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Fixes Confusion behavior of enemies in Turn Based Combat to be the same as players.

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This mod requires Turn Based Combat which is available here:

In base Turn Based combat there is a bug where the player and enemies do not have the same behavior when they have the the Confusion buff.

If the player is affected by Confusion they have a 25% chance to get a condition that makes them attack the nearest creatures on their turn. If they get that condition, they will attack the nearest creature friend or foe. As soon as they are done with the attack, their turn ends, they never get control.

Enemies that are effected with Confusion get the same 25% chance to be forced to attack the nearest creature each turn. However, in base Turn Based Combat, when an enemy finishes their attack they will move the maximum amount towards the nearest player controlled character. If they made a full attack they move 5ft and if they make a single attack they spend their remaining movement.

This bug is also present for things which force a character to attack the nearest creature in other ways like Song of Discord or Blood Mist from the Call of the Wild mod. (That mod is excellent by the way and is available here

This mod makes the behavior consistent between players and enemies. If a character is being forced to attack the nearest thing from confusion or similar buffs their turn will end as soon as the attack finishes.