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Be Different. Become the Archmage through the power of scrolls and with the help of the Atronach Forge.

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WAIT, READ ME FIRST: This mod relies on leveled lists, collecting or harvesting from the environment and some bit of luck. USLEEP, Miners and Farmer Sell Supplies and Better Harvesting for Wiseman Flora Fixes is a must. For faster book browsing, I recommend Faster Book Animations. Given the players may use the left hand for scrolls or spells or additional weapon, Dual Wield Parrying and Dual Wield Blocking Animations is highly recommended.

IMPORTANT, the Sigil Stone is not required.
Now back to regular programming...

Ever tried to play like a milk-drinker, ahem, I mean a non-mage, no mage perks or tomes, but somehow rely on some form of magic every once in a while? Well, the answer is at the College of Winterhold hidden deep within the Midden.

This mod POWERS-UP vanilla scrolls and makes them readily accessible through the Midden's Atronach Forge. 

Scrolls, when used, do not increase skill points in the relevant skill tree except for Blizzard (see UESP) and therefore won't affect base level progress. This is important for players who want to stay at a low level and improve only a few perks important for their roleplay.

Some scrolls appear or will appear later in some merchants but only if the player progress or advances his/her skills and only in small amounts. The advantage of the Atronach Forge is that it ignores that part of the leveled lists. High level scrolls which are not available to novice mages are readily available provided the materials are collected and ready.

When using the Atronach Forge, always wait for the conjuration special effects to appear before turning the lever again. Instructions on the use of the Forge are written in the Atronach Forge Manual and the required materials for scrolls are listed as well.

Some scrolls are not available at the Atronach Forge as I felt that they are redundant and inferior while some shouldn't be included as I judged them to be exclusive and highly kept classified (such as thrall scrolls), though they're really not that special. 

Here are the List of Materials required by certain scrolls (Vanilla):

For Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim, some scrolls were omitted as I felt they are inferior or redundant. At this point, there's more than 145 entries in the forms for the recipe and result. The script is busy scanning all the listed forms. This results in some slow down (not fps but rather it takes some time) when conjuring the scrolls in the bottom of the list.

Here are the materials for Modded Scrolls (Apocalypse):

COMPATIBILITY: Not compatible with mods that edit two forms for the Atronach Forge: the Recipe and Result. They must be aligned perfectly. Advanced users may patch them.

FUTURE UPDATE: I'm planning on adding Apocalypse Scrolls in the future. Though the only real problem is my creativity as to what materials should be used for Apocalypse scrolls. Also considering scrolls that should be created with the Sigil Stone