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Snow that looks like real snow. Icicles that look like real icicles. Icebergs that look like real icebergs. Icefloes that look like real icefloes.

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The Elder Scrolls V

Real Ice & Snow
by grVulture

UPDATE: Realistic Icicle:
Big Icicles are watery but not transparent (they are old ice accumulating to an icicle), small icicles are transparent (they
are fresh).




these textures are not for you.

To install, unzip the RIS.7z
file into your Skyrim directory. Be sure to allow overwriting old




This is a collection of textures that replace the snowy landscape, and icey regions
in Skyrim. You don't need to do anything extra to enjoy it.

What you get:
- Snow that looks like real snow. And gives the impression of a much more accumulated snow on the ground. Snowy regions will be covered with more snow now.
- Icebergs, glaciers, and icefloes that look real. In reality, these do not look like icecubes in your soda! Neither do they look like green glass! Compare with real life photos and you'll see what I mean.
- Icicles that look like real icicles.
- Snowpaths that are covered more with snow, and footprints on snowpaths appear only during certain times of the day, and certain weather conditions.
- Fixed up road seams on snowy roads


3. Save Games


Has nothing to do with them.


4. Other Info / Credits

Credits go to:
hodilton - for making the first demo video.
beatbox567 - for making the second demo video.
SC Gamingx - for showcasing the mod in their Weekly Spotlight series.

joshawowo - A BIG thank you to Joshawowo, the creator of Real Glass Armor, who sent me a very good explanation of how to make the icicles transparent, together with a descriptive screenshot. A help very much appreciated, where without him, I wouldn't even know where to start with this!

Thanks a lot guys!

If you find a bug or have anything to say, comment on the mod, or PM me
on the Nexus site.

To use these textures in your work, please ask for permission first,
to see if I grant it to you. Thank you.


5. Change Log



- added whiter and brighter glacier LODs
- to match LOD textures as much as possible, please use the Dark Ice optional
- to have bluer glaciers, please use the Dark Ice optional
- fixed snowrocks texture seam issue, as much as possible
- fixed snowrocks normal/alpha map issues
- fixed reflection and overall texture of frozen ice
- added bump on icefloes
- added whiter LOD snow textures

V1.2 patch - this is an update, you need to download the main RIS file (v1.1), and overwrite it with this patch to get this working.
Use it if you want:
- brighter and whiter snow
- footprints on snowpath

- darkened ice floes.
- dark glacier textures are now default. Bright Ice is now an optional download.
- 3 different versions of snow: Bright, Medium, and Dark. Install the one you like.
- touched up some textures that needed color fixing.
- footprints on snowpath are now always visible.
- crystallized icicle is now the default icicle texture.