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Gets rid of blocky faces by replacing the head meshes with higher poly ones.
Must be used with latest RaceMenu.

Permissions and credits
This mod overhauls the head meshes and their respective morphs to allow higher poly heads.

These new High-Poly Heads will help when RM3 comes out with it's morph editor to allow you to further customize it while maintaining decent smoothing.
You can also make more various and extreme morphs for these heads using Mudbox or any 3d editor.

- Female Head and all associated morphs (ECE/Chargen/Nuska/etc...)
- Female Argonian Head and all associated morphs, along with new lizard style eye blink 'animation'
- Female Khajit Head and all associated morphs,Along with tweaked vertex Alpha blending
- Updated to contain RM Extra morphs and Expression morphs!
- Male Head and all associated morphs
- Male Argonian Heads and all associated morphs. alonog with new lizard style eye blink 'animation'
- Male Khajit Head and all associated morphs, Along with tweaked vertex Alpha blending
- Standalone version and Replacer version

Using MO:
  • Let MO manage your BSA files (Archive Tab, first checkbox)
  • Download EITHER the Replacer File OR the Standalone File
  • Install the file and activate in MO
  • Make sure CITRUS head is below RM on the left pane. (If using standalone, the ESP order shouldn't matter)
  • Switch to archive tab in MO, scroll down to CITRUS, and make sure the checkbox next to the BSA is ticked on.

Using NMM Or Manual:
I don't install mods though NMM or Manual anymore, so I cannot provide support for installing this way.
(Nor can I recommend installing this way)
Some tips though:
- Extract the BSA
- Test it's working in-game by using the console command 'twf'

Existing Saves (For Standlone Users):
If using the standalone version of this file, when you load an existing save the head will not automatically update.
You will need to manually update your head this way:
  • Load your existing save after installing standalone version
  • Load your preset
  • Find the "Face Part" slider and slide it to CitrusHead (Make sure there is no vanilla head sculpt data in your preset)

Using MO:
  • Untick the mod on the left pane.
  • If you ran CK's facegen for the replacer version, simply delete the facegen files in your overwrite folder.

  • Not compatible with EEO (Ethereal Elven Overhaul) - Read Notes
  • Not compatible with ECE (And I will not be adding support for it)
  • Standalone version is compatible with ECE made followers, Replacer version will make followers lose expressions and their faces cannot be rebuilt in the CK with new heads.
  • Not compatible with any race mods that add their own custom head morphs
  • Not compatible with any mods that affect the Head Morphs (AKA head .tri files)
  • Compatible with Familiar Faces and any other mods that work with RM.
  • Compatible with any Body mesh that follows Bethesda's Vanilla seam lines (Basically all of them).

Custom Races:

If the custom race does not have it's own unique head shape, and does not contain it's own set of unique morphs (head .tri files) then you can do the following:

Replacer - Should be automatically compatible, or if the race uses it's own custom paths for heads and their morphs simply copy, rename and paste the equivalent CITRUS files into the custom file path.

Standalone - Open up the replacements.ini file and add in the races custom FormID and set it equal to the equivalent citrus head part. (Examples contained within the file should be self-explanatory)

Compatibility for custom popular heads and their morphs such as Ethereal Elven Overhaul and RAN's Head Meshes, ECE morphs, CME morphs were long ago integrated into RaceMenu. Thus making the use of such mods themselves redundant. Or not directly compatible with how RM works.

This mod is based off of RM and it's vast amount of morphs, and as such had ALL of the facial morphs from RM converted to match the new high poly head.
This by extension means that this head mod already contains the morphs for ECE, RAN's, EEO and CME.

Bottom line is, if it's in RM, it's been fitted for the use of this head.

Textures - Because of the higher poly count on this head, you will see blocky textures more easily. It is recommended you get higher detail normals and diffuse maps to prevent this. (2k works fine for me)

Mudbox 2014
3dsMax 2014
Creation Kit
Sublime Text