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My replacers for Serana, Valerica, and Harkon. You get to install who you want, and who you don't.

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I always used a replacer for Serana, and Valerica, but I didn't feel like they weren't quite what I wanted or liked. So I made my own.

If it isn't plainly obvious, this replaces Serana, Valerica, and Harkon's faces with creations of my own. It's fully modular, so you can install who you want. I hate when mods have a thousand esp's and I didn't want three esp's, so depending on your selection during installation you will get a different esp including whichever characters. If you want three esp's for some reason, I will explain how to do that down below. I tried to stay true to the original game, but adding my preferences in. I made sure Valerica and Harkon had wrinkles still, because they weren't twenty when they became vampires, they had a full grown daughter. They all have a scar, which is just what I like, I think it breaks up their faces, and makes them less "perfect." You can fill in the blanks as to how they got it, maybe they got it before they were vampires, maybe they got it from other vampires, I don't know. I might, MIGHT, make a version without the scars. Serana's eyes when she is cured have also been replaced, but I haven't tested if it works because I haven't even played the Dawnguard DLC on pc.

-Will conflict with any other replacers for the NPCs, but assuming mine is lower in the load order, it should be fine
-Built in compatibly with USLEEP

NMM, Vortex, MO2:
1. Download
2. Follow the FOMOD

1. Download and extract the mod
2. Copy/Move the files from 00Main for each NPC you want into your Data folder
3. Copy/Move one of the .esps from 01Options with the NPCs you want into your Data folder

If you would like to have individual .esps, simply extract the files from 00Main, and copy the individual .esps from 01Options into your Data folder.
Here I did it in MO2:

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