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About this mod

A series of dungeons that will take you to face a legendary dragon, all of them converge in a small worldspace for you to explore.

Permissions and credits
The dragon cult  expanded into the velothi mountains during the Merethic era, two of his high priests have been erased from the Nordic memory. but now you can discover what happend and face what they left behind.

I was working in some dungeons that I wanted to share with the community, originally thought for Wyrmstooth but finally moved to Skyrim. The story isn't that lore friendly but won´t break your vanilla experience. If you consider what is known about Ahbiilok, this mod can easily explain why he has barely seen before. So, is on to you.

To start the adventure travel to Old dwemer pass, near Ruunvald Excavation.

What you expect?

  • 4 or 5 hours of play, depending on your level.
  • Battles with bosses that are not just sponges of damage.
  • Many secrets, (perhaps unnecessary) among which are new weapons, a new set of armor, illusory walls, and a practical spell.
  • Even two pets obtained in a unique way.

  • Use some mod to dodge, personally I have only tried tk dodge.
  • Play on legendary, for the sake of adventure.  
  • Don't use console commands on battles, you'll break some scripted events.

  • None I know, I have a fairly modded game.
  • If you find an error, please let me know.

Thanks to Ikari's Gaming Zone for making a brief review of Ahbiilok. 

Instructions to update version 1.6:

  • A new game is recommended when upgrading to the latest version, otherwise you will lose part of the content
  • If you want to continue your current game, exit the map added by this mod, make a new save in a interior cell. Next you need to use SaveTool and remove the forms and scripts added by Ahbiilok.esp.
  • Deactivate the mod, enter the game an wait at least 48 hours, then you can reactivate the mod.