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Enables keybinding spells and casting them using your melee weapons instead of your hands, as well as attacking while jumping and sweeping attacks with one-handed weapons.

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Use keybindings to cast offensive spells with your weapon swings or defensive spells while blocking, basic usage examples:

  • Bind [1] to Fireball, hold down [1] to "charge" your fireball (time to charge based on spell cast time) once ready you will receive a visual and audio cue, then release the key and your character will swing their weapon and a ? fireball is cast.
  • Bind [2] to Healing, hold down [2] and your character blocks while the healing spell ✨ is channeled.
(How to do it❓ Please read ? 'How to use?' section at the bottom of this page.)

A lot of customization is offered such as:

  • Change charge behavior:
    • Time to charge based on spell cast time.
    • Time to charge based on magicka cost of the spell relative to your magicka pool.
    • Remove the need to charge entirely.
    • Based on cast time but allowing overcharge to a configurable amount.
    • Toggle: The spell is automatically cast every time you attack or block based on the hostility of the spell. Toggled on/off by using the keybind.
  • Change release behavior after charging a spell:
    • Manual, spell won't fire until you attack or block.
    • On key release, spell fires after you release the key.
    • Automatic, spell fires as soon as it's charged.
  • Charge and Release behavior can be configured individually for offensive and defensive spells, as well as the minimum and maximum amount of time to charge a spell. Additionally charge and release behavior can be defined specifically per keybind by using overrides.
  • Assign more than one spell to the same keybind to allow cycling through the list everytime the keybind is activated, you can not mix spells of different hostility in the same keybind.
  • Extend the duration of buff spells by casting it multiple times up to a configured maximum extended duration.
  • Enable Autonomous charging to charge a spell without having to hold down the keybind.
Recommended for use with melee weapons but also works for unarmed and bows.

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At it's core this mod enables you to bind spells to hotkeys and cast without having to equip spells manually, it's similar to other excellent hotkey mods like AH Hotkeys or Smart Cast but it is much more basic, if you're looking for a fully featured hotkey mod I recommend you check one of those out - however if you're looking for a more immersive way for your melee character to cast spells without having to equip them then this mod is for you! I've long been a faithful user of the previously mentioned mods but never really liked how spells just appear out of my characters forehead and I've also had issues with the balance of it all.

This is my first mod, I hope it works and I hope I didn't forget anything important. I'd love to hear what you think or if  you have any questions, just drop a comment and I'll do my best to answer. :)

Warrior Magic
aims to make casting with your hands full, more immersive and less overpowered, the way it goes about achieving this is by channeling your spell casts through your combat actions. You charge a spell by clicking/holding the hotkey you've assigned to it and once the spell is charged you can release it either through swinging your weapon or blocking, depending on the hostility of the spell that you've charged. By default you will have to hold the hotkey for a period of time based on how long it normally takes to cast the spell but this is customizable, you can change this to be instant if you so choose - additionally you can also choose to automatically do the combat action required to release the spell once it's charged.

This mod is meant to be used with melee weapons, one handed or two handed, as weapon swings and the ability to block is integral to the core functionality -  I've recently added support for bows and crossbows however I still recommend using this mod with melee weapons.

  • Charge spells by holding hotkeys. (You can customize the charge time to be instant, based on the spells cast time or based on the spell cost compared to your magicka pool)
  • Release spells by swinging your weapon or blocking. (You can choose to do this manually or once you release your hotkey or automatically as soon as the spell is charged)
  • Concentration spells are supported and never require charging, just hold down the assigned hotkey and look at it go!
  • Spell Cycle (you can bind multiple spells to the same key and cycle through them)
  • Extend spell duration by recasting it. (Each time you recast a defensive spell that is already active it will have it's duration refreshed and extended up to the maximum that you've defined, this feature can be disabled by setting the maximum to 0)
  • Dispel an active effect by holding a defined dispel key when using a hotkey spell.
  • Attacking while jumping.
    This is an experimental hack, it works but it's a little iffy as your attack animation is canceled once you land on the ground again so it works better for faster weapons since they have a better chance of getting their hitframe to fire.
  • Sweeping Attacks with 1H weapons. (Disabled in towns)
  • The way spells are charged and released can be configured individually for offensive and defensive spells, additionally overrides can also be defined per hotkey.


I've noticed that adding or removing spells and/or effects from the player character interrupts casting of concentration spells, some mods do this extensively, all the time - Warrior Magic will recast any interrupted concentration spells if it determines you still want to keep casting however there will be a noticeable interruption. I recommend getting rid of any mods that excessively add/remove spells and/or effects or reduce their interval if possible.

How to use?
First you need to bind a spell to your desired key, this can be done in two ways, through the (1) MCM or using the (2) "WMAG Bind Spell" power.

1. In the Warrior Magic MCM, navigate to the "Spells" page and under "Create a spell keybind" click on "Click to bind key", in the popup press the desired key on your keyboard.

    • A new hotkey will be created in the top of the "Spells" page and assigned the first unbound spell available to your character (typically Flames)
    • Click the spell and wait for the spell list to load, then proceed with selecting the spell you wish to cast.
    • Exit out of the MCM and hold the key you assigned, it should now charge and a sound prompt + visual effect on your character should indicate when it's fully charged. Now depending on how you've configured casting for this spell it will cast automatically, when you release the key or when you perform the required combat action.


2. Equip the "WMAG Bind Spell" power in your Magic menu, use the power and your Magic menu should open once again.

    • Equip the spell you wish to bind.
    • Click the key you wish to bind it to.
    • Your Magic menu should now close. Hold the key you assigned, it should now charge and a sound prompt + visual effect on your character should indicate when it's fully charged. Now depending on how you've configured casting for this spell it will cast automatically, when you release the key or when you perform the required combat action.

Recommended mods for the best experience
  • Badass Dual Wielding (if you're dual-wielding, so you can block!)
  • Better Jumping (allows double jump, is helpful for attacking while jumping with 2H and otherwise really great to have!)