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About Lollia/SkyrimSplicer:


When not busy pondering her life's purpose, she enjoys splicing dialogue and creating mods.


A notorious technophobe who happens to have a computer, she has an instinctive horror of chatrooms, a penchant for rescuing stray animals, and a deep fondness for poring over historical tomes. Time is her greatest enemy; the only thing she has ever been early to was her birth, and that is only because her mother chose to induce labor.




Purpose and Status of Mods:


Denizens of Morthal - Dialogue and Character Expander: Awaiting its 1.3 update.

Check the Mod Updates article on the SSE page for more of a breakdown and extra details on how it's going.


About Denizens: DoM is a small slice of a bigger mod which aims to get the NPCs of Skryim talking to each other in a similar fashion to the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (albeit with more intelligent and meaningful conversations).


To achieve its purpose, it operates also as an AI overhaul and (to keep its creator invested in key locations) expands the backgrounds and personalities of certain characters (known as Anchors) who have ties to the areas edited. If you are fond of Benor, Erandur, Valdimar or Eisa Blackthorn, be sure to give it a look.










Fare Thee Well - Spouses and Children Give Blessings: Chilling out on version 1.3.


About Fare Thee Well: Gives more purpose the vanilla marriage and adoption systems. If you have never married or adopted in Skyrim, Fare Thee Well will provide you with some incentive to finally do so. A wholesome and very much family-friendly mod.









Living Garden - Skyrim in Bloom: Wiling away the time until it is ready to blossom.


About Living Garden: What do you do when you feel deeply depressed? Personally, I tend to create recolours--primarily of beautiful flora.


I have quite a collection of recolours these days, and thanks to the benevolence of Mari who has kindly granted me permission to use her own wonderful textures as a foundation and to share them, Living Garden will place some of these new colourful variants around certain areas of Skyrim (and Solstheim, where permitted). It's still growing, so be sure to keep an eye for it in the future.




Kindred Spirits - Dialogue and Character Expander: Waiting for Lollia to finish Denizens' 1.3 Update so that she can spend more time with it.


About Kindred Spirits: The sibling mod of Denizens of Morthal. Much like its older sibling, Kindred is an AI overhaul with a focus on NPC-to-NPC conversations. Its aim is broader than its older sibling, as it gives the same treatment to all of Skyrim's holds and even Solstheim. It will require Denizens as a master file when it releases.




??????? ??? - ? ???????? ????????: Watching the progress of Fare Thee Well and Kindred Spirits with interest.


About ??????? ???: It's a heavily dialogue-focused mod. That's all you need to know for the time being.