choose to set additional requirements that must be met before you can progress the Thieves Guild quest line.
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  • Brynjolf will no longer approach you if you are not a thief, and the Thieves Guild questline will not be activated until the player meets the necessary requirements (stolen items, picked pockets, and sneak skill). These requirements are completely customizable using the MCM options.
  • You may choose to buy Falmerblood Elixir from Brynjolf before the Thieves Guild quests have begun.
  • Additional requirements can be set that will delay the quests Dampened Spirits and Scoundrel's Folly. You can choose to set any combination of sneak, pickpocket, or lockpicking skill level requirements or simply set a certain number of radiant quests that must be completed.
  • Customize how many radiant quests are required in each city before you receive the special assignment for that city.
  • Change the amount of gold required to complete the bedlam job.
  • There is also now a penalty for "failing" quests.
  • All dialogue and responses are fully voiced.


DURING THE MAIN QUEST: There is a point in the main quest where you go to Riften & talk to Brynjolf. However, with this mod, the main quest dialogue options with Brynjolf won't be activated unless you meet the thief requirements. There is another route to completing this quest, though...ask around Riften; there is someone else who has information for you. (If you need a more direct answer, see the bottom of the Readme). This is actually an alternate option available in the vanilla game, I've not changed it.

QUEST REQUIREMENTS: In order to trigger the beginning of the Thieves Guild quest, the player must have stolen items, picked pockets, and have some skill in sneak. If not, then Brynjolf will not approach you and the dialogue options to begin the quest will not appear. All three requirements must be met; however, you can completely customize these requirements using the MCM options. The number of items stolen & pockets picked can be checked under "Crime Stats."

FAILURE PENALTIES: If you fail either TG02 or TG03, then the number of radiant quests that you need to complete prior to receiving the next quest will be doubled. Basically, if you mess up, it's going to take you that much longer to prove yourself worthy of greater responsibilities. This can always be adjusted in the MCM menu, though. In fact, any adjustment of these values using the MCM menu after the quest has completed will override the failure penalty.

Thank you to greentea101 for the wonderful job he did editing the voice files for this mod. This mod has fully voiced dialogue using the NPCs' original voices. This was possible because of greentea.