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Highly detailed replacements of all the existing eyes for all races, and options for dozens of new eyes for the races as well. Customize the installation to replace or add only exactly what you want. Comes with full Dawnguard support for its added races.

Permissions and credits

This is the mod for Classic Skyrim. Skyrim Special Edition users - click here

This is the original mod description written by missjennabee on her original page for the mod. Since that page was deleted, I've had to reupload it from scratch but managed to copy this info from the internet archive, along with a couple of pictures from the FOMOD. The rest I recreated. Images are open so please do submit your pictures of characters using this mod :)

The last version from missjennabee's original page was 1.4 . The 1.5 version uploaded here is identical except it has proper mipmaps, and I've cut the installer size down about half of what it was by rewriting the FOMOD.
1.5.1 version is just the last of the bug fixes. Details in the changelog tab

about mod

This mod is a complete overhaul of my previous mod with the same name. A full description seems a bit unnecessary, as what it is and what it does feels self explanatory. (Hint - It adds rocket launchers to Skyrim.)

All of these textures are based on actual eye micros (human eyes for humans [no kidding] and for elves, cats for khajiits, reptiles for argonians, and... it's actually a hybrid insect-octpus eye for the orcs - it sounds weirder than it looks lol, just don't think too hard on it.) ... to try and get more ... uhh ... realism? I then tried to make (and I use the word "make" to loosely describe my stumbling around in photoshop - GO ME!) the irises themselves in a variety of tones, some solids, some heterochromic, muted and bright, etc - you get the idea. Orcs and Khajiits have custom race specific pupils, AND! Argonians have three different race specific pupils.

Skyrim Bug Fixes:
#1: Fixed orc blind eye texture to direct to orc eye instead of wood elf;
#2: Fixed human green eyes to direct to proper textures (green and hazel previously both directed to green, so you never actually got to see the hazel);
#3: Fixed elf blind eyes to direct to elf blind texture vs. orc texture; and,
#4: Fixed vampire eyes to direct to correct races.

MOST of the the fixes are included in ALL mod versions, this means even if you're using the "human only" mod you still get fixes for orcs and elves, even if you aren't using the vampire add-on, you still get fixes for the vampire eyes, etc.

Download Options:
#1: Complete Set (For all races; Includes a full set of default replacers);
#2: Complete No Default (For all races; No default replacers);
#3: Complete Only Default (For all races; Minimal set with ONLY default replacers);
#4: Human Set (For humans only; Includes a full set of default replacers);
#5: Human No Default (For humans only; No default replacers); and,
#6: Human Only Default (For humans only; Minimal set with ONLY default replacers);

Also included: Optional vampire eyes add-on; werewolf eyes add-on; and, dawnguard add-on.
Vampire eyes will install unique textures for all available races (humans, argonians and khajiits.)

important info

We're now set up as a NMM installer which comes with all the options. This will also work with MO.

Should you want to manually install a read-me is included outlining what all these folders are for and where to put them.

Note from Nazenn: Please read this readme carefully as the FOMOD changes in 1.5 made manual installation a bit more complicated, same for Wrye Bash users. It is compatible with the BAIN installers, but does not have a wizard written for it for automated install.


This mod is compatible with... everything. You can use it alongside other stand-alone eye mods, or with other default replacer eye mods.

Note from Nazenn: This mod does edit the Head Part records for the eyes according to which esp you use, the No Replacers version doesn't edit vanilla ones, so if you are running it with other eye mods you may want to check that in xEdit (aka Tes5edit) but usually it's not an issue. If something does also edit one of these head parts and you are worried about conflicts, just load this mod early on your load order.

If you install the Serana blue eyes optional file, that is incompatible with other mods that edit Serana's appearance. I've written an in depth tutorial on how to assign NPCs any of the new eyes you can fix this conflict, using either xEdit or the Creation Kit, which you can find here: Giving NPCs New Eyes - Tutorial compatible with ANY mod

known bugs and issues

#1: Sometimes, and I'm not really sure WHY, the game has a hiccup reading the .bsa file when installed via NMM. Manually removing (drag to desktop) and then replacing (drag to folder) will correct the issue. MO does not have this bug.

#2: The "invisible" eye glitch (where the eye textures go a little wonky after exiting invisible or chameleon mode) is actually not a bi-product of this mod specifically. A fix is available here.

Also, courtesy of Monomadrox:
Use "player.addspell 000F71D1" first and then "player.removespell 000F71D1".
It fixed the draugr glowing eye effect on my character. Hope it helps.
permissions and credits

If you want to use any of the assets from this mod, go ahead, just shoot me a quick message first. I've never actually said no to anyone who has asked, I just appreciate the courtesy and like to know where the files are going. You may not upload these to any paid modding scheme. Also please dont just reupload the mod in its entirety.
This is in accordance with missjennabee's original permissions from her original page for this file.

Missjennabee for creating the original file. Since she has now left the community, she left all her files to me. She deleted her original page for this mod hence having to reupload from scratch. This is not the exact same version that was available last time it was public, I made an update to it that fixed a mipmap issue from 1.4 that Jenna never got around to uploading before leaving.

Extra stuff from Nazenn -

optional files

The main file included for download here is Jenna's original mod and design, its only been edited for bug fixes.
The files under the Optional Files header are additional options you can download that I've created as personal tweaks that I wanted to release, or that users have asked me to create for them to use as well (yes I take requests, just be polite about it).

Alternate Eyes - Lore Friendly Mer Defaults
This file adjusts the re-textures this mod does for the default eyes to match vanilla Skyrim more closely. Like many eye mods Jenna reassigned the eyes of the Dumner (Dark Elf), Bosmer (Wood Elf) and Altmer (High Elf) to have a lot more variety rather then sticking so closely to a single color scheme like in vanilla Skyrim.
This file takes high quality options from the additional presets that are normally only there for new eyes and gives them to the default eyes instead so that an eye that would normally be yellow in Skyrim is still yellow or close to, such as pale green or brown. Details on exactly what colors have been swapped to what can be found inside a readme in the download for people who want it.
Fully compatible with the main file, just install it over the top.

recommended mods

Unfortunately all of Jenna's amazing pictures were lost when the page was deleted. I've very quickly taken some pictures just as examples using my personal character creation set up (which I now see has some issues in it, great, gonna have to sort those out), so the mods I've used for those are listed below. I've done some personal edits to some of these mods to account for my old PC which didn't run things as well, and I haven't reinstalled them yet, so chances are they will look better on your rig. Also keep in mind how the eyes render strongly depends on what ENB you have as well.

- True Daughters of Skyrim by betterbecause
- SkySight Skins by fadingsignal
- FAR Forgotten Argonian Roots by redtox (DON'T install any files from the mod, they are broken)
- CoverKhajiits by mrLenski
- Body textures for CoverKhajiits by FallenAngle (seperate pages for male and female textures)
- PAINTERLY - High Res Vanilla Warpaints by gobbldygook
- Battle Hardened Warpaints by Dieheardt
- Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr. Dave (fully compatible, and recommended)
- Superior Lore Friendly Hair by skyrimguas (rough version uses in screenshots)
- Argonian Improvements Horns by nivea (slightly different tint then vanilla, but the detail is amazing)
- Unmasked Faces - no green tint by AltheaR (compatible with the above skin textures)
- Windsong Character Overhaul by WindsongHS (used his presets for the most part for the above images)
- Northborn Scars by Northborn
- Beards by Ithot

If you have any other problems and/or questions, come find me. I'm happy to help however I can.