About this mod

Toy Box is a cute and playful mod with 500+ cheats, tweaks and quality of life improvements for Pathfinder: WoTR. It was created in the spirit of Bag of Tricks & Cheat Menu but with a little different focus . It offers a powerful and convenient way to edit the party composition, stats, search and add Feats, Features, Items, etc. to party member

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
Now with 500+ Cheats, Tweaks and Quality of Life Improvements including ability for any gender to romance any love interest

  • Bag of Tricks: 113 (or 144 depending on how you count)
  • Level Up & Multiclass: 57
  • Party Editor: 67
  • Loot Coloring & Checklist: 4
  • Enchantment: 20 ways to view add, remove enchantments from your favorite items
  • Search 'n Pick: 75 ways to view, add, remove blueprints plus a fun global teleportation feature
  • Crusade: 36
  • Armies: 4
  • Etudes: 6225 x 3 (start, unstart, complete)
  • Quest Resolution: 1

Brand new Sh0dan unified edition to prepare for WH40K: Rogue Trader release
New Mod ID and title name in Mod Manager and it will sort to the top. 
Will automatically migrate settings.  Keep old version or get rid of as u wish.
Needs Game Version 2.1.3j

Please backup early and backup often.

Important: Make sure you are on the latest version of the game 2.1.4v

Install & Setup
  • Install the Unity Mod Manager.
  • Install the mod using the Unity Mod Manager or extract the archive to your game's mod folder (e.g. '\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Second Adventure\Mods').
  • Start the game and load a save or start a new save (the mod's functions can't accessed from the main menu).
  • Open the Unity Mod Manager by pressing CTRL + F10.
  • Adjust the settings in the mod's menu
  • Important this mod is designed to be run at 1920x1080 or higher.
  • Please set your resolution to at least 1920x1080
  • Go to Settings tab on Unity Mod Manager to set your screen width to at least 1920 wide


The mod provides the following tabs and here is a brief description of each of them:

  • Bag of Tricks: this is a collection of quality of life, quick cheats, settings, multipliers, etc from the awesome Kingmaker mod of the same name plus a bag or two of new tricks ^_^
  • Level Up & Multiclass: a variety of character creation, level up, unlock mythic paths plus support for multiple classes per level up and gestalt gameplay
  • Party Editor: lets you edit almost any aspect of your character. Make sure you explore all the different disclosure toggles.  You can edit classes, stats, facts (feats and more), buffs, abilities, spells and spellbooks as well as the composition of your party
  • Loot Coloring & Checklist: this lets you enable a loot grading and coloring system similar to Borderlands or Diablo.  It also gives you a screen where view all the items in an area that you have not looted yet.
  • Enchantment: allows you to add or remove enchantments from the items in your inventory
  • Search 'n Pick: this lets you search through all the available resources (items, feats, abilities, spells and many more) and manipulate your game state in an almost limitless set of ways.  You can add/remove items, feats, abilities, etc.  You can spawn any unit. You can start/unstart/complete etudes, quests, etc.  You can teleport to any area in the game.  It is almost unimaginable how much you can do in here so keep digging!
  • Crusade: this allows you to edit various aspects of your crusade state.
  • Armies: this allows you to edit the composition and stats of your armies
  • Etudes: this is a new and exciting feature that allows you to see for the first time the structure and some basic relationships of Etudes and other Elements that control the progression of your game story. Etudes are hierarchical in structure and additionally contain a set of Elements that can both conditions to check and actions to execute when the etude is started. As you browe you will notice there is a disclosure triangle next to the name which will show the children of the Etude.  Etudes that have Elements will offer a second disclosure triangle next to the status that will show them to you.
    WARNING: this tool can both miraculously fix your broken progression or it can break it even further. Save and back up your save before using. Remember that "with great power comes great responsibility"
  • Quest Resolution: this allows you to view your active quests and advance them as needed to work around bugs or skip quests you don't want to do.  Be warned this may break your game progression if used carelessly.

Guide to building a second class (and beyond) equal to your current and then multiclassing
Let's say your char is level 6 cleric and you want to make them also level 6 fighter.

    1 - turn off all multiclass selections2 - give yourself 1 levelup
    3 - choose fighter and gain just that 1 level
    4 - Party Editor > Char > Classes
    5 - check gestalt on the cleric class (original class)
    6 - you will automatically get a new level up marker
    7 - level up Fighter until you can't anymore (second class)
    8 - Now you have a 6 Cleric/6 fighter
    9 - Choose which you want to be your main class
    10 - mark the other one as gestalt in party editor
    11 - on the multiclass config screen check that class as your multiclass option
    12 - repeat this for as many extra classes as you want (until you lag the game)
    13 - when done adjust your stats as desired to fit your playstyle in Party > Char > Stats (edited)
To gestalt Mythics. (Best time is right before you pick your path in Drezen

    1 - Give yourself a mythic level in Toybox (To 3)
    2 -Take one of the mythic paths you want to gestalt
    3 - Go into the Toybox party tab, and set the path as Gestalt
    4 - Repeat steps 2 & 3 for all but the last Mythic path you want (So if you want to be 2 paths, i.e. Angel/Azata, Lich/Demon, etc, skip this step)
    5 - Lower your mythic level to 2 and then press the Set button on the mythic experience (Should set your Mythic Experience to 2)
    6 - Pick your path like normal during the Drezen siege at the flag
    7 - Only after completely every other step, go to the multiclass config, and set the multiclass config flags for the paths you set the Gestalt flags on in step 3
    8 - (optional) In Toybox's party tab, under your characters spell tab, use the Merge button on the mythic spells books
Please feel free to make other enhancement requests here. 
Please tap new issue and mark it as an `enhancement`.
Please also file any bugs you find here. 

Recent Release Notes


Ver 1.5.3 Wrath - Sh0dan Unified Edition
  • (Narria) Massive internal rework to accomodate both Wrath and Rogue Trader (codename: Shodan)
    • Changed mod ID and title name in Mod Manager to make this clear.
    • Mod will appear a new folder, please disable old ToyBox once you are happy with this version
    • Your old ToyBox settings should migrate automatically
    • Please report any issues you encounter
  • (Narria) Fixed nastry regression that broke gestalt level ups. Things should be back to ToyBox 1.5.1 goodness
  • (Narria) Enhanced UI Added buttons to maximize mod window size and also show it when you get get the UI warning for small mod windows
  • (Narria) Fixed crasher bug with kill all button (most apparent when you use it from ToyBox UI)
  • (Narria) Fixed issue where adding spells from all spellbooks and other cases wasn't working
  • (Narria) Added Saves tab where you can currently just view saves. Look for more in the future
  • (Narria) Added Crusade Events to Search 'n Pick
  • (Narria) Fixed bug where loot slot filtering was being applied to things outside of inventory
  • (Narria) Added work around for issue of game double calling SelectClass.Apply leading to multiclass levels being added more than once during character creation Please test out and report any issues you find in gestalt/multiclassing
  • (Narria) Fixed crasher when you ignore equipment restrictions
  • (Narria) Fixed bug in Party Editor where Adjust Level Based On Experience modified your mythic experience and not your character experience
  • (ADDB) Added Achievements Unlocker.
  • (ADDB) Made GameID editable.
  • (BuckAMayzing) Fixed issue with Bulk Sell unintentionally selling items that were still equipped on characters.
  • (BuckAMayzing) Fixed infiinte recursion bug that broke loading from saves and movement in certain cases
  • (icls1337) Localization for Mandarin

Ver 1.5.2
  • (Narria) UI Reorg Moved UI Enhancements into new top level Enhanced UI tab and the Loot tab is now just for loot related stuff
  • (Narria) Quality of Life: Click On Equip Slots To Filter Inventory this lets you filter the inventory to just the items that can be equiped by the slot you click on.
    • Click On Equip Slots will mark items that have modifier conficts with a yellow background
  • (Narria) Ignore Forbidden Archetypes now also lets you choose ones such as Griffonheart in the creation and level up screen
  • (Narria) Fixed crasher when multiclass is turned in and doing class selection during char creation
  • (Narria) Improved Interesting NPC calaculations
  • (Narria) Added Dialog Inspection to InterestingNPCs list so now you can inspect both the Unit and its Dialog
  • (Narria) Improved the UI for showing data about interesting NPCS so now the highlight will disappear when conditions are not met (this is not perfect but will improve over time)
    • Entries for the same condition are merged when they occur for multiple sources
    • Fixed issue for Interesting NPCs show all where it was showing other copies of the NPCs that were not really in the area at the current time.
    • Added toggle under Show All to show the other versions of NPCs
  • (Narria*) Added Enhanced Load/Save Window that lets you search for your saves in the main menu and in game
  • (Narria) Overtips showing interesting NPCs now update immediately when their state changes (like after giving all your elven pages to the storyteller)
  • (Narria) Murder Hobo and Kill All now work in Tactical Combat cuz why not?
  • (BuckAMayzing) More Bulk Sell - integrated the More Bulk Sell mod into ToyBox (and fixed outstanding issues), as it appears to have been abandoned. Credit to zesen for the original version of the mod.
  • (Narria) Changed logic for creation points to enforce game point minimums and added a toggle to let you ignore this
  • (Narria) Fixed bug where mass loot would not come up in situations with no ground loot
  • (Narria) Fixed bug where NPC portraits were missing if you had **Expand Dialog To Include Remote Companions ** but not Include Former Companions
  • (Narria) Fixed bug with missing NPC dialog
  • (Narria) Fixed bug with Expanded Dialog where it didn't allow you to finish some dialogs
  • (Narria) Fixed crasher with add all Mercenaries in Mercenaries editor
  • (Narria) Cleaned up UI of Mercenaries Editor
  • (Narria) Fixed bug where Highlight Learnable scrolls highlight was not showing when you scroll the inventory list
  • (Narria) When you use Expanded Answers For Conditional Responses it will properly check to see if the answer has been seen before
  • (Narria) Level Up & Multiclass
    • Reorganzed tab to move the settings closer to the top
    • Added shortcut button to Maximize Mythic Flexibility
  • (Narria) Option to Keep Following with the camera when you hold down the Camera Follow Key
  • (ADDB) Initial support for localization
  • (BuckAMayzing) Patched an issue that could cause a crash if a shared string was referenced incorrectly in other mods.
  • (mcb) Fix: Spells copied from scrolls were counting as spells learned on levelup for spontaneous casters.
Ver 1.5.1
  • (Narria) Quality of Life: Enhanced Map:
    • You can enable zooming of the Local Map that you see in Cities, Dungeons and other Encounter spots.
    • Zooming will resize various points of interest so you can separate ones that are stacked as you zoom more
    • Made picture frame get thinner so it doesn't block your view
    • Clicking and right clicking on the map also repositions the frame or places the movement marker correctly
    • Using direction keys on the map will move in map coordinates not world coordinates, which is what one would expect
    • Added map scroll multiplier when zoomable map is enabled
  • (Narria) Quality of Life: Option to mark NPCs with interesting dialog/quests on the map
    • Also marks interesting NPCs on the main screen by coloring their name
  • (Narria) Added Interesting NPC list to the Quest Editor tab
  • (Narria) Quality of Life: ToyBox Archeology Corps has labeled your puzzle pieces for you to make identification easier.
    • Added puzzle piece tags to the puzzle piece to identify the puzzle and the 2 symbols as a pair of numbers formated like this [Puzzle Piece: Purple2x3]. This should make it easier to identify and track the pieces in your inventory. I am looking into adding tool tips to the puzzle interactors to show the numbers too.
  • (Narria) Fixed regression that made it impossible to use the spellbook merge feature
  • (Narria) Fixed regression in character name editing
  • (Narria) Made Selection Level a little more clear in FeatureSelection detail lists
  • (Narria) Further performance improvements to Party Editor search while you type
  • (Narria) You can now inspect the selected character list in Party Editor and the Quest list in Quest Editor
  • (Narria) Improved Inspector searching by using a background thread and made it a little prettier
  • (Narria) Inspecter searches now works with terms (across parents) so if you specify 'Foo Bar' it will find nodes that have foo and bar somewhere across the node and its parents in the outline. This is helpful for to pull out parts of nodes at different levels for example in Quest Editor if you inspect all quests and search for 'Cloud Objective' it will show the objective property for all quests that contain the name Cloud
  • (Narria) Implemented workaround for Pet Naming bug that comes up if you set default gestalt options. This will prevent you from being able to gestalt the pet when you choose its name and first level. You can however take one additional level in the secondary class and then afterwards mark that class as gestalt and set the multiclass flag and from thereafter it will function just as if you created it as gestalt.
  • (Narria) Inspector: brought back the Refresh Button
  • (ADDB) Added Button to remove all existing Swarm That Walks clones.
  • (BuckAMayzing) Added an "Unlearned Scrolls" category in Enhanced Inventory.
Ver 1.5.0 (Massive Update)
  • (Narria) Inventory & Spellbook Enhancements
    • Brought in some bits of Xenofell's lovely Enhanced Inventory to give a unified experience with Loot Rarity and to revive the mod which needed some love
      • Added the ability to sort items in inventory and vendors by rarity
      • Ability to choose which sort categories appear in the dropdown
      • Much more useful SearchFilter Categories including ones from Enhanced Inventory
      • Enhanced Spellbook - gives you search, filtering and more
      • Fixed compatibility issue with BubbleBuffs
      • Fixed issue with broken sorters when Enhanced Inventory is turned off
      • Added item counts it the inventory screen and spell counts to the spellbook when enhanced versions are turned on
      • Inventory - added toggle to let you keep the search active when you dismiss the search bar
      • Fixed long standing bug where Showing the Mass Loot Window with ToyBox triggered a bug in the game that would cause item loss when interacting with the Player Chest
      • Added bindable button to show the Shared Party Chest anywhere you want

  • (Narria) Added annotation in bio for ToyBox generated alignment shifts
  • (Narria) Fixed various crashes that would occur if you brought up the mod in different tabs while launching the game and loading into a save
  • (Narria) DataViewer views now filter out properties with empty collections
  • (Narria) Quest Editor option to inspect quests and quest objectives with DataViewer
  • (Narria) Added Dice Roll overrides for Skill checks only (thanks AlterAsc) and cleaned up the options a bit to make them more clear
  • (Narria) Search 'n Pick now displays localized names (if available) and allows you to search them
  • (Narria) Search 'n Pick: Added counts to the collation categories
  • (Narria) Search 'n Pick: Fixed various duplicate value issues when using sub-categories
  • (Narria) Search 'n Pick: You can now add and remove Crusade Global Magic Spells
  • (Narria) Added tweak in Loot Tab to allow you to loot locked items
  • (Narria) Added search to inspectors (Data Viewer)
  • (Narria) Implemented FeatureSelection and ParameterizedFeature for the new Browser, which means you can now add and remove a lot more things like Racial Herritage, Weapon Focus and Oracle Mystery Selections.
  • (Narria) Fixed various issues with feature selection and parameterized features as well
  • (Narria) Fixed some Helper functions.
  • (Narria) Added ability to Inspect units in Party Editor (Data Viewer style).
  • (Narria) Cleaned up layout of Party Editor for narrow and medium widths.
  • (Narria) New spiffy UI for editing parameterized feats and feature selections
  • (Narria) Improved UI for Keybindings by allowing you to Clear a Key Binding and Remove Conflicts
  • (Narria) Added marking of search results in Search 'n Pick and Party Editor blueprint views
  • (Narria) Added more explainer text to dialog options
  • (Narria) Fixed bug where certain buff durations like Smite Evil were getting set to zero duration
  • (Narria) Added option to output ToyBox commands with keyoard shortcuts to the in game combat log
  • (ADDB) Added All Spells tab to the Party -> Spells Menu.
  • (ADDB) Port old Party Editor Browsers (Features, Buffs, Abilities, Spells) to the new Browser UI.
  • (ADDB) Made search run async in Party Editor lists which makes search UI much smoother Amazing
  • (ADDB) Changed Browser to improve performance.
  • (ADDB) Fixed belt consumable feature.
  • (ADDB) Fixed visual size scaling breaking when using any sort of polymorph.
  • (ADDB) Allow Achievements now no longer wrongly awards achievements (achievements locked behind difficulty or main campaign or platform).
  • (ADDB) Reroll Perception button now also rerolls perception on the global map.
  • (ADDB) Fixed FogOfWar Multiplier resetting when switching maps or loading.
  • (ADDB) Added option to increase Swarm Power in Party Editor -> Stats.
  • (ADDB) Fix Murder Hobo for Leaper's Smile swarms.
  • (ADDB & Narria) Added a new feature to affect Crusade Mercenaries and Kingdom Recruits.
    • Added Button to add all units in your current armies to your Mercenary pool if they are not recruitable.
    • Added Bindable Button to reroll all Mercenary units (ignoring leftover rerolls and locked slots).
    • Added a ValueAdjustor where you can change the amount of Mercenary Slots.
    • (Experimental) Added a toggle to automatically add new Units in friendly armies to the Mercenary pool if not recruitable.
    • Added a list showing all ArmyUnits, a toggle to add/remove them from the Mercenary and Recruitment Pools, a label indicating which pool(s) they are in and a slider to change their Pool Weight (affecting reroll chances for Mercenary).

Ver 1.4.25
  • (CascadingDragon) and (ADDB) Update for game version 2.1.2d.
    • Fixed? optional trait selection skip and removed the one where no traits left (since official game introduced that feature).
    • Temporarily removed the refill belt consumable feature since it's weird.
  • (ADDB) Fixed Search 'n Pick crashing when using search in Main Menu.
  • (ADDB) Added Visual Character Size Multiplier.
Ver 1.4.24
  • (Narria) Loot coloring improvents
    • Added rarity tags when color loot items is active
    • Added new alternative to just color the rarity tags and show titles in black text
    • Fixed rating for necklaces, rings and cloaks
      • This uncovered a need for an additional loot level so I added a new level called Primal which is equal to the old Godly and then increased the item rating required for godly to represent truely insane items like the +8 belt of physical perfection which gives +8 to 3 stats which calculates out to a rating of 240
      • Recolored loot tiers and made them more readable
      • Here are the item rating to rarity tiers and new color asignments.
        • 200+ Godly - Red
        • 115+ Primal - Cyan
        • 80+ Mythic - Pink
        • 50+ Legendary - Orange
        • 30+ Epic - Purple
        • 20+ Rare - Blue
        • 10+ Uncommon - Green
      • You can think of a normal +1 weapon or armor being worth 10 rating points
      • Note: You can now see item ratings in the Enchantment tab.

  • (Narria) Search 'n Pick Improvements
    • DataViewer - you can now peek into the details of blueprints with a disclosure triangle by the blueprint class
    • Added subcategories for Mythic, Arcane, Divine, etc for the Classes category
    • Added subcategories for conditions for quest objectives, dialogs, cues, answers
    • Added option to display elements (including conditions)
  • (Narria) Enchantment Editor improvements
    • Added All option to selecting item types
    • Now show item rating (blueprint rating) and rating of enchantments
    • Sort items by rating
    • Added toggle to show ratings in list of items
    • Improved grading of enchantments so that ones that have 0 cost (which I think is a bug) count as common (rating 5)
    • Fixed bug where weapon type selection would be lost when you selected a weapon other than the first one in the list and then closed and reopened the mod window
  • (Narria) Added temporary AI category to Party view. Right now you can see what AI actions/considerations are active on a units brain. This is the beginning of an improved AI/Gambits feature which will be in its own top level tab
  • (Narria) Added Brains, AIActions and Considerations to Search 'n Pick
  • (Narria) Fixed crasher during character creation on the loot screen
  • (Narria) Fixed issue where the arrow key Y scrolling becomes inverted when tilt the camera higher than like 45 or 60 degrees
  • (ADDB) (Experimental) Added a feature that allows hiding map loot pins on the map if the contained loot doesn't reach at least a selected rarity.
  • (ADDB) Added Kill on Engage toggle (Which kills a unit as soon as it joins a fight against Character).
  • (ADDB) Added Fog of War Radius multiplier.
  • (ADDB) Added toggle to continue playing music on lost focus.
  • (ADDB) Changed ValueAdjuster UI so that its elements don't clip into each other anymore.
  • (BuckAMayzing) Prevented resurrected companions and summoned creatures from being unable to act when buff duration multiplier was set to a very high number
  • (CascadingDragon) Moved "Disallow Companions" back to Dialog section
  • (CascadingDragon) Added options to shift alignment numerically
Ver 1.4.23
  • (Narria) Party Editor is faster for browsing existing features/spells/etc - Blueprints don't load until you select Show All
  • (Narria) Deferred Blueprint loading for Armies as well
  • (Narria) Fixed issue where Expand Answers For Conditional Responses did not work for cases where there was a default outcome. Now when you meet Cial in ch3, Liches can choose the non Lichy response.
  • (Narria) If you gestalt a mythic class it will no longer appear as your main mythic path
  • (Narria) Army Editor now lets you edit current mana for a leader
  • (Narria) Party Editor: Fixed crasher in changing characters after selecting other spellbook
  • (Narria) Enchantment: Fixed issue where the wrong enchantment would be added if you selected weapon enchantments
  • (Narria) Fixed bug where enable achievements with mod active was not working for all achievements or DLC
  • (Narria) Added KingdomBuffs to Search 'n Pick with the ability to add and remove them
  • (BuckAMayzing) The "Fix Alignment" option was causing alignments to not be updated. This is now resolved.
  • (BuckAMayzing) Fixed issue with buff multiplier exclusions introduced in Version 1.4.22
  • (dark0dave) Support on linux for standard ASCI based glyphs for checkboxes, toggles, etc
  • (ArcaneTrixter) Fix buff duration overflow issue.
  • (ArcaneTrixter) Fix bugs reported for merged spellbooks.
  • (ArcaneTrixter) Fix Ignore Attribute Cap.
  • (ArcaneTrixter) Enhancement for Ignore Alignment Requirements to enable divine casters to ignore deity alignments. Looking at you, Camellia!
  • (ArcaneTrixter) Adding cheating option to ignore anything at all that would prevent you from using an ability.
  • (gespenstgaming) Increased the creation ability point cap to 600.
  • (ADDB) Added field for army general experience.
  • (ADDB) Fixed Preview Event Results and made Ignore Event Solution Restrictions independent from Preview Flags. Added toggle to disable showing restrictions.
  • (ADDB) Added experience multipliers for different experience sources.
  • (ADDB) Made Individual Class and Mythic Experience editable in Party -> Classes tab.
  • (ADDB) Fixed a bug where activation Decree Preview would still show when opening an Event Window after opening a Decree.
Ver 1.4.22
  • Updated for Last Sarkorians DLC - Game Version 2.1.0w+
  • (ArcaneTrixter) Fixed actions bars patches being broken by game update.
  • (BuckAMayzing) Made buff exclusion search case insensitive

Older Versions

  • Please check here for latest release notes 

  • ArcaneTrixter for many awesome improvements and bug fixes
  • fire & m0nster for lots of awesome code from bag of tricks
  • Truinto, Delth, Aphelion, fire for great contributions to the ToyBox project
Owlcat Games - for making fun and amazing gamesPaizo - for carrying the D20 3.5 torchPathfinder Wrath of The Righteous Discord channel members
  • @Spacehamster - awesome tutorials and taking time to teach me modding WoTR, and letting me port stuff from Kingdom Resolution Mod
  • @m0nster - for giving me permission to port stuff from Back of Tricks
  • @Vek17, @Bubbles, @Balkoth, @swizzlewizzle and the rest of our great Discord modding community - help, moral support and just general awesomeness
  • @m0nster, @Hsinyu, @fireundubh for Bag of Tricks which inspired me to get into modding WoTR because I missed this mod so much
  • PS: Learn to mod Kingmaker Games here: OwlcatModdingWiki
  • Come visit the authors Narria et al on the WoTR Discord

Source Code: https://github.com/cabarius/ToyBox
License: MIT