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Are you a fan of dark souls?
Do you like to buff before your enemy to make you look cool?
Hating vanilla enchantment effect shaders always cover your fancy weapon 50%+ visibility after unsheathed?

Then fear not, this weapon buff mod is for you.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds weapon buff spell(Lesser Power) allow you to buff unenchanted melee weapon, can't buff on bow or crossbow.

For now release "Lightning Weapon" and "Blessed Weapon" buff.
Not release frost and fire weapon buff because those visual effects made by me is for straight sword only, other weapons type are not match.
I don't want people chose his weapon base on this.

Lightning weapon: Buff duration 60 seconds
                                Deal 30 shock damage
                                Decrease water creatures, dragon and argonian 33% shock resistance.
                                Dragon take 28 extra damage

Blessed weapon:   Buff duration 45 seconds
                                Deal 18 physical damage to any target.
                                Caster gradually restoring HP.
                                Burn undead for 40 damage.
                                ( patch for Skyrim Immersive Creatures) Give a debuff(10s) to skeleton when hit,if skeleton get killed with this debuff,It will turn to ash.

Use "AddItemMenu" to get the spell tome
Or use console "player.additem XX002718 1"  "player.additem XX010e09 1"  (XX must be replaced with the number of my mod has in your load order)

Required Dynamic Animation Replacer
Custom condition number is 1270, please check if you have other mod using the same number.

Required a ENB support paricles light effect

Remove my spell from your hotkey mod.
Delete my files in your mod manager.

Known issues
After buff a weapon and change to other unenchanted weapon.The buff will gone,but the buff visual effects and sound will stay.
This bug is left by bethesda,vanilla shout "Elemental fury" already has this bug.
The worst way solve this bug is buff your weapon again and sheathe it.
The best way solve/avoid this bug:
Set your next weapon to
enchanted weapon(Recommend staff, bow or crossbow,since you can't buff it),you will never meet this bug again.


Animation,script,buff visual effects and ESP edit work by myself
blessed weapon buff sound fx  record from dark souls 3
LIghtning weapon buff sound fx record from Code Vein and mix with skyrim shock fx sound.
Alternative sound fx record from youtube.

support me:

31/7/2020 - update "blessed weapon"
01/8/2020 - patch for Skyrim Immersive Creatures release

00:14 - 00:31 Buff animation and visual effect showcase
00:35 - 00:40 Can buff when dual wield
00:41 - 00:49 Buff enchantment effect
01:00 - 01:18 Can directly buff on 2 handed weapon, don't need colorful magic + CGO
01:20 - 01:32 can't buff on ranged weapon
01:34 - 01:47 Alternative sound fx