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Ethereal Clouds is a Lore-friendly retexture of the clouds of Skyrim. My aim was to make cloud textures that are neutral in appearance, so they will blend with any lighting mods, and add more visual interest than the default clouds.

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Ethereal Clouds is a lore-friendly retexture of the clouds of Skyrim. My goal was to make cloud textures that are neutral in appearance, so they will blend with any lighting mods, while adding more visual interest than the default Bethesda clouds. The default clouds can appear to be too much of a flat plane, so I tried to get a greater feeling of depth to the cloud masses. I also tried to get a real separation between the lower clouds and the upper clouds. The upper clouds should now appear to be further up in atmosphere. I also added a little more drama to the storm cloud texture to make your rain and snow storms a touch more ominous.

Clouds are probably the most variable texture in the game, since people are using many different lighting mods for the vanilla game, as well as ENBs (which can change the cloud appearance pretty drastically). I tried to create something that would look good under many different lighting conditions.

Thanks to mikie1001421 for the great animated Gif

Update 1.4: A minor update, since it involves just two textures. One, the was mistakenly saved as RGB in the prior version, when it should've been greyscale. This has been corrected.

The main difference, is that I reworked the texture. This is the texture that's responsible for the clouds on the mountaintops. It's also the texture used exclusively to make volumetric clouds for mods like Clouds for Skyrim. The cloud sheet is a large texture, since it's a long strip of clouds, but it's fairly narrow (even at the high-resolution pack size - 512x4096). I added more detail and variation into the texture and doubled the size for the 2K version.

Update 1.3: With this version, I concentrated on eliminating the pixelated effect that some people commented on. I made some minor tweaks to the textures, and did my best to eliminate any seam issues in the diffuse texture and the alphas. Clouds are ethereal by nature, and I wanted to get that vaporous feeling. Version 1.3 also introduces a 2K version for people with higher-end rigs. This should further reduce the pixelation when running at high resolution.

Installation is simple, just activate with your favorite mod manager, or to install manually, just drop the textures in your Data folder.

File path is Data > Textures > Sky.