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Uses carefully spliced and re-purposed dialogue to allow the citizens of Morthal to interact with each another. Along with giving more immersive schedules to the inhabitants, it also expands the skills and backstories of Benor, Eisa Blackthorn, Valdimar and Erandur.

Permissions and credits
Denizens of Morthal is a dialogue and character expansion for the residents of the hold capital Morthal. It changes the schedules of the characters and allows them to converse with each other. It also acts as an overhaul for characters with ties to the area, namely Benor, Erandur, Valdimar, Eisa Blackthorn and Meeko.

The mod is a snippet of my crowning ambition to make Skyrim's populace more talkative like the good people of Oblivion, but with more appropriate and meaningful dialogue. My focus is on the personal dialogue between specific characters for now, but I hope to be able to implement quest-related gossip once that is completed. The audio for this mod has been in the works since late 2016 and has been spliced and re-purposed with great care. 

It is inevitable that this mod will edit characters and locations touched on by other mods. If you wish to make a compatibility patch for the characters or any areas that I have edited that present conflicts, then please feel free to do so. Please take a look at the Permissions tab for further details. 

The Situation: 

Morthal is a desolate little town seemingly cut off from the main events of Skyrim, and the people there tend to like it that way. After the death of High King Torygg, the inhabitants find themselves playing host to a representative of the Imperial Legion. 

With the distinctive scent of the ongoing civil war growing stronger each day, the people have grown tense and wary of outsiders. Along with the rumors that the local wizard is secretly performing powerful dark magic away from prying eyes, a plot to overthrow Jarl Idgrod is afoot.  

The sudden vanishing of Laelette followed subsequently by the horrific deaths of little Helgi and her mother have done nothing to lift up the veil of fear and mistrust that has settled over the town like the fog that envelopes the surrounding marsh.

The Changes:

Morthal is now a much more livelier place. Most folks now dine at the Moorside Inn on specific days and talk about the subjects near and dear to their hearts. Schedule-wise,  Benor now truly patrols the area,  Lami can be found searching the swamp for alchemical ingredients, Alva can be spotted visiting the guards and lurking outside Falion's home at night, little Agni visits Jonna while a confused Virkmund searches the town for signs of his missing mother, and much more...   
The conclusion of the Laid to Rest quest has a sizable impact on some of the citizens. You will notice things like Virkmund beginning to spend more time with his father, and Benor focusing his attentions on a certain cave rather than the burned house.

The Dialogue:

This mod adds around 173 NPC-to-NPC conversations. Most of these take place in Morthal, but some conversations are for specific characters to converse with each other (usually involving Benor, Eisa, Valdimar and Erandur), and their connections to other people in different locations, so be sure to take those four on your travels!

The Dialogue (Continued): 

Follower Enhancements: 

Follower Stats and Skills: 

Follower-to-Follower Conversations:

These conversations have specific conditions set so that they only take place when the characters are in a player home or an inn. This was done because these conversations tend to be longer in nature and are best heard in an unhurried and generally attack-free setting. Take a seat and sip some mead. Your companions are relaxed and ready to chat with each other.

Follower-to-Follower Adventure Dialogue:

These are shorter conversations that can take place between characters when you explore certain locations, like tombs and such.

Travel Dialogue (otherwise known as Idle Dialogue):

These are lines that the characters will utter when in specific locations as a follower. Benor, Valdimar and Eisa have some new ones that are exclusive to them alone. You won't hear them more than once a day and they have a randomized chance of playing.

Player-to-NPC Dialogue:

Other Things to Know:

Area Edits:

Known Issues/Quirks: 

For Best Results:

I urge you to install Denizens before you begin a new game.

Required Mods: 

Denizens of Morthal requires no master files at this time. However, if you wish to be able to recruit Eisa to as a follower, you will need a mod like Relationship Dialogue Overhaul to affect this. If you use RDO, make sure to load Denizens below it.

Denizens was originally created using the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEP). Though it no longer requires it as a master file, it incorporates several changes from the patch for similarly edited sections in the Creation Kit. It also includes a few scripts and NPC packages to keep it compatible and to avoid breaking any fixes. For this, I thank the Unofficial Patch Team for the understanding clauses in their permissions that allow this to take place.
Please note that though Meeko has two conversations with Benor, that this mod does not make any changes to how often Meeko barks. You can still use other mods to reduce barking.

Load Order: Load Denizens below mods like Relationship Dialogue Overhaul and any other mods that edit NPC schedules (like Immersive Citizens). Load Denizens above any mods that edit lighting.

There is a patch available for Cities of the North by allonsywisegirl. It can be found here.

Future Plans: Looking over the schedules for the various NPCs, dialogue edits (mostly nitpicking on my part), and making certain the Kindred Spirits faction is functioning properly--and speaking of which...

I have already begun to work on Denizens' sibling mod, which--like the custom faction--is also called Kindred Spirits. Nine holds plus Solstheim would equal a great many esps, and I wish to keep that count down as much as possible. I plan to keep all the other holds (plus Solstheim) in Kindred Spirits which will require Denizens as a master file. There may perhaps be one other mod created as a master file to both, but I will say nothing more of that until I am more certain of my progress.

As for Kindred Spirits, I'll post updates every once in a while with news about how it's going. Keep in mind that I am a living human being with an existence outside of my computer.

Additional Future Plans as of April 18, 2021:

1. Finally finishing and releasing the 1.3 Update! No ETA, but the mod page will be hidden for a bit. When that happens, it will hopefully be for a very short duration.

2. Implementing any other ideas I have in additional updates.

3. Learning how to create a FOMOD so that you can choose whether or not to install any of the edited head-meshes and face textures. Given how many Anchor Characters it has, this is absolutely essential for Kindred Spirits, so Denizens will absolutely be updated with one once I have all the workings figured out. :)

Update from September 29, 2021: Concerning Version 1.3.


Update from June 1, 2022: Version 1.3 is still alive and kickin'.


Special Thanks to: 
Notovny, whose kind deed many years ago led me to learn about audio extraction.
Tasheni, who was the savior of my sanity on more than one occasion.
Rallyeator, who listened to my impassioned rambling with commendable fortitude. 
Pandorable, who generously shared her knowledge and answered my many questions.
SirJesto, who is so knowledgeable about esps that he is surely a disciple of Hermaeus Mora.
Cuyima, for delving fearlessly into into the craziness of SSE and saving Eisa's face. Literally.

Aesthetics Credits:
Cover Picture: Inferna-assassin also known as Victor Harrington. The whole of the Morthal logo and background is his, I only added the words. You can find more of his work right here.

Raw File Credits:
Eisa's hair is from KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies, Shocky & Stealthic Khaos
Erandur's eyes are from Improved Eyes Skyrim by MissJennabee & Nazenn
The eyes of Benor, Valdimar and Eisa are from The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot, also known as LogRaam
The Environment Map used for all eyes is from Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map by FadingSignal
The Normal Map used for all eyes is from  Eye Normal Map Fix
 by MrDave

Head Mesh and Facetint Credits:
Enhanced Female Head Mesh by DomainWolf
Eisa's Warpaint is from Xenius Character Enhancement Complete by Xenius
Upper Eyeshadow (Eisa) is from Kai's Makeup and Warpaints by XarathosHawke 
Lips (Eisa) are from Stoja's Warpaints by Veeblix 
Age/Rough Complexions for the Men are from Vitruvia by Mandragorasprouts
All Other Face-Related Tints are from Vanilla Makeup HD by DomainWolf