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Replaces several of the weedy/seedy or half-dead grass textures in Verdant with flowers and green leaves, most notably on the tundra.

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I love Preeum's Verdant - it turns the grass up to a lovely, dense reality. But I also love surjamte's Total Tundra Texture Transplant,  eduardomd's Mossy Floor, and Zappoo's New Grass for Whiterun, coupled with Pfuscher's Green LODs. When used together, the base versions of those mods result in the tundra around Whiterun appearing green at a distance, then turning brown as you walk through the grass. Blech!

So, what began as a quest to make the tundra green again turned into a bit of a texture overhaul. I've taken textures from bensisugger's Logical Grass, 32cm's Tamriel Reloaded Grasses, Josh Ezzell's Unique Grasses and Groundcovers, vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul, mobiusbelmont's Flower Fields, and Elinen's Hoddminir Flowers and renamed them so that they overwrite Verdant's grasses. It also includes eduardomd's Green Kelp Grass, which was already made to overwrite Verdant's. Among the things changed is the solojunco that grows by the water's edge, so yhniiii's Ugly Bright River Grass Replaced is maybe not needed (I find those flowers look dull and brown without an ENB; I can't speak to how mine looks with one, as I don't use them, but the leaves I put are much darker than the original, so it's likely they'll look more natural for ENB users as well). None of these textures are created by me; they are from the listed mods, and may have been cropped from photos, created from Photoshop brushes, or digitally drawn by other methods, depending on the file. This mod contains 46 textures and two normal maps (one replacement, and one added to a Verdant base flower that didn't have one before).

My screenshots are taken with iMinGrassSize=70, but of course you may adjust your .ini files to suit your liking and your graphics card's capabilities.

What's been done? The field grasses are now unique, rather than being all recolors of the same clump of grass, so fields now look a bit more wild rather than like planted lawn that's just a bit overgrown and ill-watered. Several of the darker, browner seed head grasses have been replaced with small, tasteful flowers and buds (mostly whites, blues, purples, and pinks; the existing yellow blooms have been left alone, but not many have been added). Not all seeds have been replaced, particularly the greener ones and those deemed to have a "decorative" appearance. The result is that the fields look prettier and more alive: more plants are in bloom, but some are merely budding or have just started to set.

What's not been done? The frozen marsh around Morthal is still unpleasantly brown, because it's supposed to be cold, dank, and full of vampires and death. The frozen shores to the north also have brown beach grass, because again, it's supposed to be unpleasantly cold (ask Frostfall). The generic grasses in these areas have been replaced, but the replacement is still browner than other areas; it's just for shape variety, rather than to turn everything truly verdant (that's the purview of summer overhauls). Do note that because many plants are reused throughout the world, there will be some green in these areas; just imagine it as life stubbornly finding a way, like dandelions in sidewalk cracks.

Installation: Recommended to use Mod Organizer 2. Simply install after Verdant and MO2 will use these textures instead of Verdant's for the grasses that have been replaced (the grasses that have been left alone will continue to use Verdant's textures). If you dislike one particular replacement choice, use MO2 to hide that file and it will revert to Verdant's original (the aspen leaf piles have been replaced with ferns to better fit Natural Aspen Recolor's yellow-green leaves, but if you like a more autumnal aspen forest, you may want the original leaf piles). If you insist on manual installation, simply install Verdant, then drop my files into Skyrim/Data/textures/landscape/grasses and overwrite all (there's no easy way to replace only some of the files manually).

Uninstallation: As a texture replacer, it's safe to install or remove at any point, even mid-game (the original Verdant contains an .esp that should not be added or dropped while playing, as changing .esps can hurt stability, but these textures may be safely switched for other textures as desired). Simply deactivate (MO2) or delete (MO2, manual) the files, or install another texture over them. Note that if you delete manually-installed files and the Verdant.esp is still looking for textures and doesn't find a replacement, you may get purple nonsense. In that case, replace the textures with either Verdant's originals, or my or another replacement.

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