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Adds a friendly corgi companion to join you on your adventures! Now for LE!

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  • Turkish
This is simply a port of the original SE mod, made with the permission of the author, TateTaylorUSA. Thanks to TateTaylorUSA for the original mod!
Screenshots are from the original mod page. If you like this mod, consider downloading and endorsing the original.

Original Mod Description:

 Also available on Xbox One

I love corgis, they're the best. I have wanted to make a little corgi follower for the longest time, but I have been held back by my lack of assets. However, Adventurer1111 has recently added a corgi to his mod Dovahkiin Dogs and he has been ever so nice to not only let me use his edited mesh, but to also buy me usage rights from the original authors!

So I present to you Gladys, a fierce working dog that will happily bite the heels of your enemies! Talk to the new merchant at the Solitude Docks to begin your adventures together!

  • A new adorable corgi follower named Gladys.
  • A unique model and armor set to make her stand out from the rest of Skyrim's dogs.
  • A looting system that will allow Gladys to retrieve useful items from the surrounding environment.
  • A home framework that will allow you to tell Gladys where to live when dismissed.
  • The ability to play fetch!
  • Fully re-voiced sound effects using audio from my own pet corgis!

Immersive Interactions is supported out-of-the-box without need of any patches or MCM configurations.

Gladys uses a custom follower framework and should NOT be imported into follower framework mods such as Amazing Follower Tweaks, Extensible Follower Framework, or Nether's Follower Framework.

A merchant ship is added to the Solitude docks in front of the East Empire Company Warehouse. This ship is only there before purchasing
Gladys from the merchant, afterward she will leave and take the ship with her. I carefully chose the location of this new ship to ensure that it wouldn't conflict with any of the popular Solitude mods. I have provided screenshots of the new ship alongside various other Solitude mods to display how it will look.


Enhanced Solitude Docks:

Great City of Solitude:

Harborside - Solitude Bridge Home:

RedBag's Solitude:

Save the Icerunner - Lights out Alternative Routes:

Solitude Docks:

Solitude Expansion:

Special Thanks

ElSopa for Gladys' beautiful armor.
VictorF for helping me through all the scripting nonsense I got myself into.
sheepswhirl for helping me implement George.
Catir for proofreading my dialogue and providing helpful feedback as always.
opusGlass for just being a generally helpful fellow.

Assets Used

Anna Vashchaeva for the raw corgi model.
Adventurer1111 for the converted corgi model taken from Dovahkiin Dogs.
sagittarius22 for the "fetch" scripts from Useful Dogs.
kelretu for the George doll taken from Additional Hearthfire Dolls.
ThatShipGuy for Carys' ship taken from Ships and Boats of Tamriel.
sforzinda for Carys' tunic taken from Fashions of the Fourth Era.

Voice Cast

Gladys and Merlin as Gladys.
CoraBoraBora as Carys Sundancer.

Pictured (left to right): Gladys the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Merlin the Cardigan Welsh Corgi