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Dear Bethesda,

Your civil war sucks. Someone else fixed it for you.

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LE Backport made from HERE

Copied (and abbreviated) from the SE page:

Hello there children!

Here is the long awaited SSE release LE BACKPORT of Civil War Overhaul by Apollodown Schofida. The ‘Redux’ part pertains to the stuff I added which is currently amounts to a bunch of bug fixes and a few balancing changes to hopefully give you a smoother and more stable experience while you are
hacking your enemies to pieces in the name of the empire/sons of Skyrim.

This mod restores a cut dynamic civil war mechanic where holds must be taken by force (forts, minor and major capital sieges for all 9 holds) and the tide of the war can change given winning or losing a battle. It also adds a spies system to keep you on your toes when you think you’re safe in an allied hold, restores a cut general assassination quest, makes the battles themselves much more exciting and dynamic, adds a lightweight disguise system so you must look the part when entering enemy holds, and more!!