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syclonix - patch by jeclxohko

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About this mod

This mod adds patches for syclonix\'s \"Random Alternate Start\" mod to integrate other items from mods to the starting kits.

Permissions and credits

This patches syclonix's "Random Alternate Start" mod which edits the starting kits
of RAS to give the player fuller specialized starting equipment..

What the patch does:
Starting equipments added from this patch comes from "Immersive Armors", "Immersive Weapons", and the "Apocalypse Spell Package" all these files and the original "Random Alternate Start" mod are required for this patch/add-on to work.

Regarding gameplay:
Since the equipment each kit gives you may empower your character, this is best played with a higher difficulty early on.
To balance gameplay find other mods that overhaul the game's mechanics to balance gameplay. I kept the max weight of all the equipment kits below 150. Please also try and use objective reasoning when you are going to give feedback/suggestions as there is no such thing as a mod bringing "balance" to your game, there is just customization the balance part is subjective & is up to the user of this mod on how he/she will use it objectively with other mods.

Why did I make this patch/add-on:?
Well since I got permission from syclonix to share this personal patch I made. Also I wanted to do a new playthrough but didn't want to go through flat and broad vanilla character development and found a little extra equipment goes a long way using overhaul mods that bring a somewhat old-school hardcore gaming experience to Skyrim like SkyRe, Requiem, Skyrim Unleashed, etc..

New Starting Equipments:
View changelog for updates (Preview image below is somewhat obsolete):

^Forgive my error on "Apocalypse Spell Package" author is "EnaiSiaion", this was a typo on my part and I will fix as soon as I fix and re-upload the images.

Special Notes:
"When a wise man points at the moon only a fool examines the finger." - Confucius

Copy the "Data" folder provided in the archive to your
Skyrim\Data directory.

Overwrite "Random Alternate Start.esp"

Delete the "_2sQUSTRandomAlternateStartSCR.pex" from the Data\Scripts folder.
Revert/reinstall back the original Random Alternate Start Mod by syclonix