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Fixes several mechanics to be more in line with their tabletop version, included flanking (and feats and features related to it), combat maneuvers (anyone can use maneuvers, but they provoke attacks of opportunity without the respective Improved feat), and the addition of soft cover. Recommended to be used alongside the Turn-Based Combat mod.

Permissions and credits

This mod is an alternative to (and is not compatible with) Proper Flanking. Proper Flanking is a fine mod, but I wanted to fix more things in the same general "area" of the game, and unfortunately the structure of Proper Flanking makes expanding on it in another mod fairly tricky in some places. This mod fixes everything Proper Flanking fixes (although it uses a different approach for pretty much everything). As of 1.1.0, this mod also has the Low Profile and Phalanx Formation feats. It uses the same internal ID's for these feats as Proper Flanking, allowing players who used these feats in their Proper Flanking save to switch to this mod while retaining those feats.

1. Install Unity Mod Manager
2. Find your Pathfinder: Kingmaker game directory (if using Steam, this will typically be at:
   C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Kingmaker\)
3. Unzip into the game's Mods directory.

Source Code
On github

Changed Mechanics

  • Flanking
  • Flanking now takes into account the position of the flankers, and who is attacking the target.
  • In order for an attacker to gain the benefits of flanking, he must be attacking in melee, and there must be an ally threatening the target in melee, on (roughly) the opposite side of the target.
  • Since ranged characters no longer gain flanking bonuses, this also means that ranged attacks do not automatically gain a Sneak Attack if the target is flanked by other units.
  • The Arcane Trickster's Surprise Spell feature no longer works against flanked targets (the description only mentions flat-footedness, which is actually consistent with how ranged sneak attacking is supposed to work).
  • All Teamwork Feats and features related to flanking have been updated and fixed.
  • Special note regarding the Outflank feat and the Mad Dog's Pack Tactics feature: these feats both state that they increase the bonus from flanking to +4, but the game implemented this as a simple +2 Circumstantial bonus. This meant that in certain (admittedly rare) circumstances, these bonuses could stack to a total of +6 from flanking. This has been fixed, these features now increase the actual flanking bonus to (maximum) +4
  • Outflank (and especially it's interaction with Solo Tactics) has been fixed to be in line with the FAQ response in this thread on the Paizo rules forum.

  • Attack of Opportunity
  • Attacks of Opportunity are now effectively instant, no animation is displayed.
  • This was necessary mostly for technical reasons: in the vanilla game an attack of opportunity plays an attack animation. Even though this animation is sped up, it still requires a couple of frames to complete, and only then does it actually roll for hit and damage.
  • This is a problem for mechanics that should provoke an AoO, yet prevent or interrupt commands running on the target. For example, anything that makes an enemy fall prone, results in the state being immediately updated to set the enemy as prone (and interrupt all commands), and only then play the falling animation. This means that an actions that causes an enemy to fall prone, will never let that enemy resolve an AoO, even if he should have gotten one.

  • Combat Maneuvers
  • All Combat Maneuvers can now be used by anyone, without needing a Feat.
  • Performing a Combat Maneuver without the associated "Improved" Combat Maneuver Feat, will grant an Attack of Opportunity against you from the intended target of your Combat Maneuver.
  • The text (and names) of the Combat Maneuver actions and the Improved Combat Maneuver feats, have been updated to reflect this.
  • Any action that grant a maneuver on attack (such as a wolf's tripping bite) does not provoke an attack of opportunity when attempting the maneuver.
  • [New in 1.2.0] Trip, Disarm and Sunder Armor can now be used in place of a melee attack (including attacks of opportunity). Their abilities are now toggle-able, when active they will replace all melee attacks with the respective Combat Maneuver
  • [Fixed in 1.2.1] The toggle-able Combat Maneuvers will not replace an attack if the maneuver would be senseless, e.g. Trip active will not actually replace an attack with a trip attempt if the target is already (going) prone.
  • [New in 1.2.0] The Standard action combat maneuvers (Bull Rush and the Dirty Trick variants) are now grouped under one ability to clear some clutter in the Abilities.

New Mechanics

  • Soft Cover
  • Soft Cover has been added to the game. Soft Cover (along with firing into melee) is an important mechanic in balancing ranged vs. melee, and its absence was a factor in ranged martial characters generally outshining their melee counterparts from a very early level.
  • The rules for soft cover have been adapted to the non-grid nature of Pathfinder: Kingmaker as best as I could manage, but suggestions are welcome.
  • New calculation method in 1.1.2 should yield more intuitively correct results (and is also easier to tweak in the future).
  • Partial Cover gives +2 AC to the target, Full Cover gives +4 AC.
  • A unit that is 2 or more size categories smaller than the target can not provide cover to that target. This is an approximation of the tabletop rule where an attacker attacking a large or larger enemy can choose a square he is targeting for the purposes of determining soft cover.
  • A unit that is smaller than the attacker and is closer to the attacker than to the target, will not provide soft cover to the target from attacks of that attacker. This is an approximation of the low obstacles and cover rule.
  • There is a button in the mod manager options to toggle the use of Soft Cover on or off.

  • Switch Hitting [New in 1.2.0]
  • Not really a "mechanic" per se, "Switch Hitting" was a fun martial tactic where one builds a character to be good at both ranged and melee combat. Then, in combat, the character switches between weapons depending on the situation.
  • While the actual build can vary, there is one essential maneuver to every switch hitter, which is to drop the weapons you are holding (free action), then draw another set of weapons (free action with the Quick Draw feat). This allows them to switch between weapons without losing a turn. Neither of the components for this maneuver were in the game.
  • There is now a Drop Weapons ability, which is a free action that drops the currently equipped weapon set into a loot bag at the character's feet.
  • The Quick Draw feat has been implemented as follows: when your currently equipped weapon set is empty, switching to a different weapon set does not cost an action.

New Feats

  • Low Profile: a small character gains +1 Dodge AC vs ranged attacks and does not provide soft cover
  • Phalanx Formation: your allies do not provide cover when you attack with a Reach weapon.
  • Quick Draw: see above under "Switch Hitting" to see how this feat was adapted to work within the limitations of the game.

Recommended Mods

  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Turn-Based Combat. This mod adds more options and variables to martial combat, and as such benefits from turn-based approach to the game.


  • Eldritch Arcana: if present, this mod will update the Dirty Fighter trait to use the new flanking mechanics
  • Call of the Wild: if present, this mod will update the Coordinated Shot feat to use the new flanking mechanics
  • Obviously NOT COMPATIBLE with Proper Flanking.

Known Issues
  • When dropping weapons and/or switching to a different set with the Quick Draw feat, the character's pose might not change to account for the new weapon set. This fixes itself as soon as the character makes an attack. I've only observed this a few times and might accidentally have fixed it, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • It seems as though not all (attack) bonuses and penalties that should apply to combat maneuvers, actually apply. I suspect these are mostly vanilla bugs, but I need to investigate this further. This is a bit tricky as Combat Maneuvers do not get a "breakdown" of their bonuses, like attack rolls and AC do.
  • Weapon enhancement bonuses should apply to combat maneuvers when they replace melee attacks. They currently do not. This is not a vanilla issue, it's just something I still have to implement.

Special Thanks

  • Holic92, the creator of Proper Flanking and Call of the Wild.
  • Elmindra, the creator of Eldritch Arcana, the code for which is some of the biggest help a Pathfinder: Kingmaker modder can find.
  • hsinyuhcan, for the frankly brilliant Turn-Based Combat mod.