Pathfinder: Kingmaker

About this mod

200+ cheats, tweaks, tools, alternative game rules and improvements - ranging from camera tools over quality of life improvements to adding feats, items and spawning units.

Permissions and credits
For the Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous use: Toy Box

Required game version
Current full release: 1.16.4 (2021-08-30)
Current pre-release: -

Main Features:
  • Set you own encumbrance limit/carrying capacity (full integration of Carry More - Set Your Own Encumbrance Limit) 
  • Adjust how fast your party becomes fatigued and exhausted (full integration of Rest Less - Slower Weariness )
  • Toggle fog of war off and on (full integration of Clear View - Toggle Fog Of War)
  • Rotate the camera (full integration of Camera Rotation - Get A New Perspective)
  • Set your zoom limits (full integration of Zoom Unlocked - Set Your Own Zoom Distance Limits)
  • Other camera tools like camera focus or scrolls speed
  • Add or remove abilities, feats, spells, items, and buffs
  • Edit stats, skills, alignment, size, character levels, class levels, experience and money
  • Upgrade and edit your kingdom
  • Teleport, kill, buff, edit and resurrect with the click of a button
  • Several cheat options e.g. unlimited spells/abilities, no burn, unlimited skill points and level ups, 0 cost, ignore alignment checks/limitations
  • Plenty of dice options e.g. no 20/1, take 10/20 or a custom value, roll with advantage/disadvantage, always pass skill checks
  • Basic blueprint modding
  • Swap spider and spider swarm models with wolfs and rat swarms
  • Spawn useless critters
  • Spawn units 
  • ...and more!

For a full feature overview please refer to this article (1.16.4).

Install & Use

  1. Install the Unity Mod Manager.
  2. Install the mod using the Unity Mod Manager or extract the archive to your game's mod folder (e.g. '\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Mods').
  3. Start the game and load a save or start a new save (the mod's functions can't accessed from the main menu).
  4. Open the Unity Mod Manager by pressing CTRL + F10.
  5. Adjust the settings in the mod's menu ().

If you aren't using the Doorstop Proxy installation method or a Unity Mod Manager version older than 0.13.0 you have to reapply it after every game patch!


Uninstall the mod using the Unity Mod Manger or delete the mod's folder.


Unity Mod Manager version 0.22.0 or newer is required!
When updating from a version older than 1.7.0 (including the first, second and third pre-release of 1.7.0!) it is required to delete the Settings.xml inside the mod's folder. Otherwise some parts of the mod won't function properly.
The Unity Mod Manager has to be reapplied after every game update: start the UnityModManager.exe, make sure Pathfinder: Kingmaker is selected and press Install (this is only true if you are using a Unity Mod Manager version that is older then 0.13.0 or aren't using the Doorstop Proxy installation method)!


Occasionally pre-releases of upcoming versions are available in the Optional Files section.
They are usually neither feature complete nor fully tested - thus saving often and creating backups is recommended!
When reporting bugs or other issues please make sure to mention which version you were using.
If you don't want to deal with bugs and the risk of things going wrong it is highly recommended to stick to the full releases.


Since version 1.6.0 the mod has localisation support. In order to create your own translation you only have to create a copy of the English.xml file located in the Localisation folder, give it an appropriate name and change the values inside of the .xml. The original .xml can also be acquired from GitHub or by pressing the Create Fallback XML button in the Settings menu.

 A French translation by lillaka is included with the mod (version 1.7.0 or higher).
 A Russian translation by Well-sp is included with the mod (version 1.12.5 or higher).
 A German machine translation is included with the mod (version 1.16.0 or higher).


Instead of inspecting the save files you can use the Romance Counter menu under Misc. Just be sure to enable spoilers!


to hsinyuhcan for his mods.
to Well-sp for his translation of the mod.
to lillaka for her translation of the mod.
to fireundubh for his wiki and mods.
to newman55 for creating the Unity Mod Manager and his mods.
to kradnaz for his list of unique items.
to AMGarkin for his bug reports, fixes and his mods.
to TMPhoenix for his contributions and improvements to the code. 
to CrowneDJokeR for his contributions to the code. 
to RobRendell for his contributions to the code and his mods
to spacehamster2 for his contributions to the code, his mods and JSON Blueprint Dump.
to Niedzielan for his Kingmaker Cheat Engine table.
to DrummerIX for his Kingmaker Cheat Engine table.
to Owlcat Games for their great game.

This mod contains code from fireundubh's (his Patreon) and hsinyuhcan's KingmakerUIExtensionsMod.




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