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Hi-res makeup tints assigned to the warpaint section for Racemenu. Designed for simplicity and flexibility, intended to cover a wide variety of styles with a few good pieces. Warpaints were used to support layering.

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In its current state, this plugin offers 15 makeup textures assigned to the Warpaints section in Racemenu. This includes three eyeshadow variations, and several approaches to lipstick. Now also includes a highlight and a shading tint for contouring, and blush, yaaaaaaay blush.

I made these while working on some NPC overhauls for another project and being unsatisfied with most of the existing choices. After seeing some screenshots a friend all but begged me to release what I'd done so far, and I've already put them up on my tumblr, but I want the Nexus to have them as well. Hopefully they're useful.

AS OF VERSION 1.3, there are also 15 warpaints based on Dalish vallaslin for any dragon age fans out there - well okay, 15 textures, but they're really just different face combinations of the same two sets of dalish markings. Falon'din and Mythal.

There may be more 'warpaint' type additions in future if something occurs to me that I want to add, but I mostly rolled these in so that there'd be a content update and I could keep my own plugin count as low as possible, even if it changes the focus of the mod slightly. The main feature remains the makeup tints.

My plan moving forward is to avoid using warpaint or makeup mods created by others as much as possible (aside from any high-res default replacers for the vanilla paints) and create anything I want to use from scratch.


My skin and face textures of choice are Graphene Block 20 which can be found here and are pictured in all the screenshots below; the tints offered were made using this as a reference and I haven’t tested extensively with other skin texture packs, but it SHOULD work reasonably well with anything that has similar normal maps (yes, the NORMAL MAP is the important part here). Graphene was IIRC based on Fair Skin Complexion so you’ll likely have good results with it as well.The intent was to provide basic options that would work well together, while being layerable and allow for combinations that would could get more fanciful. 

Lipsticks have been carefully fitted based on the normal map to best match the perceived ‘edge’ of the lip:

This seems to be what separates my approach to this from a number of the others I’ve tried (and indeed my OWN previous efforts). It is possible to precisely match the shape of the diffuse texture, but if the tint doesn’t match the NORMALS, it will seem to physically be in the wrong place. My tints were constructed to match the normals. I can't guarantee they will work with every texture combination (there are too many) but I've experienced this precise misalignment problem with nearly every well known makeup kit on the Nexus no matter what skin textures I tried. SO. Hopefully this helps someone else the way it helped me.

There are a number of options for the lips, some pictured above: a fully opaque tint (I was hoping this would result in a more ‘matte’ effect, but it should offer something similar to Seductive Lips), a more detailed slightly lighter stain (which I’m currently using as a default lipstick replacer on my machine, because it’s the prettiest IMHO), one slightly deeper variation of the same stain, and a set of ‘stain/lip liner’ tints which will allow you to define the edge and center colors separately for maximum control (similar to Stoja's makeup kit, but based on my own custom lipstick config). And because they are part of the Warpaints section, you can layer them exactly as you wish. 

You’d be surprised how useful actual makeup tutorials are for this kind of thing. Great place to get ideas.

There is also a set of tints I made for the lip based on Queen Amidala’s makeup from The Phantom Menace, basically just because. Why not.

Similarly to the lip tints, the eyeshadow tints (dubbed ‘kaishadow’ by a friend and I am DEEPLY UPSET that I didn’t think of it first) have been constructed with three sizes; full, medium, and the smallest size which covers basically just the eyelids themselves. These can also be layered if desired, letting you create any effect from the simple and elegant (HOPEFULLY), to the ostentatious and glamorously theatrical. I came to this approach after looking at a number of eyeshadow tutorials and sample images, since it seemed a good approximation of how makeup is actually applied

Obviously the mod requires Racemenu, since it is a Racemenu plugin.


As far as I’m concerned, you can use these for whatever you like - followers, NPC overhauls, whatever, so long as you attribute credit to me and link back to where you got the file, IE this page.

You are also welcome to attempt improvements and build on these, provided that you do the same - credit me, and link here, and extend the same permissions forward. Do NOT just redistribute the files, please and thank you - link here instead.

Also nothing that goes behind a paywall, thank you kindly.